Cortez Guitars

Posted by John Holliday on Fri, 03/04/05 - 17:42:05.

I dug out my old Cortez Guitar the other day and found it in almost perfect shape after nearly thirty years in a guitar case. It's a six string acoustical and I was told, when I bought it at a music store, that it was a copy of the Gibson Hummingbird. It has a red body, no knicks or scratches and a lot of mother of pearl in-lay.
How would I go about finding out how much it might be worth?

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Cortez ser number 300

Hi I have a Cortez serial number 300, does anyone know what one this is and what it's worth many thanks Paul


Hi I acquired a Cortez C410 acoustic guitar yesterday at a thrift store for $30. It played beautifully with deep rich sound. We have two other makes of guitars but this one surpasses the others by far in sound. Can you please tell me the approximate value of it? And if this guitar model is a respected one by professional musicians.. thank you

Help id-ing Cortez classic guitar

I've searched all over google trying to I'd this guitar for resale but have had not luck. It's a classic Cortez with no serial or model number. It has flame maple back. If you can help in any way I'd really appreciate it. On the inside it simply say Cortez professional classic guitar distributed by k and k musical instruments. New York New york. this is also a vintage guitar for sure. Thank u neil

Cortez guitar

Hey there I found a Cortez 6 string acoustic with c234 as serial # on inside anyone know anything about this? I can’t find anything online matching serial #

1970 Cortez J 200

Hi all if this thread is dead I'm about to find out.
I have a 1970 Cortez J 200 Big body acoustic just picked up. Looks , feels like a Gibson. Very early copy of Gibson J 200 way before they went large production.
Made in Japan not Korea.
I ground bridge bone for better action , put on new set of strings and it has great sound.
Flame maple flitch match back maple sides & sitka spruce top.
Kind of a Aztec Frog for a headstock inlay with great Pearloid inlays down the neck as well as on the bridge inlayed with kind of a gold 'fleur de lis' below the pegs.
Any interest out there in this ?


if you still have the cortez jumbo get back to me.. thanks!

My Cortez model J 6000 -12

How I tell how old it is? It’s never been played except to change strings, frets are in mint condition. My friends parents had a music shop and we dug it out of an old closet. They closed the shop in the early 80s

My Cortez J 6000

I recently bought a Cortez J 6000 at a Pawn Shop in Fort Collins Colorado . Its a little beat up with dings and scratches on the wood but still played very well after buying new strings . The Pawn Shop employee was asking just under 400.00 for it and evenutally sold it to me for $215.00 after I wheeled and dealed with him . I heard somewhere that it was a copy of the Martin D-45 but didnt tell that to the employee because it might of hindered my bargaining task . And I tell you what when i play this thing it really does have an excellent sound and look which i deem to be very close to the Martin . So I thought what the heck because paying less for a Cortez over a Martin is fine with me if I can still get very very close to the great sounding instrument .
Anyway , if anyone can tell me anymore information on this gem I would appreciate it . From what I am told , there is a shortage of information and whatever info there is on the guitar may eventually get eternally lost .

Cortez J6000

I purchased my Cortez J 6000 in 1977 in Cleveland, Ohio for $250. I remember wanting a Guild but the store wanted $600 for it. My Cortez has been with me ever since. I always knew it was a Martin copy but I never heard about lawsuits until I started researching recently. The guitar sounds amazing. Guitarists always notice the amount of “mother of pearl” and the 2 tone on the back. I lowered the bridge to give me lower action and I have added a bridge pickup. Notice that it does have the X bracing. I think it has rosewood back and sides, but it may also be mahogany. The neck has the same stain, so I am guessing it is the same. I might have it checked out. I have gone to guitar stores many times over the years; I have tried all of the acoustic guitars. I typically like the Martin D-28’s and Gibson J-45’s. But I still like my Cortez. Maybe, since I have had this one guitar for for 40 years, It’s just what an acoustic guitar is supposed to sound like. John, I hope you enjoy your Cortney,ez as much as I have.

