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Until the late 1930's the Australian guitar manufacturing industry was virtually non existent and good quality guitars were hard to find. The best guitars, it was well understood, came from the U.S.A. Bill May, a Melbourne born jazz musician, woodwork teacher, and luthier, decided to change all that...

Maton are Australia's leading manufacturer of Acoustic and Acoustic / Electric Guitars. We pride ourselves on making the best guitars possible at a price musicians can afford! Please take some time to view our range of superbly handcrafted Guitars, Accessories and Custom Options.

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Maton Starline

Hi. I have a Maton Starline EG90 in very good condition. It plays beautifully for such an old treasure. I did see an earlier post that they were worth around $1500. Is this correct. I have researched through the Maton Archives that it was manufactured in 1962 and 44 of them were made. Is this an acurate valuation? They were quite an expensive guitar in their day and given the new model is around 8 grand I would have thought that they were worth a lot more. Thanks. Dean

Maton C50

Hello fellow aficionados.

I have a 1972 Maton C50. I have played it all over the place. The tuners were replaced 25 years ago with gold plated Grovers. There is a slight bridge repair which was done in the Kinman factory years ago. It is in really good condition but as I have played it often and in many pubs and bbqs it has "patina". Genuine patina, not put on by an angle grinder and sandpaper. Does anyone have an idea of the value? It rings like a bell.

Maton C30

Hi , still looking for a mint/excellent original condition maton C30 classical guitar call me/ txt me anytime 04174918204

Maton acoustic 100 western country serial no 805

Can anyone tell me anything about this particle guitar as it needs some work and was wondering if it's worth doing up


Hi Everyone, I have an old C30 that needs a little work. Any thoughts on value? It is probably around 1966 -67.
Cheers Rusty 0418345575

Wanted to buy - Maton Fyrbyrd/flamingo

Hi people. MAYBE someone on this page has a Flamingo or Fyrbyrd for sale? Just asking. Cheers Edge. 0409608518.

Cherry Red Maton "Performer"


I'm looking to sell my Maton guitar. It's model number is: EBG808CLG. Serial number: 1307 (07/06) Cherry Red Gloss

Hi Ruby. Can I have some

Hi Ruby. Can I have some more info about the Maton please. I am interested in buying. Either email or ring on 0409608518. Cheers! Edge

1963 Maton Alver

Hey now. I have a 1963 Maton Alver in quite good condition. I live in the U.S. and happened upon this guitar while spending a few years in Australia.
I can't seem to find any info on it. How many were made, how many exist, value, and maybe even rarity in the States? I just wanna know what I've got.
Thanks if you read or respond. Cheers.

Maton MGB4 Bass

I have a vintage Maton MGB4 bass for sale in original hard case all exceptional condition.
Make me an offer.

What year was the MG made?

What year was the MG made?

Anybody got a Maton EG 240

Anybody got a Maton EG 240 supreme for sale 0439941784

My Other Maton

I forgot to mention that I have another Maton Electric Guitar.It is black and white with Hi/Low or Hi Fi/Lo Fi on the pickup selector.I also use this guitar onstage and in the studio.I will contact you in regards to the details and serial number of this beautiful MATON ELECTRIC GUITAR.It also has a coil tap switch and is a versatile and wonderful instrument.THANKYOU AGAIN MATON GUITARS,THE WORLD'S BEST.I also intend to use my picture of my EG 240 Supreme Electric Guitar,Red,Serial number 1623 to post to VINTAGE GUITAR MAGAZINE,to which I am a subscriber.THANKYOU,Regards,MARK RYAN

maton C30 classical

hi i am still looking for a mint,/ excellent condition maton C30 classical only original condition, no train wrecks, call me murray 0417491820

Maton Messiah

Hi there

I am looking for a acoustic Maton Messiah Guitar in the Cairns area for my client. He wants to try it out before buying the guitar, could you please assist me?

ID and value of Maton 109

What is the value of a 1962 Maton acoustic model: Country Western 109?


Model: Country Western 100

I got this guitar...

