Augustino LoPrinzi Guitars

fine classic guitar designed and made in the US by its premiere individual maker

Renowned throughout the instrument making field, Augustino LoPrinzi's first instruments were classic guitars. As his career progressed he constructed many types of string instruments, numbering in the thousands : mandolins, lutes, violins, and steel string guitars, to list but a few. Now he is applying these years of wisdom to his first love, the classic guitar, which began his journey into instrument making.

No matter which model you select.... Traditional, Flamenco, International Concert, International Concert Elite, Spanish Grand Concert, Grand Artist Elite

...You will be delighted to realize how carefully the instrument has been created to satisfy your individual preferences. Your excitement and creativity will expand as the new LoPrinzi Classic Guitar steadily forms its tone around your unique style of playing!

Join in the celebration of a fine classic guitar designed and made in the US by its premiere individual maker!

1929 Drew St. Clearwater FL 33765, Tel.(813) 447-2276

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Augie for Sale CM-36 Custom, 1983

I had this guitar custom made in Clearwater, FL in the spring of 1983. I have to sell it. Let me know if anyone is interest. I'm in Cleveland, Ohio. 216.221.7333. Call if you like or text.

UPDATE: No longer for sale

Hi All,
I have decided to keep this CM-36. It is no longer for sale. Thanks.

Augie for Sale CM-36 Custom, 1983

I have an Augustino CM-36 Custom, made in 1983 in Clearwater, Florida made and signed by Augie. Mahogany sides/back.

I lived in Seminole, and I would spend time at the shop in clearwater.
I had this guitar made for me, Augie and I picked out the wood for it, I stopped by once a week and watched it built.

It was completed May/June 1983. I had to sell it to a friend 5 years later, I was broke.
I bought it back in 2013. My friend beat it up pretty good, crack in top,, crack on side.
Had the cracks stablized, and 5 new frets placed, new saddle.

It aged very nicely, deep rich bottom end, and full loud sound.
My friend thought it was a D-28.
I'm selling it again, $1,200. I'm retired and have to reduce the herd.
I can send pictures. Live in Northern Ohio.

Augie VM-19

I recently acquired this thin line acoustic electric guitar made in Clearwater and signed Augie.
I mailed pics and questions to the factory, but no response.
Does anyone out there have any info on this guitar or know where I can look?

I have an F-20 I’d like to

I have an F-20 I’d like to learn it’s history. No response from maker

Augustino CL A for sale

For anyone looking for an Augustino Loprinzi guitar, I have one in which the interior label is signed: Augie, Augustino.
It was made in Clearwater, Florida prior to Augustino re-acquiring his name back from the corporation that had the rights to it.
At the moment is it is on the site.
It was made in the late 70's and is in an excellent condition.

Loprinzi AR-38 #1069

For sale $1500. Good condition.

Tim Hooley


I own an LR-25 I bought back in 76, and at that time I was living in my van.
At one point the temps got down, and needless to say it sustained some finish cracks. (Wood is fine)
I've thought about having it refinished. Any pro or con thoughts?
Thanks for any input.

Refinish or not of the LR-25

I would recommend not refinishing. I don't think it will improve the tone and may be detrimental. It is quite common for these to have severe amount of finish checking. As long as it is not cracking areas of wood in top (center seam) or side and back, I would not consider refinish. It can be done and I have seen a few that were done well. Relatively little to be gained by doing the refinish. Better to spend the funds on a neck reset if needed.

Thanks for the post

Augustino Augie F-22


I recently saw an excellent condition Augustino Augie F-22.

It is similar to an Ovation style guitar with a plastic (assuming)
Rounded back.

I cannot find any information on this model. Any idea
of its value?



I have an F-20 sounds so good...would love to know its history


Likely price is about 300 or so, Ovation round back, I think it is a mesh of some sort with a resin applied.

Good luck, let me know how the tone is.

For sale AR-38 Baptistown build #168

AR-38, really nice woodset and build for sale. Price $900.00 Link below should show pictures. Contact me if you want to see other pictures. Has LR baggs soundhole M1 pickup.

Couple of previously repaired top cracks that are stable and have never given me any issue. Tone is very nice. Very thin flat neck profile. Schaller tuners.

Have other A LoPrinzi guitars I may sell if there is an interest. Details provided upon contact.

Lo Prinzi For Sale

Email me

Lo Prinzi For Sale

Hey looking to buy a 70s A LoPrinzi for my dad's birthday present. A good friend of his had one a while back and I'd like to get him one. I read you have a few, would love to hear back from you. Thanks!