Cortez 12 string

I have a Cortez 12-string model number C412 in very nice condition and was wondering if anybody would possibly know the approximate value or any information year .we're built etc.

Cortez Guitar Model G Acoustic 6 string

It's in pretty good shape. Very rarely needs tuning. I've had it over 30 years.
Some small scratches (very few.) Pick groove from playing. On the veneer, on the Head Stock, there is an area straight across the three areas between the bottom and center Tuning Pegs. The veneer is cracked, and raised. Head Stock itself, seems fine.
The sound is, and has always been, great.
Any idea on what it might be worth?

Cortez C212

I have a Cortez C212 for sale. In perfect shape as it has not been used but over 20 years old. Has a case also.


I have a stamped no.. c212 not sure how there could be 2 with the same no. On 2 different people?

Cortez F-0056

I have a Cortez F-0056 dove guitar and I was wondering what the value of it would be. It is a beautiful guitar and has a sound out of this world. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Where is the model number or serial number located>? My husband has an older model cortez with a dove on it. Bought at pawn shop many years ago. Know nothing about it. but when he plays at open mikes he is always ask about it. Looks like a Gibson Dove. Sounds great

Cortez J200 (Lawsuit Gibson J200)

This is a great tread on the Cortez Brand guitars. Back in 1973, I was going to buy an Ovation deep bowl acoustic, for about $280, which was a lot of cash back then, well I put it on layaway, and would go into the store and put $20 a week on it, and was down to the final $60 bucks, when I ran across a brand new guitar on the rack... I picked it up, it was a Cortez J-200, it looked just like a Gibson J-200, exactly from the markings on the neck to the cool looking vines and circles on the pick guard, the only difference I could find was it said Cortez instead of Gibson, and the price was $360, a not $2800. It was blond, all Maple, a beautiful looking guitar......well after playing it in the store and driving the owner crazy, he ask me if I was gonnna buy it or play it to death....I took the money that I had put down on the Ovation, and switched it over to the Cortez. The sound was full and loud, and everywhere I took that guitar, it got compliments....I would put my Capo over the headstock to hide the Cortez name, and everyone would say, "Wow that is a beautiful Gibson J-200, how much did you pay for it", I'd let them play it and they would just love it. I still have this guitar today, I put in a Fishman pickup, and had it refretted, and new tuner put on it.....and it sounds better then the day I bought it. I loved it so much that two years ago, I saw the exact model on EBAY and bought that one for $375, it is actually a few months older then the one I bought in 1973, and as it aged the Maple has yellowed a bit, but it gives it some character, and it also sounds great! I would love to know how much I could get for these guitars, so if anyone has a site that list guitars and prices, please let me know, OK????

12 string Cortez

I just pulled out my 12 string Cortez with original strings (needs new) and it looks to be in perfect condition. I bought it in 1980 for $200.00 USD. Tuning pegs are perfect with designs. The model is J-6000-12 serial number 80652. I took it in around 1993 to a guitar center in ohio and they never heard of it so I took it home and it has been in basement closet 50% humidity since then. I am thinking of getting new strings and picking it up again. It is a beautiful guitar!

Cortez Model J-6000-12

Hey... I was looking up info on a guitar I own and found you. I have number 80649. It is a beautiful guitar, but really know nothing about it except what I have learned on here. Made in Japan, and might be a copy of a Gibson.

Do you still own yours? Did you ever find out more about it?



cortez acoustic model # cf-120

made in japan.....only have partial serial # due to age..... plays and sounds great....research on the web is proving to be futile and frustrating, any help/information would be greatly appreciated.... thanks

cortez j6600

I came across a cortez j6600.
I took it to guitar center to get some info.
They acted like they had never heard of it.
All I was told that the top look gibsonish.
Any help on this forum would be great.

Cortez Gull series

Does anyone know if Cortez made a resonator guitar? Bought it about 20 years ago at a pawn shop.

cortez resonator guitar

Yes. I have one that I purchased about 1973-4. Had it until 5 years ago when I gave it to a friend, Just got it back yesterday. Still perfect after about 45 years. New strings tonight.

