McCormick String Instruments

McCormick String Instruments

Mac builds the finest guitars; archtops to Djangos

A luthier for 35 years, Mac's guitars have displayed in museums. He builds archtops, flattops, resonator guitars, Djangos, and more. He is also a Martin and Gibson authorized
repair shop. Tomorrows heirlooms...Today.

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Mac McCormik

Mac was my stepfathe's brother in law. I have a guitar he made. I love it. He was going to teach me how to build guitars but I was too young and restless at the time. Wish I had spent time with him now.

McCormick Mandolin

Hey, I had purchased a electric mandolin a few years ago from a friend of Macs and was trying to find out if Mac had any family I think his grandson Scott mentioned in this string is around. Wanted to ask a few questions. Thank you

my dad was one of macs best friends

i have alot of macs guitar molds and wood benders and a couple of his guitars if want to know more 706-366-0467wgbdz

My Main Man. . .Mac McCormack

I used to sweep out Mac's shop in Ralston, Ne in the Fall of 1973 and Spring of 1974. He taught me a huge amount of love and respect for guitars and other acoustic instruments. I never heard anything about him studying with a master guitar maker in 1964(I'd like to know more about that). I quit my sales job at Hospe's Music in Omaha, Ne when he took me under his wing. It was quite a ride! Many years later, in the mid 1990's, when I was shop manager at One World Music(vintage guitars, etc) in Austin, Tx., a young man walked in the store with an acoustic guitar that I recognized as a Mac McCormack-style dreadnought immediately. I began to question him and he said that Mac had guided and helped him make the guitar. That's when I found out that Mac was in Columbus, Ga. When Mac left Omaha, he had said that he was heading to California. I was surprised to find out that he was on the other side of the Country. I was sad to hear that Mac had passed away several years ago. I have a snapshot of him in his shop in Georgia, with a lady by his side. One of my prize possessions. I sure would like to hear more about his life in Georgia and his work. Please keep me posted. Sincerely, Gary Veylupek.

Mac Mc Cormick

I am Mac,s brother. Found this site. Wondered if it is still open. Thanks for any reply.

Gary its Bob McGuire, we

Gary its Bob McGuire, we worked together at Hospe's. We also played the Drawing Room one night. Wow I really mis Mac's in Ralston. He built me a les paul that had a busted neck, and 5 string mastertone. Ended up trading the for his old blue 57 chev pick up . Call me 4025941792

I'll call you soon

Great to hear from you. We have a lot of catching up to do. I still keep in touch, after all of these years with Pat Frampton, in Omaha. He says that Tom Lund(also from Hospe's) is still around town. Best Wishes, Gary V. P.S. Do you remember the evening that Bob Gibson came in the store?

electric guitar

Yes David i'm sure that he built electric guitars. pictures would be great.

Need Missing McCormick Label

I have a parlor McCormick guitar that I bought from the Guitar Shoppe in Auburn after his passing, but it does not have a label. How can I get one of these? Does anyone know how to get a hold of Ann? Mac worked on my guitars for many years and became a personal friend.

Mac McCormick

Horror story time!
A few years ago I played in a rockabilly band, I didn't have a semi-acoustic but the other guitar player had two (one of them was a McCormick). He played a Gretsch so I asked if i could borrow the McCormick, and I loved it so much that a few years later a called him and asked to buy it.
He had been given it years before by someone, but had no idea what it was (nor did I at the time), neither of us had ever seen another McCormick, and he and his brother had passed it around between themselves for years, thinking it was a nice guitar, but of no great value.
Anyway, when I asked to buy it he told me he had sold it to a second-hand shop for £250 (about $350). It was then that I searched the web and discovered how much McCormicks were worth!
Did I tell? Too right I did!

Re: Mac McCormick

Another guitar player and I were just talking about your grandfather yesterday! Mac was a great person. When my father died in 1995 he left some money for me and my brother to buy something to remember him by, I had Mac build me an acoustic. I have been playing for over 25 years and it is by far the best sounding/playing acoustic guitar I have ever played. I'll try to get you some pictures of it as well a pics of my aunts 1940ish Gibson acoustic. The top had been crushed when someone stepped in the middle of it. After Mac finished repairing it, by PIECING THE TOP BACK TOGETHER (a phenomenal feat that allowed the guitar to keep its value) I would have sworn it was a brand new guitar. I was absolutely perfect. I think we have before and after pics of it.

Mac McCormick Custom Electric Guitar

I have a electric guitar that has a engraved neck plate that says it was built by Mac McCormick and it also has his signature in pencil on the neck. Did you ever know of him building a electric? Let me hear from you and I will send you some pics.

Mack building electric guitars

Last time I spoke to Mack he mentioned building an Eletric. I had Mack inlay one of my electrics.
Sorry to hear he passed away. I have two of his acoustics, a 6 and a 12 string, both inlayed and hand carved on neck.
Beautiful guitars I hope I can play again one day. Messed up my right arm in a motorcycle accident.


