series 10 electric guitar

Posted by Ronnie on Mon, 10/20/03 - 20:22:14.

I just recently aquired a SERIES 10 electric guitar. I went to guitar center to get a price quote on how much it was worth, AND IT WASN'T EVEN IN THE BLUE BOOK!!! It supposively "doesn't exist", but i know it does cuz i have one, and there are other ppl on the net that have them. If anyone knows ANYTHING about this guitar plz e-mail me.

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series 10

I recently aquired a black series 10 and with the exception of my pink, 80's era, custom others play as well!!! not reading ANY complaints! must be junk, right!

Series 10 acoustic/electric

As stated above, I have a series 10 acoustic/electric guitar. I had a repair shop and this guitar was left with me when the estimate to repair was too high. 20 years later, my daughter wants to learn to play. The preamp does not work and I cant find any info on this unit. I have retired and sold most all of my test equipment. Any ideas where I can find parts or schematics?

Series 10 Professional

Hey all, just discovered this thread... I am looking to buy two different series 10 professional models, if anyone is willing to sell. The first looks like a clone of a musicman silhouette - just saw one on ebay that sold for 160, but I didn't have time to throw in a bid before it ended. The second one that I'm after is one like the orange one in the pictures above. If you have one or both that you'd be willing to part with, please let me know!

I have the orange series 10

I have the orange series 10 electric guitar, did you ever find one?

series 10 bass

i have a series 10 bass guitar idk anything about it let me know if interested

Just aquired a Series 10 Professional

Hi I just aquired a Red and white Series 10 Professional bass guitar. I have no idea what it's worth or anything. All I know is it has an Etowah Music Co decal and Series 10 PROFESSIONAL with a 6 digit serial number on a metal plate on the back. It's in pretty good condition. Does anyone know anything?

series 10 325 rickenbacker copy

Hi, just acquired a black series 10 copy of a rickenbacker 325. are these worth anything? or junk. thanks!

Here are some Series 10 Guitar pictures

series 10 superstrat

series 10 superstrat sunburst

2 series 10 strats

series 10 in case

series 10

I acquired I pinkish colored

I acquired I pinkish colored changes with the lighting series 10 guitar about the year 2009 in high school for 10 bucks. its the only guitar I have kept over the years. a lot of music stores refer to them as junk guitars but in my eyes its priceless. the Floyd rose on it goes out of tune real easy so I don't use it but it plays damn good compared to a lot of other guitars I have had. I was told series 10 used to be there own company back in the 80's which is kind of awesome that I own a piece of the 80's music era because it is my favorite era of music.

Lefty Bass Woop! Woop!

So, like about 20 years ago, I paid around a GAZILLION dollars for this Series 10 bass guttar, & I wish I paid a BRILLION more, 'cuz, it's like, the WORLD'S BESTEST GUTTAR IN THE WORLD! Only, I hates it, 'cuz it's junk & it ain't worth no dime!
Seriously, who cares what anyone says? If you like your instrument, that's all that matters. And to be honest, I don't actually play my bass enough to really know how "good" or "bad" it is, especially since it's my only bass, so I have nothing to compare it to. But, over all, I'm quite pleased with it - it's got all I need, good tone, good balance, and feels about right to me.
What DOES kind of surprise me is the case - I've paid several hundred for other "better" instruments, but this little Korean cheapie is the only guitar I've ever seen that came with a LEFT-HANDED CASE! Now, I'm sure you're wondering what I'm talking about, but just go look at your own case, and imagine the hinges & handle on opposite sides - I know, it's a minor thing, but I was impressed that someone actually thought to build a case appropriate to a lefty guitar, and it does, in fact, make it simpler to just grab my axe & get rockin', so, well done, Series 10! ( Or, should I say;"!01 seireS ,enoD lleW" )

selling series10 electric guitar 2-17-2015

I have a series 10 professional with # on the back of the body it is black with turquoise crackle 22 frets , neck pickup , center pickup , double bridge pickup , three pickup switches , volume knob , tone , knob , bridge has licensed under Floid Rose patents very nice guitar still has original strings and soft golden gate case . Make me an offer I can't refuse

if you still have your series 10 for sale

i am very interested in your series 10 guitar hope you still have it been looking for 1 for a long time how do i contact you

Series 10

Hello Mr. Rick,

Don't know if you still have your Series 10 (just saw this post randomly today, 16 Apr) but if you do, and have a few pics you could forward, then I might just have one of those "un-refusable" offers for you :)

Thank you.

~ Roy

Series 10 for sale

Hey Roy, I have a series 10 identical to the first one pictured if you are interested in it, she's for sale.

Series10 Pro

Im actually looking to sell mine, if you're still interested in one.

Has one very small knick and one small scratch. Both on the back. One knick at the very tip of the headstock.

