Gothic Custom Guitars **WARNING**

Posted by Adam on Fri, 10/04/02 - 05:00:22.

I bought a Hex Gothic Custom Guitar, and here's what it was like......

1. Used hardware - the E string tuning key is stripped out.

2. Pickups are used - both are EMG, not Seymore Duncan as your web site states. Pickups are not height-adjustable and are flopping around in the body. Stripped out adjustment screws. The soapbar pickup at the bottom is set too high and it is literally a cunthair away from the G string. I have the action set as high as it will go and I am still having this problem.

3. Frets need to be leveled on the bass. I took the bass into a guitar shop last night and they quoted me $150 to level the frets.

4. The body has multiple dings, scratches and uneven spots. All of the corners have Magic Marker touch-ups. Bandsaw marks on the outer edges and corners of the body where you didn't bother to sand.

5. I had to remove paint marker writing and overspray from the fret board - who the hell paints a fret board?

6. Horrible glue joints on the fretboard to the neck.

7. Horrible headstock design - the A string rubs on the E string's tuning key. The headstock is cracked on the D string where you tightened the tuning key way too much. You put the tuning key too close to the edge of the headstock. Not to mention, the nut on the tuning key is totally messed up and rounded off from when you over-tightened it.

8. The plastic cover on the back of the guitar doesn't fit your poor routing job, and all of the screws are stripped out so I can't even fucking remove it.

9. The neck has a slight bow to it. I haven't even attempted to fix this, nor will I because I don't want to be responsible for the fret board coming off. That's what the guitar shop said to me. Any notes past the 12th fret buzz.

10. This thing is twice as neck-heavy as a Warlock bass. This was one of my first requests involving my design (although this isn't even my design.)

11. The input jack is on the wrong side of the guitar.

12. Although this is a minor detail, it does show how much you care about your final product -- you switched the A and the D strings backwards when you strung the bass. Not to mention, you cut the strings too short, not leaving enough string on the tuning keys; thus, the guitar would not stay in tune.

13. The paint was still tacky and was shipped in a case that was too small with poor overall packaging. The thing reeked of stale cigarettes and gave me a strange rash on my hands after handling it!

14. Months and months of bullshit excuses and fake UPS tracking numbers.

15. He promised that he would get my refund to me by the end of this week - here it is Thursday, and he won't repond to my E-mails. So I posted on his piece of shit message board!

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Re: Gothic Custom Guitars **WARNING**

That fucking sucks man. How mushc did you pay for that piece of crap? Most companies produce production models of a higher quality for half that money. I'm sure it's fine if you're Glen Benton though.

Re: Gothic Custom Guitars **WARNING**

I see that they are out of business now (as of September anyhow). I was seriously thinking of going with them to build an axe.. I'm glad I didn't. Check out October Guitars website.. I was in correspondance with them for a while and I found them to be very professional and quick to answer questions. Now I just need to save up for the guitar! I can't believe how horrible of a job they did.

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