1921 H.C. Silvestre Violin

Posted by Lisa on Mon, 09/01/03 - 20:55:02.
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I have a violin made my H.C. Silvestre. It was made in 1921 and it was the 300th and last violin made before he died. That's all I know about it. Does anyone know how much it's worth?

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Re: 1921 H.C. Silvestre Violin

I have played a 1905 Silvestre et Mocoutel for more than 30 years. Last appraisal was for just under $30K. It is serial number 616. I play professionally. It's a really good violin. It was made in the Paris shop and besides the maker label, it also has the woodburn "HC Silvestre".

Re: 1921 H.C. Silvestre Violin


Thank you for responding. I agree with you that it's a great violin. Since I no longer play, I was looking into selling and was curious to see what it was worth and maybe get some more information about it. Again, thanks for your post! I really appreciate it

Re: 1921 H.C. Silvestre Violin

Hello! Thank you for responding. I agree that it is a good violin. However, since I no longer play I wanted to get an estimate of what it might be worth to sell. Anyways, thank so much for your post. I really appreciate it. =)

Re: 1921 H.C. Silvestre Violin

Hi Lisa,
I also have an H.C. Silvestre violin. I have learned he is the nephew of a great master violin maker. He too in his time became quite well known. My violin is a bit older than yours and was his 49th (if they are really his). I have tracked a chat discussion that indicates that there may be some fraudulent violins out there. I hope neither of ours is. If they are the real thing the prices are in the tens of thousands of dollars. It would be worth it to have a good luthier check this out for you. Here is a website which lists a Silvestre and its sale price. www.violins.com.za The price on this website similar to other prices I have found from other dealers and websites. Good luck. Let me know if you learn anything else too. But if you love to play…hold on to it.

Re: 1921 H.C. Silvestre Violin

I own an H C Silvestre guitar and can't find any info on them at all? Anyone know where I can look?
It is in great shape and looks to be some kind of maple back and sides. I understand it to be from the late 1800's but the lable says nothing after 18__ for the date. I was also told it was one of the first steel stringed guitars from the turn of the century. It is a 12 fret slot head. It has a true dove tail neck to peg head joint and the neck heel at the body is also made of 4 pieces of wood laminated.
Any info appreciated
Steve Kaufman

Re:H.C. Silvestre Violin


I have a H C Sylvestre violin, the label inside says Lyon 1872.
This instrument belonged to my Mother-in Law who was a music teacher and also played in a band years ago.

Re:H.C. Silvestre Violin

I am guessing this fiddle is no longer for sale, as its been along time. But, if for some reason it is available please email me at pattik@nctv.com. Thank you so much.

Patti Kelly

: Hi,

: I have a H C Sylvestre violin, the label inside says Lyon 1872.
: This instrument belonged to my Mother-in Law who was a music teacher and also played in a band years ago.

Re: 1921 H.C. Silvestre Violin

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your response. I actually forgot about this posting and just remembered only a few months ago. I'm surprised that I received a response from you after year. I appreciate the information you have provided. I was looking to sell my violin as I no longer play (I quit 6 years ago). It's a excellent violin and I'm hoping to find a new owner who can make more use out of it. Anyways, thanks again for the post. Take care =)

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