Its a 12 string electric solid body maton with tremolo .I bought it in 1979 from a Tasmanian guy who said it was used in the Jesus Christ Superstar stage show. The body is a blonde colour with a black plate that the three lots of pickups is on it has three chrome with black slider switches and three pot switches... as you can see I play sax :/ It has a maton plate at the base of the neck. Any ideas anyone???? WHat is it? Is it worth anything?

Maton HG25 No. 115

My mother died recently and I have her acoustic vintage guitar with case for sale. It is a Maton HG.25 No. 115 manufactured between 1950-52. Only 53 were made. It was manufactured from solid Spruce face, solid Queensland Maple back and sides, she was sole owner. It's condition is middling, photos available. I would like to know its value and if anyone is interested, please send me an email.

Maton HG25

Hi Carol, I am genuinely interested in the Maton HG25 guitar. Please contact me on 0413 339 946 thanks Mark

Maton HG25

I also have an HG25 (not for sale). I'd expect value to be between $2-3000 depending on condition

Re Maton HG25

Hi Carol.
I am interested in buying a vintage Maton Jumbo. Please SMS me on 0427329347 if it is still for sale. Cheers. Leigh

Identify Maton Flamenco Acoustic guitar date and model

Trying to find someone that can identify a Maton Flamenco Acoustic guitar. There are no markings that I can find, i.e., Model, S/N, etc., but I do have pictures. Does anybody know where I can send the picture for possible identification?

maton c30 or c45

hi , this is murray, i am still interested in mint c45 or c30, my number is 0417491820 call me

Maton Tasman CW60

Maton Tasman CW60 , number 073 of 108, made 11/81
was this made in australia or japan
good condition, lovely to play
cheers, Greg

Maton mayfair arch top acoustic

Hi my name is Bazz. I have a Maton Mayfair Royale s/n A 155 blonde arch top from 1951 that maybe for sale to the wright collector?
This guitar is in fair condition and its case in less fair condition. Maton has advised the it is one of only 175 made in 1951. This hand carved
big arch top guitar is awesome but not, suitable for my small collection and it's not mine but, an old friends. looking for comments please..

Maton Mayfair Royale

Hello Bazz,
If you still have the Maton Mayfair for sale, please email me.


Hey mate,

I am keen on the Mayfair.

My number is 041 229 6413..

Please get in touch

or email

Maton Mayfair Royale

Hello Bazz,
Is this guitar still for sale?


hey mate,

Please email me on or sms me on 041 229 6413 or call of course... Really interested in the Mayfair...


Maton DC545

Hi, Good to see a site devoted to Tommy Emmanuel's favourite acoustic. My first Maton was an 1958 Maton Supreme. After a visit to a friend who had just spray painted his fridge 'positano yellow' and was eager to unleash his new found creative talent, the Maton was masked up and sprayed in the U.S. stars and stripes. Came out quite well but the days of the Maton's status as a mint collectible were over. My next Maton, which I bought new and still own, is a mint condition 1964 DC 545 'crab claw' double cutaway. The serial number is 231. This seems like a low number and it would be interesting to know how many were made. The guitar still has the music store's sticker on the back of the head. (Musgroves.) With the exception of a missing Maton nameplate from the case, (probably ended up on the floor of some dive where we used to play,) everything is intact and completely original.

maton c.45 135

Hi I have a Maton c45 135 super condition with original leather case are you still looking

Maton C45


I am interested in getting a Maton C45 in very good to mint condition and wondered if your guitar is still available.

maton c45

hi, yes I'm still looking for a mint c45 so send me some photo,s and we can talk further, regards murray

maton c.45 135

Hi I have a Maton c45 135 super condition with original leather case are you still looking

maton c45/c30

hi, anyone out there with a mint original c30 or c45 maton classical for sale call or txt me on 0417491820, thanks regards murray

maton c45

hi , anyone out there with a mint original c45, c30 maton classical, out there call me or txt me on 0417491820, all the best murray

