Hunter Guitars Inc.

Hunter Guitars Inc.

Hunter, World Class Guitars

Hunter guitars are original in design and are made to some of the most exacting standards in the world! List prices start at US$959. Hunter is also the manufacturer of the
"Michael Bruce, the Alice Cooper group" guitar. Please visit our website, for full details
and specifications.

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hunter guitar micheal bruce alice copper group

i came across a amazing piece today.dark brown wood grain with serious hardware. this is nt a everyday find at the has a number stamp on neck of 21 and the seller told me it was a number out of 1500 and he paid 1200 in late 80s for it.i canrt find ant history on ebay to list a starting price.iam not a collector iam a retailer but very rarly come across such a nice piece.i dont want to part with this unless someone is willing to pay what its worth but have no idea what that is .i gave budy $500 with out ? whenb thats what he asked for.its it mint condiction and i know some with love to add it to there collection so iam looking for any back groug info on this piece.if you know anything about it please let me know .or if interested send email and i can send pics .thank you

hunter guitar michael bruce alice copper group edition

i can t for the life of me find a picture or price for this guitar anywhere on line.i have spent an hour looking.its number 21 of 1500 or so i was told when i bought it.the neck has 21 stamp on but i have no idea if there were 1500 or 15000 made.i was also told it sold for $949 in the 90s but again no idea.its an amazeing piece and sounds incredible but i have to move some of my collection.if anyone has info on guitar i would love to know more about it.please email me at thank u

trying to sell my hunter.

Hunter L.E. SC model no.6 trying to sell for $800. I paid around $1100-1200 so my price I think is good. It's in great shape and plays smoothly. e-mail if u are interested or add me to ur msn.(assuming everyone has msn, which I'm sure) ttyl

hunter LX 100 G

I have a hunter electric guitar. I was wandering if you could give me a little info on it like year,price listing, anything. I dont even know were I got it from. Please help. Thank you

encore hunter 644 series

encore hunter 644 series

This popular thread has been given its own page : encore hunter 644 series

Hunter Guitars

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