Cortez Guitar

I have recently came across a Cortez 12 String in flawless condition. Even on the neck it has Cortez. Its Model number is 970-12. I have not seen anything on this particular model at all. Cortez is the only name other that than the fact is was made in Japan. Does anyone know anything else about this? I have looked everyone for info on it.

Cortez Hummingbird 12-string

Hi. I have a Cortez 12-string also, cherry sunburst with hummingbird pickguard. Where is your model no. I can't find a model no. on mine. Did you find anything out about it/ The only think I found is in the article about Jack Westheimer on Vintage Guitars. Thanks. John

Cortez Western

Hi there,
that's right they are way under priced and if you got on keep them it's worth. I bought one like the one what Mitch describes on E-bay in Germany for around 300$ and the seller wrote that Cortez actually was working for Martin in the 60s and opened up his own business. I found out that this was not true actually they where made in Japan and have been a copy of the Martin acoustics. Read
Mine sound great and I would be stupid to sell it under a 1000$. I have been playing a lot of acoustics and none of them sound so clear and full than this one. You can easy compare it with a Martin.
I will keep it

I have a cortez with the

I have a cortez with the model number C210 anyone know anything?

12 String Cortez from 1970's

I have this old 12 string Cortez guitar that I purchased new in 1976. I can't believe how good this guitar sounds yet today. I have no idea how much it is worth today, probably not a lot (I didn't pay much for it - think guitar and case ran $139). What I don't understand is why they are not worth more money - the sound is unbelievable - nice tone/ring to it. I still have the same strings on it as well. I

12 string

do you want to sell it, if so, how much?
thanks, ted

Cortez Guitar

I have a Cortez Guitar Model # 4202.....anyone know its value....ty

cortez guitar

I bought a Les Paul copy Cortez at the flea market for $40 and I fixed a tone knob and put new strings for like $20 and it plays great! A bud of mine has a real Les Paul and says he cannot tell the difference at all. You know a lot of name brands charge alot just for the name. I'm keeping this guitar! I played a concert with it and I plan to play some more and I want people to say, "Hey ,what's that guitar brand? It's not a Les Paul but it sounds just as good!" ROCK ON MY MUSICAL COMRADES!

Cortez Acoustic Guitar

Hey guys,
I have come across a Cortez Guitar that I dug out from the attic.
And was wondering how much it would go for now.

"Made in Japan for C.A COTZ JR"
Model Num: 500c
serial Num 1914

I have looked everywhere for a price list and yet nothing, i was wondering if any of you could help?

cortez guitar

I found a vintage guitar catalog and it had the cortez les paul copy electric made in japan at about 350 bucks.

Cortez J-6000 maybe

I think I have a J-6000 but there there is no sticker inside of it to identify it or the model and serial number. Everything looks the same to all pictures I have found online to the J-6000 with only two differences, the head stock and the way the fretboard looks. The headstocks online show the manufacturer name going vertical were mine is horizontal and I have dots on my fretboard instead of the squares, everything else is exactly the same, woods inlays, etc. The only thing I can think of is maybe it is a newer version? I know they made that version in 1969-70 and were called "Lawsuit Guitars". I thought Cortez closed up shop after that and they became Cort. However I noticed someone said they made guitars up until 1986.

i bought my j6000 in 1985

i bought my j6000 in 1985 and have it today! its a great sounding guitar,hold onto it. it will hold its own against the best on the market.

Cortez Flying V

i have a Cortez Flying V. serial number 017911. says made in japan. bolt-on neck. it is a dark cherry wood. original electronics. new tunings keys. a little dinged up but still sounds really good! how much could this be worth?

They are still made today

They changed the name to Cort. There is a website that shows all the current versions.