Serial 894101

Let me know where to send some pictures and id be happy to speed em over.

series 10 electric guitar for sale

two hum,one single. great 24 fret neck. looks like musicman. i play acoustic,so don't need electric. if interested e-mail,or call 720-308-4126 thanks

More Series 10

I am now the proud owner of 2 more Series 10 guitars, both electric. One is a Strat copy and the other is a Les Paul copy. Beautiful sound and stay in tune just like my a/e. By the way my a/e is red. The finish is deep lacquer with a very high gloss. Don't know if it was buffed with goose feathers but it's sweet looking.

My series 10 guitar is a BEAST!!

I bought my series 10 guitar about 19 years ago and still have it today. I picked it up for $130.00 forit. When I seen it i thought theres no way Im buying a pink guitar but then I picked it up and played it and it was one of the best feeling guitars I have ever played. It has the famous Jackson shark tooth inlays , 1 single coil neck pick up ,1 single center pick up , and a dual humbucker for the bridge. there are 3 , three way switches for each pick up , a floyd rose style floater tremlo , 24 jumbo fret , rose wood fret board , and a short scale. This thing freekin' jams!! I play more heavy stuff than anything and even tuned down to c# it stays in tune no matter how much i beat on it and believe me I do. I have played live with it and its crisp and loud with great tone and sustain that lasts forever. i also play many other styles of music and it works great for it all. If anyone has any info on these guitars please let me know cause I would for sure buy another one if it performed like the one I have now. People laugh at it cause its pink but after its plugged in and busting out ear drums and scaring old ladies they all want to know where to find one.

Bently series 10 les paul

Hi there i have a bently series 10 les paul in pretty near mint condition it also has a custom hard shell
case i would consider selling

Series 10 Rick knockoff

I have owned a Series 10 knockoff of a black Rickenbacker 325. Except for the tailpiece, it is a perfect reproduction. It stays in tune - period. The short-scale neck fits perfect into my hands. I own higher quality name-brand stuff and this one is every bit as good and very fun to play


I have the stratacoustic prototype series10 a/e. Great guitar but all us owners have to be quiet so we can keep buying them. Greatest sound ever, mine stays in tune forever unless there is a drastic temperature swing.

i have a series 10 professional sunbust color ivory inlaid neck

just wonderin what a giutar like it is worth it plays beautifully and is all orginal.

I have series 10 bass guitar Frankenstein

I want to know what it is worth , and old it is

Series 10 a/e

I have a series10 a/e that is built like the stratacoustic. Same body, same cutouts, same construction, 10 - 15 yrs older. The headstock looks decidedly Jackson. Great guitar with beautiful sound. Wish I could upload photos.

i just got a series 10

i just got a series 10 guitar, and it look like a les paul.It has no string and the wires need to be soldered. so i dont know how it sound.does it have a nice sound, and do u think its worth geeting fixed

I just bought one at a pawn

I just bought one at a pawn shop that is a series 10 and almost identical to the let les paul. I paid $100 for it and it is the best guitar I have ever played. I like playing it better than my strat and would love to buy another one but I cant find one.

How much?

How much?

bently series 10 les paul

have one for sale excellent condition with custom har shell case

Series 10 Guitar

I have a Series 10 with a Strat style body . Black body with white pick guard. I would be willing to sell it

Bentley Guitar

My first guitar was a Bentley "Fender Mexican" knockoff that another guitarist passed on to me to learn on. I played on it for about 3 years stock. The action on the neck was great. I eventually got another guitar to play in E, and started to customize the Bentley for C tuning. I wired in EMG single-coil pickups, swapped to grover tuners, filed the nut to accept Power Slinky's, and repainted it. This was one dirty-ass crunching guitar. Passed it on to a friend who wanted to learn to play about 5 years later when I quit playing.

I now own a B.C. Rich Warbeast, and I love it. I still dream about the guitar that got away though.

Series 10

I'm sorry to dissapoint everyone here that likes their guitars , but series 10 guitars were the "first act" or "jay turser"'of their day. There are a few nicer made models ,but for the most part they just look cool.
Most were made in china , Korea, indonesia . You can't keep track , because most of them had stickers on the neckplate for the serial #'s & got peeled off.
Most have plywood bodies, cheap pickups, & not very stable necks.
If you set it up right, you can have almost any guitar play like butter, but it won't handle the abuse.
Take care of it if it has meaning to you. I still have an old harmony my dad bought me when I was 10.
I set it up for my 7 year old & it plays great. Cheap guitar I would not record with, but great to learn on.

I'd like to preface this

I'd like to preface this with my definition of a good guitar.
1 stable neck
2 stays in tune
3 bridge needs little or no adjusting once set up.
4 no noise in the electronics.

