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Until the late 1930's the Australian guitar manufacturing industry was virtually non existent and good quality guitars were hard to find. The best guitars, it was well understood, came from the U.S.A. Bill May, a Melbourne born jazz musician, woodwork teacher, and luthier, decided to change all that...

Maton are Australia's leading manufacturer of Acoustic and Acoustic / Electric Guitars. We pride ourselves on making the best guitars possible at a price musicians can afford! Please take some time to view our range of superbly handcrafted Guitars, Accessories and Custom Options.

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Maton DC545

Hi, Good to see a site devoted to Tommy Emmanuel's favourite acoustic. My first Maton was an 1958 Maton Supreme. After a visit to a friend who had just spray painted his fridge 'positano yellow' and was eager to unleash his new found creative talent, the Maton was masked up and sprayed in the U.S. stars and stripes. Came out quite well but the days of the Maton's status as a mint collectible were over. My next Maton, which I bought new and still own, is a mint condition 1964 DC 545 'crab claw' double cutaway. The serial number is 231. This seems like a low number and it would be interesting to know how many were made. The guitar still has the music store's sticker on the back of the head. (Musgroves.) With the exception of a missing Maton nameplate from the case, (probably ended up on the floor of some dive where we used to play,) everything is intact and completely original.

maton c45/c30

hi, anyone out there with a mint original c30 or c45 maton classical for sale call or txt me on 0417491820, thanks regards murray

maton c45

hi , anyone out there with a mint original c45, c30 maton classical, out there call me or txt me on 0417491820, all the best murray

Maton C.25 query

Hey i just inherited a Maton acoustic guitar it is a C.25 in what i would deem near flawless quality but i would assume to a more guitar minded person they would find minor flaws but not anything really that would be to bad about it im just wondering if anyone could give me any further information on it as google isnt providing me with much its a Maton C.25 serial number is 228 (568) please email me with any info you have regarding it as i would love for it to goto someone that is going to use it as im not a music person my email address is

maton c30 or c50 classical guitar

hi , still chasing a mint c30 or c50, if you have one and are interested to sell at a fair price ,email me or call me or txt me on 0417491820, regards murray

maton f10

Hi, I have a Maton F10 (1171) could anyone tell me how much these guitars are worth? where is the best place to take the guitar and have it restored ? it has a broken string. cheers danniF

Maton C45 advice

I brought this guitar second hand from Palings in about 1967 & for most of those years the case has not been opened. I used it for lessons over a couple of years early on and then again more recently. The basic condition is good with no obvious areas of wear due to use (other than some scuffing from the plectrum). There are two small chips on the soundboard and some light scratches on the sides. The top coast is obviously aging. The hard case was made by Stammfords at Chatswood & may be older than the guitar, but is in useable, but now poor condition. It's time for me to consider my options as I will not use it again. Any advice appreciated (as to value, methods for disposal).

Maton Sapphire Deluxe

any1 interested in maton sapphire deluxe
302/6? sms 0487 047 963 tx

Maton sapphire

I assume this has been sold

62 maton fyrbyrd

Hey guys. I am after the original knobs that came with this model. Any ideas on where l could source them?

FyrByrd Knobs

I may be able to help...

email me at

I will ask around some of the collectors :)


Maton C 50 and slimline Sapphire

I have a top of the line, cedar top, ebony fretboard Maton C50 classical guitar (1976) in excellent condition in original case.
Also a Maton Sapphire 3 pickup 303/6 (268) in very good to excellent for age condition. Great neck and frets...some fingerboard wear at the 'camp-fire' chords end. The original machine heads were upgraded to top quality models when the guitar was young. The guitar had a minor finish flaw near the bottom f-hole which was remedied by the Maton factory under warranty by fitting a custom-made, possibly unique, scratch-plate over the volume and tone controls.
The original owner had a friend who had a Sapphire with a fixed tail-piece, which he thought had better sustain, so he had professionally fitted a fixed tail piece. Later, he had it converted back to original, with the result that the 2 gold-finished tailpiece studs are visible under the original M trapeze tail-piece. The sun-burned finish has some age-related, visible up close, crazing on the front. The guitar is without the original case.
I'd greatly appreciate it if any knowledgeable person could give me some idea of the worth of each guitar. I can post pics if desired.

