Univox clear guitar

Posted by john m on Mon, 03/10/03 - 17:17:21.

I have a Univox guitar that's clear arylic. It's not a Dan Armstrong clone -- the headstock is different, for one thing -- but it was clearly influenced (ha ha) by the Dan. Just wondering if anyone else has seen one or knows anything about them.

I got mine secondhand in the early '80s, and I don't know it's history. It has a 4-bolt, 24-fret neck; generic Gibson-style headstock; rosewood fretboard and headstock veneer. The neck is 3 strips of maple with thin strips of rosewood between them. The pickup cavity can hold 2 humbuckers mounted side-by-side (like a 3 pickup Les Paul without the neck pickup). The pickguard was butchered when I bought the guitar and is now long gone, but it looked like walnut or rosewood. All controls and the jack are front-mounted on the pickguard. The bridge is a metal plate with a 3/8-inch (approx.) strip of wood laying on top, and that wood strip has saddle strip of off-white material slotted into it.

I also have an actual Dan Armstrong, but I can't compare the two guitars because (A) my real Dan was completely Frankensteined before I bought it (locking whammy bridge, locking nut, new pickup, custom on-board electronics, super jumbo frets, new pickguard), and (B) the Dan is in Connecticut undergoing reconstructive surgery by my http://www.drzyg.com/ Dr. Zyg (he's at www.dyzyg.com).

In other words, I really can't tell how much of a copy this Univox guitar really was. Any info is much appreciated!

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Re: Univox clear guitar (followup)

: In other words, I really can't tell how much of a copy this Univox guitar really was. Any info is much appreciated!

I should have done this first, but... Having looked at a photo of the reissue (http://www.harmony-central.com/Newp/1998/Dan-Armstrong-Guitars1-larg.jpg), it looks like the Univox was very much a copy except for the headstock and the pickup configuration. Even the dual bottom strap mounts were copied. Oh, and the fingerboard is not ebony, it's rosewood (can you say "cheaper," boys and girls?).

In any case, if anybody knows when Univox sold these clear guitars, please post it. Thanks again.

Univox acrylic guitar

I bought mine new in 1972 at North Bend Oregon.

Re: Univox clear guitar (followup)

your guitar is indeed a copy of an ampeg dan armstrong(the type of guitar played by such guitarists as dave grohl and the guy from sugar ray)this can be cofirmed by checking out www.univox.org/guitar

Re: Univox clear guitar (followup)

i recently came across a clear univox guitar like the dan armstrong pic. it looks exactly like the pic and was wondering if anyone knows anything about it?

conrad lucite guitar

i have a 70's model lucite "conrad" guitar armstrong copy .do you know what it is worth?

Re: Univox clear guitar (another followup)

Well, I've done this backwards -- posted a question, then did more research and found the answers (Believe me, I have searched for info before but found nothing. It's been a while, though).

Behold the Univox copy of the Dan Armstrong:

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