Kahler APM 3310 non-trem bridge

Posted by Dannyjoe Carter on Tue, 08/14/01 - 07:13:35.
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Does anyone know a site I can access that will have info on the Kahler bridges?

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Re: Kahler APM 3310 non-trem bridge

Not that i know of man.....I've been looking for the past couple years myself, i have a B.C. Rich Warlock equiped with a Kahler bridge, i need a part for my bridge but i can't find the part or any info on it. However, if I do eventually find some info, i would gladly let you know.

Re: Kahler APM 3310 non-trem bridge

Hi all.

Im having trouble with the kahler on my jackson KE1. It seems like kahler has packed up and are now making golf clubs, and the parts aren`t being produced anymore. The store I went to told me the best idea was to buy a whole trem unit off the net and cannibalise the parts as needed. However, the apm 3310, stock on jackson`s KV1 and KE1, is very hard to find.

Is the apm 3310 (non trem) the same as the kahler pro (unit with trem bar) in all respects except for the bar, or are the specs totally different? if the dimensions and parts are the same, then apm 3310 users, get hold of a kahler pro unit for spare parts.

Thanks in advance for all info.

Kahler parts for misc models.

Contact Wammi world. That IS Kahler's parts dept. This guy will know. I have got old Spyder, Killer and other Kahler stuff. I even decked a LP Custom out in Kahler all gold everything. Mind you it may cost some money, but he should have the best info on Kahler stuff. Kahler brass works made bridges for Jackson, Charvelle etc before there was anything with Kahler's name on it. Thankfully Kahler has kept quality high and production in the USA. Floyd sues anyone who makes anything that remotely resembles a Floyd Rose based on "dress rights" which do not expire. That is the most chicken shit thing I ever heard. A floyd Rose with dress rights? Yeah the Fender headstock shape, or Vox grille cloth, but a bunch of bolts and screws on a plate? I have more items that have Floyd licenses on them that work almost nothing like a Floyd Rose that an appeal would probably overturn what ever kangaroo court made that decision. Anyway Wammy or Wammi World what ever it is can give you some ideas. Otherwise troll Ebay and pray.

My string block's broken!!

SOmeone please tell me what to do 'cause my string block of the B string'broken.

Re: Kahler APM 3310 non-trem bridge

No, but would like to know myself. I've got a Mustaine sig series KV1 and Jackson will not give me any leads on it. They only tell me they don't offer it anymore. I wonder if they tell Mustaine the same thing? heh

Re: Kahler APM 3310 non-trem bridge

Damn same problem with the KV1!

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