old maton

i have old maton cant find anything about it all i got to go on is a label inside body of the old thing the label says B20 and what could b a 9 but looks more like a scroll also says made by maton victoria australia if anyone has any ideas please let me know thanks allH

maton c45

I have a C45 which I bought from the Maton outlet at North Melbourne sometime in 1970. I was so smart that I saved $25 by not buying a case. Hmm.
This poor old instrument has withstood fourty three years of hard living but never have I felt the urge to sell or throw it onto the nearest tip. The finish is worn; it now shows its hard life, but, the neck is straight, the action is as good as the day it was bought, the intonation is perfect, the frets are still in top condition.
The tone is superb.
OK, there is a small split (about one inch long) on the sounding board. A piffling complaint.
After recently spending $140 on sprucing this instrument up (as much as possible) and buying a ninety dollar case, I feel a compelling urge to tell somebody who may understand the implications inherent in owning such a good and faithful friend: I will not sell it.
However, I am curious as to whether someone can indicate a reasonable value.
I've also accumulated a Maton EA80C - beautiful - four Fender guitars and four good amps.
Enough! Is there anyone around out there who just wants to talk (or crow) about their good fortune in having accumulated a good stable of instruments? I'll answer any correspondence from anyone who's not an obvious nut.

Maton Kid Capitol $$$?

Hey All,

I have this old Maton Kid Capitol fair condition, I've had it sitting around for about 5 years and a mate of mine owned it before, anyone know possibly what it would be worth?



maton c25/c30

hi anyone out there with a mint c25/c30 please call me on 0417491820, ps the person who called me around the 20/9/2013 please call back as i lost your no. regards m

c25 maton classical

hi anyone out there with a maton c30 or c25 please call me on 0417491820, ps the person who called me around the 20/9/2013 please cll back as i have lost your no.

Maton guitars

Hello Murray,
I am guessing you do not stay any where near me in Fife in Scotland, never the less we have a common interest in guitars. I am the owner of a c30 which I picked up at a local antique shop a year or so ago. The serial number is 416 so I gather she is very early of the production line and unfortunately the condition reflects that, but in its favour no one has attempted any botch up repairs and I am sure a good builder could restore it to its former glory.
I would be pleased to hear from you at the e-mail above. Yours. Lawrence.

Maton AX5

I have an early 70's Maton AX5. All original, black with black pick guard, gold pick-ups, mother of pearl block inlays, normal wear and tear. White egding has yellowed a little. Plays beautifully. Would apreciate an approximate value if anyone has seen one for sale?


Hey mate.

Still waiting to here from you on or 0412296413.

Keen to chat about the ax5


Maton AX5

Hey mate,

I purchased an AX5 for just under $1000 about 18months ago... Mine was red.... I fell on hard times and had to sell it about 3 months ago... got $1100 for it.... Mine was in great condition...

I would love to replace it...

could you email me on



Maton AX5

Gday Greg,

I was in a similar situation a few years back, and it came down to parting with the guitar or the wife......
I missed her for a while but she was easier to replace than the Maton. Thaks very much for the info!



Could you email me some pics mate?


I'm away at the moment mate.

I'm away at the moment mate. I'll send some through next time i get home.


Still keen to see pics...

Just wondering when you will be back at home :)

email is



Thanks mate looking forward to it :)

Maton 1950 Supreme

Pic uploaded to this link. What you think guys? Shes a beauty!

Supreme F210

This is an early 50's Supreme F210... it is stripped of its finish.. and seems to have something strange in regards to the alignment of the tailpiece as it is covering the hole for the strap pin.

IT would need complete restoration...

What are you looking to do with it...

If you can email me on I would be keen to talk about it


Maton 12 string acoustic

I have a Maton F.G.150/12 serial number 820 (271).

I am wanting to insure the guitar and wondering if someone could advise me of a qualified person to value the guitar in South East Queensland or some idea of the value of the guitar. Also could someone give me some feedback as to the build date of the guitar. It have had it repaired recently internally but it has a number of bumps and bruises, it is in no way mint condition but it has the most glorious action and tone.


Maton Guitar.

G'day Greg.

I also have a Maton fg150 12. Serial number 827 (172) Which I bought in Sydney new in March/April 1972.
On mine I have a built in pickup. The guitar is in as new condition but has chrome tuners not gold as described on the Maton history site.
Did you manage to get a valuation on yours?


Barry E

Maton 1967 CW80/12 - how much to ask for it?

Hi folks, I have decided to sell my trusty Maton CW 80 12-string which I've owned since the early 70s.
Serial number is 110. Based on that, Maton have told me the year of manufacture was 1967.
The action is perfect, but it is has some minor body blemishes.
The case is solid but a bit battered.

Any thoughts on what a reasonable asking price might be?


Maton Starline

I have a Maton Starline EG90 Birdseye maple in good nick wondering how much it is worth

Still have the Starline?


I've been searching for a Starline for a while. Just wondering if you still have your and would consider selling it.

Call me on 0400 840 519

I'll pay a good fair price




Hey mate do you still have the starline for sale?

please email me on or call or sms on 041 229 6413.