With that said you disappoint no one, Sir. I Got my first guitar in the early 80's it was a hondoII formula 1 Rhodes offset V. Since then I've Owned Gibsons, they all suck necks break or warp constantly. Fenders are still built like they were in the 50's pieces of crap, given how much you have to shell out for them. I own a pawn shop, and I can tell you there is almost no guitar I haven't played. The REAL first act of the 80's was a Dixon. In fact Dixon or silvertone would still be sub par to a first act. In my humble opinion series 10 by Bently were damned good guitars, so were Aria Pro, Hondo, JB PLayer and early 70'd model Yamaha. I have giged with these, I have recorded with these and in every way other than the name they are either on par or superior to any name brand. But then again I only owned Japanese models. I can say however the only fender Strat...or tely for that matter that I ever cared for were both Japanese. In reality a guitar is a tool does it really matter what brand a hammer is if it gets the job done and feels comfortable in your hand? I am somewhat Biased, I think every guitar should play like a mid 80's Charvel! Over the years I have kept, sold, played on gigged with and recorded with a number of guitars. but here is what I have today and the prices I paid for them you be the judge as far as price to worth ratio...
hondo II formula I V........................$350
Aria Pro Les Paul copy (plays way better than the Gibson 58 I owned)
1985 Series 10 professional LP style....................$65
1986 Westone.............................$75
Aria Pro II stray cat.....................$85
PRS ...........................................$2100
Kramer 83 Original Baretta...........$350

With the exception of the Kramer the rest all play very much alike. in this line up which would I part with? the PRS. I am now 47 years old and started playing when I was 14. And while i'm no expert, I have played on literally thousands of guitars name brand and pure crap and everything in between and think that my experiences should count for something. There are many myths about guitars but the one that sticks in my craw is if it's not a fender, gretsch, gibson etc it's crap.... I can tell you if you want a pretty guitar go get one and put it on the wall... if you want a real instrument and you make enough money to get one to have one custom made at someplace like Ed Roman... if you like to play and want to be in a band, get a series 10 or an aria pro. there is no reason to break the bank because of a name. A quitar is ONE tool in a band. Go play as many kinds as you can make up your own mind about how it feels and sounds and plays to you and ignore the name brand hype. You are the only person's opinion that matters.

Not that it should matter but here is my rig
Martial series 9001 tube preamp,alesis quadraverb, ART SGX 200 tube reamp and effects into a mosvalve 50/50 amp Rocktron hush, Furman power conditioner and 2 Peavey valveking 4x12 cabs. (pedals... rocktron banshee talk box, morely george lynch dragon wah, Proco Turbo rat distortion pedal, peavey DSC-4 dual clock chorus, TC electronics flanger)

The amp in your rig : )

Please tell us where to buy this Martial series 9001 tube pre-amp that you use !!

He goes on and on telling us how much he knows and how much experience he has,
as he most certainly wants everyone to think he s some kind of expert !!

I find it impossible to believe anyone that plays or is around gear can think it is spelled Martial !!!!!!
Wow, thanks tho, i haven't laughed so hard in some time ! ( on another aside, i have not heard of, nor can
i find any reference or info / spec's or any pic's whatsoever of a Mosvalve 50/50 amp. I do know of a Tube Works
Mosvalve 500, and i think there s a Mesa 50/50 as well as a Peavey ? 50/50 but neither has mosvalve )

Anyway, one can find a post like this just about daily, always someone going on about owning and or having
played 100s of expensive guitars, and the one guitar he now plays always is his $150 _________ insert name of
low budget / cheap guitar here. It is just tiresome because its so stupid. Above Mr Martial evens claims is 1958 Gibson
was no match for the mass produced, budget built, plywood bodied Series 10 made in China or Indonesia or Korea
in the early to mid 80s Guitar !!! I'm sorry but this is just utter nonsense in every respect ! ( Guitars being built today
in the import country's have come a long way, and you can pick up fantastic playing guitars in the budget price range )

And please, anyone that owns and loves the Series 10 Guitars. My post is nothing to do with the guitars, ( i have never
seen / held or played one so obviously have no idea what they are like ) and their quality, or if they are good, lousy etc.
If you have one and like it, super. I am just pointing out how stupid the above post i am commenting on comes across.
Typically these type of posts above are made by some guy that goes out garage sale hunting every week and bought
one of these guitars for $50 or whatever ( as many posts here have siad likewise ) and now he is planning to sell it or has
a couple to sell and is planting some "news" to get some interest building, and then hope to sell his whatevers for
much more. Or they own a store / shop / pawn like the above Mr. Martial, and what to charge more for something
that has been taking up space.

