Re: Drifter Guitar!!

Posted by Onna on Fri, 08/03/07 - 00:51:23.

: all I know is they are made by the Continental/Conn music company, and apparently they make every kind of instrument you can imagine...only thing is, they've been doing it since the 1800s, and eventhough they had a slew of guitars manufactured by aria in Korea and japan[have one of those too;1968 335 style], There is absolutely NOTHING online that resembles a database. Trust me, I've been looking...****************************
Hello all, I am Onna!
I got my 'Drifter' back in was a mess, I took it home cleaned it up, put new strings on and played it with great delight. It was in it's original case with the signed number 6 of 7 and followed by: 1638, the co. of CG Conn LTD.
EST 1875 Oaksbrook, Illinois. It has a LesPaul body in a gold to black sunburst and black back and neck. This guitar is amazing.
I have heard a few stories about this. One was that Marty Robbins had a guitar designed for him...this is 6 of 7 that were made like this. I don't think I could put a price on it and prolly would never sell it. It has some serious soul..Someone played the HE** out of it before me,then I continued its journey! Thus, the back of the neck is severely worn from playing not marred...played!
Write me with your Drifter tales!

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Re: Drifter Guitar!!

I, too, am a "Drifter" owner - who is tired of wearing out his fingers on my Drifter's bent neck! I just ordered a Wechter. Unlike so many things I see posted here, my Drifter continually goes out of tune and kills my fingers past the second or third fret - seriously warped neck...

Re: Drifter Guitar!!

Hello Onna!

I was just reading your blog about your Drifter LP. I just bought a Drifter LP in cherry red/burgundy, not a sunburst, for $45 and it seems pretty old, maybe from the 70's. The thing is, when I brought it home I saw after further inspection that there's about a 4-5 in. crack running from the nut down the side of the neck. I was wondering if you thought it would be worth it to get it repaired. The trim around the body is very slightly cracked in spots where it would've been naturally worn from age and lots of use. Also there's a chip on the front, a couple light scratches on the back and the headstock plastic is a bit cracked/warped. So, what do you think, is it worth it to fix the crack in the neck?

Thanks a ton!

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