Guitar maker from 1955. I was the only luthier in charge of ANTIGUA CASA NU

To know semething about de history of the oldest Guitar Store in Argentina until it was sold in 1992. A litle biografy of Dionsio Gracia (my father)who was recognizad by Andres Segovia as a good friend and guitar-maker in Argentina.

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Aristides since 1955

I got this guitar AG says since 1955

I got this guitar Aristides

This guitar I've been manufacturing guitars long ago but I got this one for me

Antigua Casa Nunez and Gracia

I read with interests and surprised regarding the "Gracia is junk" topic and have read a lot of reviews here. What I like to know is this, are you guys referring to the new guitars made over the past 10 years or the older vintage ones? I'm contemplating getting some really beautiful vintage ACN with signatures by Diego Gracia or Dionisio Gracia from the website Are you talking about these same luthiers? I mean these guys are quite legendary.
Please provide any info. I'm very interested in collecting Latin American made classical guitars from the vintage age. Thanks.

I don't know how to tell if

I don't know how to tell if its old but it says. Gracia calidad en guitarras desde 1925. Model A 77843. Industria argentina

Antigua Casa Nunez Classical? Guitar no. 28118 by Diego, Gracia & Cia

I'm trying to figure out what to do with this guitar. Should I get the nut repaired and take it with me when I leave new york? Should I
donate it to a museum? I feel like there's something special about it, but what? Any advice? Please help. I'm leaving very soon.

Alvarez AEB4BC, black cherry circa 2001 bass guitar

Does anyone have any information reguarding this bass as of quality, value and number made, anything helps really, Alvarez couldnt even tell me much

Gracia is junk!

To you all, by all means avoid the Gracia guitars. They have become really bad. I suggest that you go to Harmony Central, link is:
You'll get all details there, and skip the fake Roger Espinosa review.

Re: Gracia is junk!

This person ordered a guitar to France. We received an email from a guy in Norway stating he'd seen the guitar in question at a place in France. He wanted to order one. The original buyer had indicated he had modified the neck and/or fretboard, thus invalidating any return, especially at almost 300 bucks for DHL special delivery, which we would even consider on a guitar that had been tampered with.

We have sold several thousand of these instruments since we started representing them 5 years ago. The problem rate is about 1%, with most of them being minor cosmetic in nature. The return rate in your average big music store is double-digit, so we can live with this rate on a handmade instrument. We have had VERY few playability problems and the guitars are tough.

As for Roger Espinosa, his website is at
He is signed to New World Records, has played many of Hollywood's celeb parties, and for the "Govenator".

Anyone who cannot even check up on someone before slandering their review as a fake probably oughta go get some counciling.

Happy New Year.



All this is bullshit.
I'm a reputed classical guitar collector and I insist that those Gracia guitars are pure junk.
I had to make a real luthier refret the whole fretboard as the guitar was totally unplayable due to buzzing all over.
See my review @ HarmonyCentral to get all the details.
As a matter of fact, the company which sold me that guitar was taken off eBay and eventually went out of business.
This is a fact indeed!

Gracia guitar - pre-1950

I've recently purchased a Gracia guitar, model 'C' with a label that says "..desde 1925" There is no serial number. I understand that in 1950 'original' Gracia company (in existence since the 1800s?)was sold and reorganized. Since then the label reads "..desde 1950". I was wondering if anyone had any info on pre-1925 Gracia guitars (e.g. value, quality, etc)? I wrote to the factory in Argentina but received no response...

Re: Gracia guitar - pre-1950

 Gracia guitar - pre-1950

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Vietnam Hotel Vietnam Tour operator in

Alvarez Classical Guitar

Alvarez Classical Guitar

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Gracia Guitar

Gracia Guitar

This popular thread has been given its own page : Gracia Guitar

us availability

US residents interested in owning a Gracia should go to There is a large list of available inventory as of the date of this posting. Check with sales by email for pricing, mentioning this mail list.


I have a Gracia guitar model C that was bought in 1979.I'm thinking of selling it.Is it worth something?

Thank You


Gracia Guitar

Gracia Guitar

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Modelo PRS

Estimado: Vi la oferta en de remate y quede impresionado por las fotos de dicha Guitarra, estaria muy interesado en probarla.
Tenga a bien enviarme un mail para asi contactarnos.
Desde ya muy agradecido.

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