Maton C.25 query

Hey i just inherited a Maton acoustic guitar it is a C.25 in what i would deem near flawless quality but i would assume to a more guitar minded person they would find minor flaws but not anything really that would be to bad about it im just wondering if anyone could give me any further information on it as google isnt providing me with much its a Maton C.25 serial number is 228 (568) please email me with any info you have regarding it as i would love for it to goto someone that is going to use it as im not a music person my email address is

maton c30 or c50 classical guitar

hi , still chasing a mint c30 or c50, if you have one and are interested to sell at a fair price ,email me or call me or txt me on 0417491820, regards murray

maton f10

Hi, I have a Maton F10 (1171) could anyone tell me how much these guitars are worth? where is the best place to take the guitar and have it restored ? it has a broken string. cheers danniF

Maton C45 advice

I brought this guitar second hand from Palings in about 1967 & for most of those years the case has not been opened. I used it for lessons over a couple of years early on and then again more recently. The basic condition is good with no obvious areas of wear due to use (other than some scuffing from the plectrum). There are two small chips on the soundboard and some light scratches on the sides. The top coast is obviously aging. The hard case was made by Stammfords at Chatswood & may be older than the guitar, but is in useable, but now poor condition. It's time for me to consider my options as I will not use it again. Any advice appreciated (as to value, methods for disposal).

Maton Sapphire Deluxe

any1 interested in maton sapphire deluxe
302/6? sms 0487 047 963 tx

Maton sapphire

I assume this has been sold

62 maton fyrbyrd

Hey guys. I am after the original knobs that came with this model. Any ideas on where l could source them?

FyrByrd Knobs

I may be able to help...

email me at

I will ask around some of the collectors :)


Maton C 50 and slimline Sapphire

I have a top of the line, cedar top, ebony fretboard Maton C50 classical guitar (1976) in excellent condition in original case.
Also a Maton Sapphire 3 pickup 303/6 (268) in very good to excellent for age condition. Great neck and frets...some fingerboard wear at the 'camp-fire' chords end. The original machine heads were upgraded to top quality models when the guitar was young. The guitar had a minor finish flaw near the bottom f-hole which was remedied by the Maton factory under warranty by fitting a custom-made, possibly unique, scratch-plate over the volume and tone controls.
The original owner had a friend who had a Sapphire with a fixed tail-piece, which he thought had better sustain, so he had professionally fitted a fixed tail piece. Later, he had it converted back to original, with the result that the 2 gold-finished tailpiece studs are visible under the original M trapeze tail-piece. The sun-burned finish has some age-related, visible up close, crazing on the front. The guitar is without the original case.
I'd greatly appreciate it if any knowledgeable person could give me some idea of the worth of each guitar. I can post pics if desired.

Mat on sapphire 3 pick up sunburst

Hi roo I'm trying to track down a particular 3 pick up sunburst maton sapphire deluxe, the one I'm tracking down went missing in Sydney in the late 80's/early 90's. Any chance you got this one around that time?

old maton

i have old maton cant find anything about it all i got to go on is a label inside body of the old thing the label says B20 and what could b a 9 but looks more like a scroll also says made by maton victoria australia if anyone has any ideas please let me know thanks allH

maton c45

I have a C45 which I bought from the Maton outlet at North Melbourne sometime in 1970. I was so smart that I saved $25 by not buying a case. Hmm.
This poor old instrument has withstood fourty three years of hard living but never have I felt the urge to sell or throw it onto the nearest tip. The finish is worn; it now shows its hard life, but, the neck is straight, the action is as good as the day it was bought, the intonation is perfect, the frets are still in top condition.
The tone is superb.
OK, there is a small split (about one inch long) on the sounding board. A piffling complaint.
After recently spending $140 on sprucing this instrument up (as much as possible) and buying a ninety dollar case, I feel a compelling urge to tell somebody who may understand the implications inherent in owning such a good and faithful friend: I will not sell it.
However, I am curious as to whether someone can indicate a reasonable value.
I've also accumulated a Maton EA80C - beautiful - four Fender guitars and four good amps.
Enough! Is there anyone around out there who just wants to talk (or crow) about their good fortune in having accumulated a good stable of instruments? I'll answer any correspondence from anyone who's not an obvious nut.

Maton Kid Capitol $$$?

Hey All,

I have this old Maton Kid Capitol fair condition, I've had it sitting around for about 5 years and a mate of mine owned it before, anyone know possibly what it would be worth?



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