LoPrinzi 1973

I have one that I am having a luthier check over for me. I just acquired it but I have 13 guitars already and to avoid a divorce have agreed to sell a few. LOL. Contact me if you are interested.

Jimmy James selling

I might be interested in the guitar you are selling. Please contact me as to the details of model and serial #. I collect these.


reply to request

I sent an email reply to

Let me know if you still have an interest.

John Dupree

LoPrinzi model designations?

Could anyone definitively comment on what the difference between LoPrinzi L,A, and V models is? Is it a chonological difference, or actually a physical or dimensional one?
Thanks for any help!


There are old models dimensions charts on the Facebook Augustino LoPrinzi Guitars and Ukulele page. Imaged by members. Fro both the L, V, and A models.


I forgot to mention that there is also a chronological difference in labeled guitars.

A LoPrinzi first '73 - '75-ish?

LoPrinzi '75 - '80-ish?

Augustino '75-ish? - 2000's

I think the L models were first, then maybe the VR and VM shortly after?

All A models were under the Augustino label, best I know.

Depth of body changes a bit on model to model

Sizes V: lower bout 14 1/2"

L: 15 - 15 3/4"

A: slightly larger than the L models and shoulders squared a bit more.

Model differences

LoPrinzi labeled
A LoPrinzi labeled
are L and V models

A models are Augustino labeled guitars.

L and V models have different body sizes, rounded shoulders of upper bout

A models are slightly larger than L models, more squared shouldered than the A LoPrinzi and LoPrinzi models.

Augustino AR-38 Low 200's number. Augie Signed.

I have had this one since 2004. Was in excellent condition when i got it and have put some really nice touches to it. Looking to see if there is serious interest for this classic.

Anyone selling a guitar or other LoPrinzi instrument?

I recently came into some funds, that I want to use in purchasing an Augustino LoPrinzi guitar. If any are available, please contact me @ or by cell 415-286-1318




I have an AR-38 Dreadnaught #1069 built and signed by Augie in good condition I have no idea what it's value is.

Tim Hooley

AR-38 value

I may be able to give you guidance on the value. I still collect these. Contact me if you have any interest.

Value of #1069

AR-38 #1069 likely the value is $1000 - 1500. Depending on condition. Feel free to contact me, I may be interested in buying it from you.

cell: 415 286-1318

Interested in buying early '73 or earlier A LoPrinzi instruments

I can be contacted at 415-286-1318 or email at

Seeking anything from this time period. Thanks and a Happy New Year to all who love a Lo Prinzi instrument.

I have a few guitars for sale as well. LR-15, AR-12, LM-12, Custom AR-38 in Koa.

Augustino AR

I have a lovely Augustino LoPrinzi AR-38 Dreadnaught #0075 Made in Rosemont, NJ signed “Augie”

It's a fine hand made instrument comparable I'm told to a Martin dreadnaught with herringbone top trim, Indian rosewood back and sides, ebony bridge, mahogany neck, with a signed label, that I bought in Philadelphia back in 1975. It play's great and frets are hardly worn.

What's it worth "out there" if I let her go?


I'm curious to know if your AR-38 is still available. Also, where are you located? I might be interested in looking at it.

Loprinzi at-38

Hey I see your interested in the ar-38 I have one with the series number 0992 in very good condition.Might be interested in selling.In the Philadelphia area Thank you Vito

Ar15-12w Loprenzi 12 string guitar

I am interested in finding out about a Loprinzi 12 string guitar that belonged to my deceased husband. It is signed by a T Loprinzi. Numbers inside are AR 15-12w. I am thinking about selling it but dont know anything about it. Thank you in advance.

AR 15-12w

Usually the AR designation, would be one signed by Augie. You sure it reads AR 15 and not LR 15? Value would be around $1000 approx most likely. Year built would be sometime after 1976 or so. Is there a # stamped on the inside into the neck block? If it is signed T LoPrinzi what if any label / logo is on the headstock.

Acoustic Guitar by Augustino Loprinzi AR-38-12 Serial #0534

I have a Acoustic Guitar by Augustino Loprinzi AR-38-12 Serial # 0534. Does anyone know what year this guitar would be? Is this Guitar a classic guitar or a elite series. Trying to find out what year it is. Thank You! I am selling one of these guitars and think I may have some information wrong. Including the price. Anything would help. I emailed Donna Loprinzi and hope she responds as well.

AR38-12 year built

I would think the guitar was built in 1978, first year in Clearwater, FL.

I purchased mine for $850 and it is in very good condition. Bought from original owner.