Weiss Guitar by MCCormick

Hi there

Does anyone know how to get hold of Mr Mccormick as he has a site or had but does not reply to emails and just impossible

to find out if he can build a guitar for me or not. I wanted to enquire about his 13 string guitar.

Been trying for two years now, has he closed down or not taking emails for orders anymore?

Any info will help.



Re: mac macormick

That would be great, Thank you so much.

RE: McCormick Guitar

Hi. Your father was very kind to me and took great care in building my beautiful 6-string cutaway acoustic guitar in 1992. I was sorry to hear he had passed away. He had an apprentice, Mike Carter who I befriended in the Army while in Germany. Mike was an apprentice of Mac's and offered to help me make a custom guitar, generously giving me some of his stashed Brazilian rosewood that he had stored at Mac's shop. Since we were in Germany (1990), Mike went to Erlangen and hand picked out the German spruce soundboard and shipped it to Mac. I submitted my seashell design to him which he used to make to fretboard abalone inlay and creatively added small shell designs to the saddle and heal, alongside his signature wood carving. It took about 18 months to get the final product, but I was elated to receive it and felt like I made a friend forever. The custom label reads : For my friend Johanna. I visited Mac several times after that just to chit chat and talk about my guitar. He was pretty proud of this one and told me he thought it was one of the best looking guitars he had ever built.

It is a treasure and will hold on to it for life. I play this guitar regularly and it just gets better with age. I'm happy to send you photos of this "masterpiece" from one of the masters of the craft.


My Grandfather

If Anyone has any pictures of my grandfathers custom guitars, repair work, and or memorable stories, I'd like to hear from you by email. Please be sure to put RE: Mac Mccormick in the subject line or else i will consider it spam. Thank you.

RE: Mac Mccormick

I have a McCormick F style flat top mandolin I bought on the Mandolin cafe in 2011. I played it several years and purchased another mandolin. The Mac has sat for a few (5) years while my father was in a sub acute care center. Today I picked up and tuned up the Mac and it still has the classic McCormick sound. I also have a few of his old business cards. He made great stuff!


McCormick guitars

I have an electric, I believe it to be 1 of the very few he built.

RE: Mac Mccormick


Good evening. I am not sure if you will receive this, but when I lived in Columbus GA in the early 90's (stationed at Ft. Benning) I would visit Mac on a regular basis. He would perform fret work on my electric guitars and I would always enjoy the conversations we would have about life and Father Patterson (priest at the catholic church in Columbus). Mac gave me two hand made Rosaries he crafted from wood. I remember Ann would be working on her glass projects as you enter his shop and they made me feel like I was part of the family. Sorry for your loss and rest in peace Mac.



RE: Mac Mccormick

He made me a baritone ukulele and I think he only made one more. I wonder if you might know about what they might me worth at this time. Please contact me and if we need to I'll send some pictures.

Nolan Conley

McCormick Custom Guitar

Just found this site and so sorry to hear about Mac's passing. My friend Mike Carter apprenticed under Mac and he talked your grandfather into making me a guitar as a favor to him. I really lucked out. Mike and I picked out the woods (Brazilian Rosewood and German Sitka Spruce) and I designed the inlay and Mac did the magic. Its a beautiful guitar and an incredible sound. I'd be happy to send you pictures of it. I think Mac was really proud of this one. I sent it back for a simple repair one time and he kept it on display for awhile before sending it back . :) I'm just fortunate to have met such an artist and man. He definitely has left his legacy.


"A Mac McCormick One Of A Kind!"

Hey Scott,
This is in reference to Mac McCormick, your grandfather & his work. My husband has owned a music shoppe in Auburn, AL for almost 20 years & was friends with your grandfather. He often talks about him & his unbelievable craftsmanship. He also has a couple of his custom built guitars in our private collection and showed me one yesterday that was beyond spectacular! If your interested in seeing the pictures that were recently taken or care to speak with my husband & learn more about your grandfather & his dear friendship with him please feel free to email him, (Mark McKenzie - & he can send you his cell number. The photos should be available on our website soon


Shannon Rae McKenzie
Auburn Guitar Shoppe
762 East Glenn Avenue
Auburn, Alabama 36830

Re: My Grandfather

I was fortunate enough to find one of your grandfathers fine products in a small guitar shop in Dallas. I still play it, and it still sounds great. The thing almost never needs tuning after sitting for a while. I just pick it up and play it. I can send you some photos if you like. Just let me know

Re: My Grandfather

Your grandad did a lot of repair work for me in the 13 years I was lucky enough to know him. I used to hang out at his workshop quite a lot. Not only was Mac a gifted luthier and guitar restorer, he was one of the best people I have ever met in my life.

