"LONDONER" Amplifier

Posted by fra on Wed, 02/09/05 - 14:04:07.

loking for valuation of a londoner amp. 100w, bass/organ and guitar inputs, (bright and normal) reverb, bass/treble/middle adjustment controls.looks quite old. Any info on amp appreciated, thanks!

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Speakers in Londoner combo.... ??

Yes... I had one, but it had suffered dampness damage. Took the speakers out - because they looked SOLID.. 4ohm each, heavy light grey painted cast chassis - with a plastic cover over the magnet. What are they?? Someone above said "used in Russian tanks.."... lol.. really? Listening to.??? Mersey beat?

Londoner 100W combo

I have one of these amps which I bought used a few years ago. I paid £90 but it was in mint condition. It is very versatile having inputs for guitar AND bass! For the money it's probably the best amp I've ever had and has never let me down. It is rugged and reliable and sounds fantastic (Fender Strat with HM Kinmans). I wouldn't part with mine and if it ever got pinched I'd replace it with another if I could. They just don't build amps like this any more, not for the price I paid anyway. You can get better amps but you would pay a lot more than this one cost. Two channels for Guitar/Rhythm and Bass/Organ. I also have Vox and Fender amps but they cost stacks more than the Londoner which sounds just as good. This has a good range of sound from the bottom end right through to the top! I can't understand why they are so cheap and reliable. If you get the chance to buy one, go for it. You will not be disappointed! Good clean sounds at high volume levels. Also great for vocals, not just guitars. Reminiscent of my old 70's Selmer I would say...

Londoner 100W combo (Vermona Regent, East Germany, circa 1972)

This amp is actually a Vermona Regent made in East Germany. I think they were badged as the "Londoner" from 1972-74. They are great amps and employ speakers that were originally developed for Soviet tanks in the 1960s. Michael Rother from Neu! used to use them because the spring reverb just goes on for ages. The sound was kind of modelled on the British-made Carlsboro Stingray, and they were aimed at the Eastern European market as a cheap alternative to the popular British amps of the early 70s, hence they adopted an "English" name. In the late 70s Vermona were a bit naughty and reissued the same amp design erroneously badged as a Sound City. The later ones are not quite as good, I have one of each, and the "Sound City" is given to hum and crackle, whereas the Londoner has out-performed every other amp I've ever owned, including the Marshall Valvestate. I also own a Stingray Super and a JC120, and the Londoner can take the Pepsi Challenge with them both, though obviously it lacks their features (tremolo/sustain and chorus/vibrato respectively). They are cheap because people don't know about them or understand them, but you can't get more amp for your money.

Re: Londoner

I bought one of these new, probably about '74. It was cheap and serviceable...eventually gave it away to my nephew. I recently bought a battered acoustic in a vinyl bag which advertises Londoner strings!!!


I have one, payed about 50 quid for it SH.

Re: "LONDONER" Amplifier

: loking for valuation of a londoner amp. 100w, bass/organ and guitar inputs, (bright and normal) reverb, bass/treble/middle adjustment controls.looks quite old. Any info on amp appreciated, thanks!and schematic


i have had one for bout 15 years paid 30quid for it and it still sounds good to me like... do you now how old it is?

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