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Posted by Lynn Lawson on Sun, 03/18/01 - 19:39:41.

: What is the value of this guitar. It's in very good condition. I haven't been able to find info. on it on the web. Can you help?

I also own one. A sunburst 84 model. From what I've been able to find out, the instrument was priced at around $395 from 80-85, their years of
production. As for what it's worth now, I've no idea. I was told that if Ibanez ever re-issued the AE405s, they originals would be worth around
700-900 bucks, but I'm taking that with a grain of salt. The TV on the model name stands for "Traditional Violin" finish, I was told by calling up the
Ibanez folks. The top of the guitar is spruce with mahogany back and sides. The neck is made of mahogany as well. The fretboard is rosewood. The body
is multi-bound with ivory (not real ivory, of course ;-) ), and Tortoise shell. It's electronics are a simple volume and tone nob connected to a piezo pickup
under the bridge saddle. All in all, a handsome guitar. I really like mine and it plays like a dream.


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ibanez AE 405TV

IVE JUST BEEN READING COOLTOUCH ORIGINAL POST ON I.C.W im here because ive seen one on e-bay what price should i go up to on this one? im not a acoustic player but this looks like it could be ok for me with a thinner neck ....the guitar seems to generally have good posts about it but nothing spectacular also getting into kiso suzuki acoustics so not sure weather to wait and pick one of those up seeing as they have a good rep sorry im not a diehard ibanez fan and was a member once of I.C.W. MENS CLUB!!

Just thought I'd add my

Just thought I'd add my thoughts to this thread some nine years after the most recent comment. I too own an Ibanez AE 405 TV. I bought it used off of eBay in 2004. It was in fairly sorry shape. Somebody had traded out the original tuners for a set of open-face Grovers, one of which rattles, and they had also decided for some strange reason to clip the wires for the pickup and remove the output jack. It was also missing both strap lugs.

I didn't pay much for it, $170 delivered to my door. Fortunately it is actually in very nice cosmetic condition. I bought it originally, however, because I liked its shape, and I planned to use it as a template for an acoustic guitar I wanted to build, which I did. So, ever since completing my guitar, this Ibanez has sat in its case.

Recently, I've been getting the urge to play some jazz arrangements, but I don't have a jazz-style guitar and I can't really afford to go out and buy one right now. Then it dawned on me that I had that Ibanez, quietly languishing away in its case. So I pulled it out and rewired the pickup, installed an output jack, slapped on a set of Ernie Ball electric lights (all I had lying around at the time) and crossed my fingers and plugged it in. Yay, it worked! In fact, it actually sounded pretty damn good! I was impressed. You know the sound that Larry Carlton got out of his acoustic on his hit "Smiles and Smiles to Go"? Well, that's the way my AE405TV sounded strung with those electric lights! Even though it's somewhat of a "thinline" body style, it has good projection and decent volume unamplified. With the cutaway, access to the upper frets is a breeze. And with the lighter gauge strings, it really plays wonderfully.

I was seriously thinking about selling this guitar, but now -- no effin' way. Even if I were able to get what it sold for new, it wouldn't be worth selling to me.

Re: ibanez ae405tv

Did you folks eer find out the value?


Re: ibanez ae405tv

I've also got one, also a sunburst. Bought it brand new about 1984 (give or take a year) and I paid £209 (UK pounds - which I suppose is pretty comparable to the dollar price you've quoted - which makes a change as we usually pay more over here). I guess to replace it now with something similar would cost around the £450 mark. Still looks great and sounds pretty good after nearly 17 years of regular weekly use and abuse. Through an acoustic amp it's got a great sound. Normal PA is OK and anything else is dire. Having said that did a proper recording studio session with it and the sound was fantastic. I'm actually in the market for another acoustic now but I'm finding it hard to get anything that's a lot better for anything less than about £800 (unless it's a pure acoustic) so it's still giving the new boys a run for their money.

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