Acoustic Archtops

Acoustic Archtops

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I have build a couple of instruments and would like to know what people of think of my site. I had to put building aside for a while and would like to get back into it.

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would like any info on it.

arthur hansel guitars of Toronto Canada

I still have my 1953 Hansel classic guitar, the hand written label reads "special made Mar 1953" He was recommended to me by an elderly
guitarist in Toronto named Bertram Atkins who owned a Hansel. I went to see Mr Hansel who lived in a house on Seaton St in Toronto south of Dundas. Arthur made most of his guitars for the Eaton Co in Toronto & many of his sturdily made instruments went north to mining & forestry towns. He made me a mandoline to match my custom built guitar. Mahogany back & ribs on both. All done in a workshop at his address. Mr Hansel appeared to be fairly old & stored in his garage was a chrysler "Airflyght" sedan which hadn't been driven for some years. His neighbour, a large Ukranian man, worked at Canada Packers & used to bring home unwanted animal bones which Arthur used for nuts & bridge inserts. Mrs Hansel was part of the welcoming committee & was missing a finger on a hand. When my guitar was finished & I went to pick it up a little party ensued. Arthur played German folk tunes on his button accordian whilst singing & I played 3-chord accompanyment on my new guitar. The big neighbour was present & had one beer too many & fell over when he got up from the chesterfield!
The pine top had a sprayed on finish which eventually developed a network of cracks. So I paid another German luthier to remove the bridge, clean off the synthetic finish & plane off some of the pine.
(I couldn't bring myself to ask Mr Hansel to do it} This improved the tone & sustain. The machine head eventually failed & I replaced it with an equivalent quality & this one is now starting to fail. A feature of the Hansel classical is that the bridge end of the
sound box has enough flat that the guitar will stand up vertically on a level surface without need of a 'guitar stand'. My daughter learned to play on the Hansel & now my grandaughter is trying. The only criticism I have is that the 1st string is a shade too close to the edge of the fingerboard so that when attempting slurred notes the string sometimes slips off the edge & muffles the note. This well made guitar will outlast me & give pleasure to players for years to come.


I have a small Gibson guitar that was made boseman montana. It is called a formula 15 and is a unsusported back (no ribbs). Can you tell me anything about it and it's approxmate value? I also have a Alvarez copy of a Gibson dove. I would like to know the approxmate value of it if anyone knows. The guitar is 35 years old

Arthur Hansel Guitars

Arthur Hansel Guitars

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Vega Profundo Acoustic

Vega Profundo Acoustic

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Johnny Ramone's guitar

Hey I am looking for a Johnny Ramone mosrite style guitar, but I dont have $3000. Can anybody help me out?

I am looking for a guitar

My father owns a acoustic guitar that was made in german it is called "lone eagal". In the place of the sound hole is a laser cut miral. Do you know what I am talking about. If you know where I could find these guitars I would appriciate it. Thank you.

Re:order for guitars

We are a guitar shop located in Malaysia.Now we are looking urgently the new brand guitar and acessories.Please contact us as soon as possible,Thank you.

Re:order for guitars

hi there, i am from sunway selangor. I am looking for a gibson les paul standard 2 electric guitar. do you guys carry them? if yes, may i know what is your price range? thanks!

This Maker

he is does the most breath taking work, and his archtops are to live for... If you want pure artistry, Paul, is the man you want to build for you your dream jazzbox!.....

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