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Makers of professional stage equipment, flight cases, guitar/bass
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Galaxy FT-1 finger protector for sale

A friend just give me a galaxy FT-1 finger protector. but I don't need it. It's for sale cheaper than real cost. just send me a message to then we have a deal ok

Galaxy finger protector

Is the galaxy finger protector 5/8ths?

Galaxy FT-1 Finger Protector

Well after smashing my hand trying to install a transmission on a car, it tore the tip of my finger right off.
That was over a year ago. I tried to play my bass for months using the finger, no go. To much pain.
My doctor said it healed but the sensitivity will not go away if you are applying pressure through steel bass strings. Now What?
I went to a large guitar store and purchased those rubber things and even putting two on the finger it would not work for me.
I did an internet search and found The Galaxy FT-1 Finger Prosthetic for injured finger tips.
After contacting them, they said I would be able to use it on bass as well as many do.
It totally has helped me, I have a few spares in-case I step on the original. If you are playing guitar with an amputated finger,
I recommend checking into the Galaxy FT-1.

Galaxi FT-1 finger protector

A friend just give me a galaxy FT-1 finger protector. but I don't need it. It's for sale cheaper than real cost. just send me a message to then we have a deal ok

Purchased the Galaxy Trans Starr Guitar

A short note to say I bought a Galaxy Trans Starr Guitar for Christmas, my year end gift.
Totally awesome Iommi type guitar. I can get a Ritchie Blackmore strat sound or a George Lynch heavy humbucker sound from it.
Mine is in Trans Cherry with a really nice flamed maple top. I paid $1,700 as well. I like it.

Just ordered their new Galaxy Black Starr custom shop model

I found them at I heard very good stuff about their service. I have a finger injury for years. I ordered their Galaxy FT-1 finger protector, it helped me a lot. So I was happy. Just placed an order for their Galaxy Black Starr. I tried to order an Iommi custom shop SG from Gibson, they said they no longer make that model.
I then tried to order from two guitar companies in England, both wanted about $3,500. With airfreight & customs charges it would of been over $5000. Now Galaxy came out with their Black Starr Custom Shop model, I love it. It looks more aggressive, with bigger cutaways, I like finished fretboards, Thats what Tony Iommi has as well, they are the only company that makes them in the style I wanted. Total was $1,700 with a hardshell case, shipping is extra. So the wait was in my favor.
FYI Their main site is
I will post my experience once I receive my Galaxy Custom guitar.

Galaxy Guitar Products Custom shop Trans Starr Guitar

I to wanted to buy an Iommi Gibson SG on ebay or a JD or John Birch Tony Iommi SG Guitar but way to expensive for me. I ordered The Galaxy Guitar Trans Starr. This guitar is awesome! It is like they took a Fender Stratocaster & Gibson SG combined both guitar strengths to build the Trans Starr.
Two things I like about the Galaxy Trans Starr is the gloss ebony fretboard. Tony Iommi's 1965 Gibson SG was customized with a gloss fretboard & when he played a Black John Birch SG it to had a gloss fretboard. Personally I think the Galaxy Trans Starr sounds a lot like Iommi's John Birch.
2nd benefit I like, I never played on a Kahler X-Trem Tremolo which the Galaxy Trans Starr has, I love it. Smoother then my other tremolos, the guitar stays in tune with out a locking nut. The Galaxy Trans Starr was half of what European guitar makers are asking without air freight & U.S Customs charges in America. Plus even if I had the money I was not going to wait over a year to receive my guitar. I googled " Tony Iommi SG guitars" I saw the above post, saw Galaxy introduced their new Trans Starr for about $1700 which included a really nice Galaxy hard shell case. You can tell the shape of the guitar is different from Gibson, slimmer body contour with an over sized cutaway. It is a heavy guitar. Ordering on line was a snap for me. I had it in 3 weeks.
Mine is Trans Blue color, I wanted the guitar in a different color. I see they also make the FT-1 Finger Protector for guitarists. Anyway If you do not have $3,500 you can get the Trans Starr, I like mine. Just my two cents.

Purchased a New York Pro Guitar & Marshall amp

My bass player in my band turned me onto Galaxy Guitar Products.
I order a New York Pro Strat guitar, then saved enough to by a Marshall amp.
They responded to my questions & I am satisfied with their customer support & my equipment, Plus they have been around for 16 years.

Galaxy Guitars

I have a Galaxy Guitar Starfire model. It has lasted almost a year with almost no damage. Every once in a while, though, the spring in the back pops out and I have to open the guitar and re-hook the spring into place.


This group discussion is dedicated to Pure Ambient Space Landscape Music.
To give Ambient Artist exposure due them and their music.
And to promote these talented artist and their Recording Label's.
And to keep the fan's in touch with the favorite artist e.g. (latest recordings, labels, concerts etc.). And allow there fans to speak out and discuss their ( artist ) music tracks and styles.


Rhea Cary Owner

Hope to hear from you. and please pass on the word to others who might be interested.

Guitar Rack System

Awesome pro gear thanks galaxy. Check out SHOCKWAVES new CD Heavy Impact......


THE CORRECT URL IS or I purchased a new jacksonsl4 from them. they had it 3 months before any one else.

Galaxy guitar .com

Awesome site thanks for the tip. We have ordered some of their gear.

Galaxy guitar accessories

Awesome site thanks for the tip. We have ordered some of their gear.

Re: Galaxy guitar accessories


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