Re: series 10 electric guitar

: I am an owner of 7 Bently/Series 10 electric guitars, one Bently Acoustic/Electric guitar and two Bently Series 10 bass guitars. I also own a gretch, gibson L6-S, and an Ibanez Geo bass guitar. Among them are four LP copies, one Telecaster, and three strat copies. They are all nice guitars I used on stage. Made by St. Louis Music company from the 1980s up until 1998 when they issued them as Austin guitars. Some are with S-10 pickups (SLM pickups). I paid from $31 to $102. Worth the investment but, the professional models were the top of the line.


Where was the pre-Koreans made

series 10 pro

I was wondering if you could help me with the value of my series 10 professional it has a plywood body ,maple neck ,rosewood fret board , 1 dual humbucker 2 single coil pickups ,and floyd rose floater tremalo serial#882634

series 10 pro

I was wondering if you could help me with the value of my series 10 professional it has a plywood body ,maple neck ,rosewood fret board , 1 y5n9mdual humbucker 2 single coil pickups ,and floyd rose floater tremalo serial#882634

Re: series 10 electric guitar

My Series 10 was my first guitar, its all black and it's my favorite one. I can't find anything on the Internet about them, no one really has any. They're really rare and I'm proud to own one, it may be worth a lot.

Re: series 10 electric guitar

hello, my name is robby, and i also to own 6 series 10 electric guitars, and in the process of buying another one from a friend, ive been playing for 25 years now and the first one i bought in a pawn shop burried in dontown nowhere, i.e, colorado springs colorado, for 80.00 bucks has been the best guitar ever, when ever i let someone hold, play, ect it, usualy not verry long, lol, they immediatly want to buy it.they usualy ask me ..what kind of guitar is this? my reply is... its a series 10 but its name is cadillac, ...but why do you call it that?....becouse it plays like driveing a cadillac. the best out there, its a strat style, cream colored, pittbull in front of his dog house, grafic, put on by the bridge, two custome pickups, 1 tele style at the neck, and 1 seymore, dubble, single, rail at the bridge.stock at the center.i have played sevral 3000.00 plus guitars in my time, in several bands on the road,but i would never ever, buy any thing else, than a series 10. they just do not hold up, or play, or feel like a series 10, that has had a little money and time put in to it.

Bently series 10 les paul

i have a bently series 10 black les paul very nice player
with custom hard shell case

Re: series 10 electric guitar

I bought a pawn shop series 10 almost 20 years ago. I am currently researchng it myself because i got curious about who made it. Anyone have any clues yet?

series 10 guitars

it was an off shoot company of Kramer guitars and esp.

Re: series 10 electric guitar

: I just recently aquired a SERIES 10 electric guitar. I went to guitar center to get a price quote on how much it was worth, AND IT WASN'T EVEN IN THE BLUE BOOK!!! It supposively "doesn't exist", but i know it does cuz i have one, and there are other ppl on the net that have them. If anyone knows ANYTHING about this guitar plz e-mail me.

i have a series 10 they told me its made by alvrez my dad paid 400.00

Re: series 10 electric guitar

we have a series 10 electric guitar in fair condition plays great. 500.00. black in color. call 870-563-3600. osceola ar.

Series 10 Guitar

Did you ever get 500.00 for your series 10 black guitar?

Re: series 10 electric guitar

I have one with a floyd rose set up looking for the lock nut so I can play it it sounds great.

Re: series 10 electric guitar

i need a top nut for my series 10 its white and i got it for 40$ did I do Good?



Re: series 10 electric guitar

A couple of years ago I bought this strange red guitar at a yard sale in my neighborhood for the astounding price of $3! I didnt know how to play guitar, but I took it home and started messing around. 4 years later I have 4 other guitars including a Gretsch and a Gibson Les Paul. However this weird little red start-style guitar still gets its fair share of playing. For some reason I really like how the guitar feels. I am currently in the process of putting some money in it to fix it up. I think it will be really nice!

I asked a teacher of mine about the brand and he told me that they are a japanese guitar company that was really big in the 80's. This is just what he told me but I guess he could be wrong. They arent very common any more and nobody really seems to know about them. So glad to hear from somebody else who has one!

Re: series 10 electric guitar

: I just recently aquired a SERIES 10 electric guitar. I went to guitar center to get a price quote on how much it was worth, AND IT WASN'T EVEN IN THE BLUE BOOK!!! It supposively "doesn't exist", but i know it does cuz i have one, and there are other ppl on the net that have them. If anyone knows ANYTHING about this guitar plz e-mail me.

well... my oldest brother's first guitar was a red series 10. after he started cleaning out his old room he dug it out... i asked if i could have it and he said yea but its a piece of crap... i was like ok, maybe someday i'll fix it up... well now i have a physics/electronics project and i'm modding out this guitar. i couldn't tell you what body style it is...and ya'll are right... its almost like the guitars never existed, but they are sittin right in front of you...

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