mac macormick

i will send you some pictures and the full story of my dads 1934 dobro that mac restored for me he also built a resonator for my nephew.he was a good person and i thought a lot of him.he was very talented.i just figured out that he has passed and i am sorry,he will surely be missed.when he restored my guitar we agreed on a price and a time line of a couple of months.i had only met him one time he finished my guitar in just a few weeks and called me to come get it.i went and payed about one third of the bill and he kept on telling me to go ahead and take the guitar home till i loaded it up.i paid the bill in full in just a few days and i asked him why do you trust me this much and he told me that he could talk to me a few minutes and new that i could be trusted.i sent him a lot of business after he did my guitar.i just took my wife by the shop the other day because i told her what a talented and good fellow he was.sorry to here about his passing

mac mcormick

i have a 1934 dobro that mac restored and a good story behind it and also a picture of he and i holding and my wife went by the shop 2 weeks ago and did not look to be any activity what is the statis of mac he called me the dobro man from camilla georgia.hope all is well with him thanks keith kearns


I met a man in Lubbock in early '80's He repaired my '52 Gibson J45 for several years before in Omaha,ne. Could this possibly be the same "mac"? If so I Would love any e-mails on this because I fell now I've lost a great friend also. The guitar world will miss him greatly.

Re: Mac

: I met a man in Lubbock in early '80's He repaired my '52 Gibson J45 for me several years before in Omaha,Ne. Could this possibly be the same "mac"? If so I Would love any e-mails on this because I fell now I've lost a great friend also. The guitar world will miss him greatly.
The 'Mac' I knew also repaired other string instruments as well, in fact as I remember he was in Texas to look at one of J.Gimbels fiddles. He asked if I knew the difference between a violin and a fiddle, I said 'not really'. He said 'a violin was carried in a violin case and a fiddle was carried in a "toe-sack' He was a very good humorist.

Re: Mac

This is indeed the same Mac McCormick. He apprenticed in Nebraska then moved to San Jose then Lubbock TX and finally Columbus Georgia. I have 4 of his guitars and have to say I really miss him.

Mac's Obituary

Mac McCormick, a Columbus guitar maker beloved for his beautiful — and beautiful sounding — guitars, died Tuesday, following an extended illness.

McCormick, was was born Frances but had been called "Mac" since grade school, spent the last 40 years handcrafting the acoustic instruments, which are played by many musicians in the region. He custom-made guitars for their buyers, who would pay a pretty penny for a guitar emblazoned with McCormick's nickname.

Re: Mac's Obituary

I've just learned about Mac's death--a sad loss for the Chattahoochee Valley and the entire world of traditional music-making in America. His work as a luthier was very important to me in my work as a documenter of traditional music, and also to me and my family as a friend and as an example of making excellence a way of life. Thanks, Mac, for doing everything you did.

Fred C. Fussell

: Mac McCormick, a Columbus guitar maker beloved for his beautiful — and beautiful sounding — guitars, died Tuesday, following an extended illness.

: McCormick, was was born Frances but had been called "Mac" since grade school, spent the last 40 years handcrafting the acoustic instruments, which are played by many musicians in the region. He custom-made guitars for their buyers, who would pay a pretty penny for a guitar emblazoned with McCormick's nickname.


give me a write!



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Re: Roys

: give me a write!
Hey, Mac...hit me back with a e-mail baby!
Roy Letterly

Re: Roys

: give me a write!

Still Flying RC after all these years?

Yo Olde Let, Do you still fly RC planes after all these years?


Re: Still Flying RC after all these years?

: Yo Olde Let, Do you still fly RC planes after all these years?


D. Morris! dang me...good to see you are still around. I never figured out how to get out of RC..lots of helicopters and indoor micros now all electric. Drop a line would like to hear from ya.

Re: Roys

: give me a write!

Hi Dad. Saw this on a random Google search!

Stolen guitars

I don't have all of the info yet, however, someone broke into Mac's shop and stole three guitars. Two Martins and one of his own custom guitars. It is a parlor guitar with case. I will post more when I get complete descriptions from him. Indications are that, the person/persons knew what they were looking for.

Mac Mcormick

Mac Mcormick made both of my mandolins as well as Jefferson Airplane original Bassists Bob harvey bass. he is a great luthier. Pics of the insruments You can ship to Mac he will take care of you!
McCormick String Instrument
1238 Midway Drive
Columbus, GA 31901

Mac McCormick

I am a beginner. I recently took my Strat to Mr. McCormick to have it "setup" properly. Mac performed the work while I waited and absolutely refused any payment. That is so rare these days. He even promised to show me the correct way to string my guitar. I looked around his shop and the instruments that I saw where works of art. He is a true craftsman.

Re: Mac McCormick

 Mac McCormick

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