Re: Charles Orr, Minneapolis guitar maker

Posted by Rikiey (via moderator) on Thu, 04/28/05 - 17:15:45.

: I used to stop in Chuck's shop (first in Bloomington, then on Grand Ave. in Minneapolis) and loved his work. I almost bought a doubleneck of his (bass/guitar), but was young and couldn't come up with the cash. I would also like to know what he is up to, and if he is still making beautiful guitars.

: : This guy made guitars for Prince,(he used to jam in Orr's back room) Dave "Snaker" Ray and a whole host of other luminaries of the music world. Now he seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth.
: : Anybody know anything of his whereabouts, or have any pics of a Charles Orr axe? I did a documentary film about him in the eighties, and want to do an update. Thanks for listening.....JeffH

Just thought I would post an official RIP for Charles D. Orr. He passed away April 9th, 2005. He will be sorley missed. Rikiey Roc

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Chuck Orr Telecster

Today I became the proud owner of a Chuck Orr Telecaster...I do wonder if Prince ever owned it. I've been told Chuck did not make a lot of telecasters.

Chuck Orr guitar

As of today I am the proud owner of a Chuck Orr Telecaster. I worked on 2 Prince tours in the 80's and had wanted one ever since. Today was My day!!!! I am soooo happy.
(It is my understanding that he did not make a lot of Telecasters. Mine has a Strat neck, bridge and pickups. I do wonder if Prince ever owned it!?!?)

Charles Orr guitar

I would really like to buy a guitar made by Charlie Orr, as I am married to one of his daughter's it would mean alot to her and me to find one for sale. Thanks Scott 701-290-9387 anytime.

Re: Charles Orr, Minneapolis guitar maker

Hi folks,
In 1985 I shot about an hour's worth of video footage at Chuck's shop. I interviewed him, filmed him as a built a brand new instrument and got a couple of musicians to play his fine pieces as the camera rolled. The quality was what you'd expect in 1985 but the wonders of modern technology have made a difference today.
Now that I can claim to be a real filmmaker with 25 years experience and a very fine High Definition camera, I'd like to revisit some of Chuck's old friends and clients.
I'd like to get back up to Minneapolis and film some more and combine the old footage with the new.
Chuck is too important a part of the Twin Cities music scene to be ignored and allowed to fade away into obscurity.
If there is anything you'd like to contribute please feel free to call me.

Jeffery Haas
Deep Freeze Video

Chuck Orr

My brother, Jerome Werner worked for Chuck at the Blooming store and maybe the Mpls store. He is a Luthier and shop owner in Fargo (no spring-chicken anymore). The tv station did a story on him a while back. His store is the Music Emporium.
I live in LeSueur and am retired. I work with elementary kids as a reading tutor. WCCO did a story on me and my liver transplant a while back, so, you can look me up and see who I am. I had two students who were named Haas, any relations to you?

Jerry has an Orr guitar you may want to talk to him about. He has great stories about Chuck and Marty and the crew.

Give me a call-507-665-6155. I do work with artist of music who donate their time to kindergarten kids that may interest you. Be nice to document some of the artist/people who give their time and talent so kindergarten kids hear local artist once and awhile.

Hope to hear from you.

Mark Aune

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