Hey Ross,

Value is a sliding scale based upon how original a guitar is... condition... weather it has original case and its condition too...

I think a starline in average to good condition should fetch around $1500... as the condition increases I would say a "museum grade" example could fetch $3500 or there abouts if it is truly mint with original case and original documentation from purchase...

Id love to see pics...

my email is



maton F 11

Hi i have a old Maton F 11 serial 1313 (273)
It in pretty good condition, with only a couple of very minor dents on it, any idea what it might be worth.
ANy information appreciated.

maton C25

hi still in the market for a maton C25 classical in good nick not rough, any body out there please contact me or txt me on 0417491820 regards murray


there is one at swop shop right now :)


F10 MATON 1969

Hi there,

I have a 1969 Maton nylon string guitar. Is is in really good condition and sounds great. I am wondering how much it would be worth. Can someone please give me an idea. Thanks

1969 Maton nylon

Do you still have it?
If so, how much do you want for it?

F10 MATON 1969

In regard's to F10 MATON 1969
A nylon string guitar is not a great seller,id have to say i play Guitar and am a Collector of Maton Guitar's,and that would be one model would not look
at buying,Now when you say really good condition what do you really mean by that ? Why i am asking is i see time and time again people selling Old style Maton's on-line with photo's and they will say its in same condition as what you have just said and the have put quite a big price on it and looking at photo's they will have dings in guitar marked all over and quite used..Now if your Guitar is in prestige mint condition rarely used your going to make a big packet of money,people seem to think because a guitar is old im going to make money on it...wrong dead wrong unless your guitar is in great condtion overall and the finish is in mint condition in other words like new to look at...your not going to make the high end money...but after all that is said and done, i would have to look at the guitar or you should have photo's up mate to consider a value to your guitar not knowing the condition can't value.hope that helps a little

Maton F10

Hello there!
I am a musician of piano, keyboard and wind instrument ilk, but know NOWT about String Instruments. I have a 1969 Maton F10, and wish to sell it to collectors/muso's, as I cannot play it, and would rather an instrument live (toucha my flute and I breaka your hands!) than lie idle with me. Its a maton. Owned by my ex wifes father, who was a guitar teacher. Its in good nick, tonality is great, but have not done anything to clean it up/bring it up to date. Bar minor scratches, would like to sell, at a fair price. What should I do? Many thanks in advance,

1971 Maton classical acoustic

Im looking at selling but am unsure on its value. 0499649988. Cheers

1971 Maton Classical acoustic

Hi Rachael,

Can you please provide a few more details about your guitar. Specifically which classical guitar is it (e.g. F10, C25, C30, C50) and also what sort of condition is it in. Also where is the guitar located (in Australia or abroad?).



Hi yes its a C.25, In Tasmania Australia, Nylon. Well used, scratched. Lovely tone. Cheers

Hi Rachael, Thanks for

Hi Rachael,

Thanks for confirming the model number.

I owned a C25 which I bought new about 20 years ago for $1295. And when I say new, I literally picked it up from the Maton factory (which at the time was in Bayswater). I sold it 5 years later for $900 as I desperately needed money. It was (and still is) the biggest regret of my life as there was something very special about that C25 guitar. Still can't look back.

Mine was in perfect condition (no scratches and no dings) and included the original Maton Hard case. Given that you say yours is scratched, I would think that it would be worth less than what I sold mine for. The other thing is that there are good imports these days (e.g. Katoh and La Patrie) that are excellent guitars and sell new for less than $700. Check out websites like the acoustic centre.

Perhaps you can try listing in on eBay (or similar) with a buy it now of $900 and a starting bid of $700 to see how you go? If you don't get any bites you'll know you've started too high. The one thing you have on your side is that Maton Stopped making the C25 a long time ago (can't remember when but I think it was at least 10 years ago) so yours is very much a collector's item.

Good luck.



Thanks so much Paul, I really appreciate your help. I had really under valued it! I just advertised it for $550. I will edit that immediately. Cheers again
From Rach

c25 1971 Maton Nylon acoustic

Hi Paul
I to am desperate for money as I am a struggling student and I need alot of materials for school. If anyone is interested please make me an offer, as all offers will be considered. Photos available on gumtree. My phone number is 0499649988. Cheers Again Paul

c25 1971 Maton Nylon acoustic

Hi Paul
I to am desperate for money as I am a struggling student and I need alot of materials for school. If anyone is interested please make me an offer, as all offers will be considered. Photos available on gumtree. My phone number is 0499649988. Cheers Again Paul

Maton F11 1971

I have an old Maton acoustic, 1971 Maton F11 Serial No:774 (771) Any idea what it's worth? Has a few scratches and chips.

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