Westbrook guitar

Posted by Hayley on Thu, 01/09/03 - 19:18:39.

I have a westbrook guitar and i'm wondering the same about everyone else. How much it might be worth? So if anyone even knows anything just let me know
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i love my little guitar..

No idea what its worth, that is how i wound up here.
However, i must tell of my little beater guitar. its a westbrook 6 string acoustic. model m80 or h80 i can hardly read the label inside. I bought it from some neighbor who needed beer money for like $10 in 1989. It has since become one of my favorites. i have plenty of other guitars, but this one plays good.. is like a 3/4 size, i feel good about throwing it in the car and going to a picnic not worried about dings or anything. it sounds pretty good, plays good. all three of my sons grew up playing on this guitar. its seen a lot of life and i like it.

i too hoped to find out that it was some secret Stradivarius, i'm kinda glad it isnt, i still have my beater guitar to bang on out on my front porch.

westbrooke guitars man

THESE SITES ARE SO LAME......A GUITAR IS WORTH WHAT YOU CAN GET FOR IT! Now my westbrook is from the early 1950's and was made in AMERICA and it has REAL IVORY with nickle.....I know it's worth more than $55! The company was started here in San Francisco which is why most of the ones you see for sale are from SF and, until the 1960's these were made by real craftsmen.......of course they're made of plywood. I think every old acoustic is! Guitar people are so stupid, they really piss me off. I would guess I could pull $200+ out of mine but who knows...on ebay, I have seen them sell for $75-$100 and right now there's one that nobody wants on there for $20. The answer is, as always, it is worth what you can sell it for and that includes desperation. Sometimes a $10,000 guitar is worth $5 to a crackhead who stole 20 of them and just needs a hit. Sometimes a $10 guitar is worth $500 to a sucker that can't tell it has been made to look as if it were a $500 guitar buy a more sophisticated meth head!

Westbrook guitar value

I received the Westbrook slotted headstock guitar for graduating from the eighth grade. It came new from a Pawn shop in the cardboard box, equipped with steel strings. Not a flat top country or folk design but I don't think anyone knew that. A small book of chords and country traditional songs included. It was great to learn on, was probably Japanese in 1968 but may have been one of the Stella models. Action not great but playable I practiced constantly and after 4 years the top peeled away from the body. My folks probably paid $12.95 for it and that was alot at the time. Value now in 2016 if still intact? You be the judge...

ivar guitars

I have a wanna be les paul with a beautiful inlay fret board by ivar does anyone have any history on this?

Re: Westbrook guitar

: I have a westbrook guitar and i'm wondering the same about everyone else. How much it might be worth? So if anyone even knows anything just let me know

I think they're worth about

I think they're worth about $40 max. now.

Re: Westbrook guitar

i bought one in the mid 90's. bought it in a pawn shop for about $60. it has 4 pickups that have almost no output and a bunch of switches a knobs. the neck is really thick. i know nothing else about them.

Re: Westbrook guitar

Now, here's where it gets tricky. There are several versions of Westbrook guitars. The domesticaly made ones were made in the same factory that did a lot of the Oscar and Schmidt family of guitars, Stella, Washburn and that family. Apparantly some time during the fifties Oscar and Schmid started farming both the Stella and Westbrook guitars out to the far East, primarily Japan. Now, they aren't bad guitars, they are actually a lot of fun if you string them with silk and steel strings and if you play slide on them (they have a pretty "rustic" sound). If you want a hint on what they sound like check out some of the Leadbelly or Son House recordings. Son House used a lot of "open tunings" and got a pretty ratty tone out of his guitar, heck, it's plywood so it's not going sound really sweet like a nice Martin small body O, OO, or OM from the same era but they do have their own charm.
Now, some one has posted a blurb about a Korean made version, I don't know anything about them. I have a feeling that some one bought the name like some of the really funky "Ivar Johnson" guitars that were produced.

: I have a westbrook guitar and i'm wondering the same about everyone else. How much it might be worth? So if anyone even knows anything just let me know
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Re: Westbrook Guitar

My dad has a Westbrook as well (he doesn't know when he got it...), and it currently only has 3 strings due to overuse. When I was 10, I got an elastic string from a price tag and fashioned another string. We're just tuning it like a ukelele. Peace and love and hope!

Re: Westbrook guitar

Value - Not much - The real deal is if you have a brand that is pretty much unheard of you essentially have nothing and you are stuck with it.

I see one on CL today (the jazz man) for $55.
Try a Franciscan or Kremona (or Cremona), as I have two...they are very reasonable and terrific!

Maybe you can work out a deal with jazzman if you
are in the Sac area. His # 916 928-1397

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