LoPrizi Guitar

I am a volunteer at an animal rescue in AZ. We had a Loprizi 12 string acoustic guitar donated to our rescue. We would like to know what we have and if it has value. I can send pictures if given an e-mail. Can you help us?

12 string

Please send me a few pictures of your guitar and a picture of the label. I have one that is a 12 string as well. I may be able to tell you the value.

Donated guitar

my email is

Happy to help with some detail. Feel free to contact me.

Donated 12 string

Can you give more detail on the donated guitar. What does the label say? Where built. Any # stamped on the inside into the neck block. Approx value would be $500 - $1500 depending on condition, model, year built.

Hope this helps a little.

LoPrinzi Custom OOO Studio REDUCED to $2100.00

I previously posted in July. This guitar is beautiful and in mint condition. It includes a K&K 2 channel Preamp and excellent condition hardshell case.

Model: Custom DR-11
Body Style: Studio (000)
Year Built: 2001
Back/Sides: East Indian Rosewood
Top: Sitka Spruce
Neck: Hondorus Mahogany
Faceplate: East Indian Rosewood
Fingerboard/Bridge: Ebony
Purfling/Rosette: Abalone Pearl with multiply black/white lines
Binding: White
Pick Guard: Tortoise
Tuners: Grover
Finish: High gloss
Electronics: K&K Sound Systems Trinity 2 Channel Preamp
Case: Well fitting, plush liner, hardshell case that is in excellent condition. No scratches or tears, buckles all work, handle has no damage and the little key is still inside the case (I do not know the maker)

There is a Acoustic Guitar by Augustino Loprinzi AR-38-12 12-STR

There selling a Acoustic Guitar by Augustino Loprinzi AR-38-12 12-STRING. On EBay right now. 10/05/2017.

Acoustic Guitar by Augustino Loprinzi AR-38-12 12-STRING

Selling a Acoustic Guitar by Augustino Loprinzi AR-38-12 12-STRING.

Augustino LoPrinzi Guitar
Fine classic guitar designed and made in the US by its premiere individual maker.

Model: AR-38-12 12-STRING
Manufacturer: Augustino Loprinzi, Guitar Maker
Type: Acoustic Guitar
Year: 1981-1990

Body Construction 2 Piece
Back Rosewood
Sides Rosewood

LoPrinzi 12 String

I know it's a long shot, but I wonder if the LoPrinzi is still available. Also, where are you located?

Loprinzi Custom

I have a beautiful LOPRINZIthat I believe would be considered an OM.. I am interested in selling only because I am moving from three nice guitars to one extremely nice. If anyone is interested in pictures and specs please email me

New LoPrinzi LR 50

I was lucky enough to aquire a LR 50 today from a friend in a trade. He told me it was a 1973 and was close with the builder. It plays nice but could use the truss rod adjusted...Neck may have a slight bow...Was wondering if anyone could give me info about this guitar...Wood? collectability? Value...thanks

Original Augie Flamingo - Built in Flemington NJ

I worked with Augie in the barbershop in Flemington NJ as a teenager and have an original he gave me prior to my joining the Navy. Needs a little work but still playable.

Your guitar

Give me a call if you are thinking of selling 4152861318 or an email

Your LoPrinzi, H.C.H.S., the first shop

Hi Bob, I remember you from H.C.H.S. I was Class of 67. Mark Levine, whose parents apparently owned the building the shop was in, took me to see the shop. I finally bought my first Augustino 9 years ago and it is a steel string CM-36. I really love it. Now I am beginning classical guitar lessons and would like to find one of Augie's to play. Is yours a classical? Let me know what you have been up to all these years, and also tell me about the guitar, whether it is classical or not. All the best, Joy

If you are selling a LoPrinzi or Augustino

I more than likely will have an interest in making an offer. I am still collecting them and playing them. If in need of repair, I have a great luthier in my area for bringing them back to life.
Especially interested in the early ones from Cane Farm days. Just drop me an email and I will respond.


LoPrinzi 6 steel string acoustic

I have a LoPrinzi (I believe it is an LM or LR 6). I am the original owner and purchased it new in 1975. Birdseye maple body and mahogany neck. Good shape. A very unique sound, not too bright or dark, but rich in tone. I recorded with it in Nashville and other places and rarely play it since I toured in the early eighties. Original hard case. If you are interested, I can send photos or other detail. I plan on listing at Elderly Music in Northern Indiana or Gruen in Nashville. I never use this instrument and it is among many that I am tired of moving around the country when I only perform with my favorite 5 or 6 these days.

Your Lo Prinzi guitar

If you can contact me via email or phone, we can talk about the LM from '75. My phone is listed below in this email list as well.


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