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Posted by sixstringoutlaw on Sun, 12/30/07 - 20:46:14.

: Has anyone ever heard of these? Were these Korean pickups with the Dan Armstrong name stamped on the covers? I recall this bridge humbucker in a late 80's Westone super strat and man it was sweeter than the J90c in my Jackson at that time. I have been trying to find indfo on these pickups for over 20 years now. Any help would be appreciated.

these pickups were hand made. they are very similar to the bill lawrence L500 xL. they are ceramic twin blade with solid covers, think emg! they were put on westone villain series and alvarez villian series and dan armstrong signature series! and possibly the westone corsair. these pickups were made in very limited quantities and are extremely hard to find, if you have some, sell at a high price or hang on to them, for you are holding pickup&guitar history! those guitar models i mentioned? a lot of people do not relize what they are holding. yes the guitars were made in korea. but... these were some serious guitars. no joke! you were right about the jackson. jackson guitars are good but at that time very few guitars could touch quality that went in to the construction of the villian and dan armstrong sigs. when you compare the villian to any thing else, compare it to ibanez JS series (joe satriani) models.seriously!... thats how good these guitars were. ive been reserching musical instruments for 17 years specializing in guitars,and i'm a guitar player myself. i have discovered that my suspicions may even be more true, is that matsumoku luthiers made these guitars. everyone knows that matsumoku made westone,vantage and silvertone guitars. but what they don't know is that when esp bought slm (sports limited manufacturing) hence esp limited! esp hired alot of the masters from matsu. they were sent to slm. whom previously made some kramer guitars
and the japanese kramers were being made by esp, just before esp took over slm they lauched the last of the westone line for more! they were intended for the uk market and distr. in the us by st. louis music.
the point being they just didn't sell very well. so st. louis music stepped in and contacted alvarez guitar co. and they quickly switched the line to the alvarez namesake! they ran from 90 to 93 and ended in late 93! now there was one confirmed line of the alvarez and westone models of the villian which the bodies were made in korea but the rest of the guitar was from usa parts, such as... the neck was a modulus graphite neck made in palo alto ca. they came with kahler usa spyder tremolos, and last but not least hand made custom dan armstong rock monsters!!! yah!!!
hope this helped!

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Re: Dan Armstrong

 Dan Armstrong

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