Cortez Gull series bass guitar

I have a Cortez Gull electric bass that has been a great instrument for me for many, many years. I purchased it from a wholesale distributor when I used to sell instruments in my retail store. I'll have to do some investigating to see how old it is. Would be interested to know how much it is worth. May have to sell even though I would rather not.

Cortez Gull bass

Hi, I was searching around google and came across your old post. DO you still have the bass and are willing to sell it? I had one but it's been long gone. Just thought I'd ask, thanks for your time. Mike (Illinois)

Cortez Gull Bass

Hi, Mike
Yes, I do still have the bass. And I believe I have the original case - would have to do some checking. I've had mixed emotions about selling it, but would not rule it out completely. If I do have the case, what would be a fair price in your opinion?

Hi, I emailed you

Hi, I emailed you directly....BTW, If there's no case, that's OK with me

Cortez Gull bass

Sorry, but I haven't received the email yet.

Maybe it doesn't work as a

Maybe it doesn't work as a reply thru this site, E me your email address, Mine is

Cortez LP

I recently bought a Cortez Les Paul copy from a "lefty" who claimed it was playable but not for him. When I got it I found out he was a Lefty because the frets were re-crowned to 1/32" and the bridge saddles were so messed up it was impossible to play past 7th or 8th fret. So I took it apart, re-fretted and fixed the saddles, soldered the neck pickup tone wire that was unsoldered and out of curiosity flipped the pickups just to check - a pair of "Patent applied for" humbuckers! The guitar feels and plays great and I can finally put my 1969 Gibson Les Paul Gold top Deluxe to my investment vault. The only think I'm not sure of is at least approximate year of manufacturing since they are two different styles of Cortez inlay on the headstock and I believe mine is older than those with the "t" being totally different. I'll post the pic of the headstock after I find which computer I saved it in

F. Cortez Classical - M-0623

Beautiful, hand made classical guitar. Made in SPAIN, exported to France. Superb sound, superb (ebony) neck. Purfling top and back. Four rows around the sound hole. I wouldn't sell this one for under $2500.00. I play it acoustically, my Gibson Byrdland electrically ... both necks feel similar, both ebony.


cortez model 860 serial 51114

im selling a beautiful 1970s cortez model 860 6 string for 400.00
its in great shape for its age and has a sound like no other

cortez guitars we really need a website please help

i have been thinking about building a small site devoted to cortez guitars were we can compile as much info as we can before its lost for good there seems to be so very little info out there on cortez guitars its crazy if you have any factual information pertaining to cortez guitars please send it to me at please site were or how you came about the information also looking for pictures of your cortez please include model and serial number as well as any info you have about the guitar including were or how you obtained it i cant do this with out help from other cortez owners thanks and please re post were applicable pictures and information may be posted on the website credit will be given to sender

Re: Cortez Guitars

: I dug out my old Cortez Guitar the other day and found it in almost perfect shape after nearly thirty years in a guitar case. The model is G 120. What would it be worth in todays market.

Re: Cortez Guitars

: : I dug out my old Cortez Guitar the other day and found it in almost perfect shape after nearly thirty years in a guitar case. The model is G 120. What would it be worth in todays market.
man I have one of these and have only found one thing related specifically to this model.I think it was on craigslist for 55 $.It looked brand new where mine looks 30 years old but clean. Good luck.

Re: Cortez Guitars

I'm not sure how to find out how much it is worth unfortunately. I recently bought a classical cortez in flawless condition for a hundred dollars. It is a beautiful handcrafted guitar. The tuning machines are gold with etched details all over them. I put new nylon strings on it and I play it more than my $1000 martin. It sounds amazing and a guitar like this to me is worth every bit of 100 dollars, however i wouldn't sell it for 500 dollars. The value of a guitar varies but if you know what you are looking at and you know how to examine the different properties of a guitar than you can put your own price on it. Do a little research and talk to someone who can look at it and critique it with a professional eye. They stopped making cortez guitars in 1986 so the value of them may be increasing. Best advice I can give you without seeing it or playing it is: Don't sell it for less than 300 hundred dollars unless you're hurting for cash.

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