Re: Ventura v-35 coustic guitars

Posted by David on Wed, 10/27/04 - 04:15:13.

I have not seen any indications of a more deluxe model. According to the Ventura catalog the V-35 seems to be their top of the line guitar. I have never heard any mention of a V-40, maybe it is an earlier model.

: i have owned a few ventur guitars over the years!, some real nice v-696's, and a v-20, v25, and have 2-v-35 acoustic's now, my question is , i have seen a v-40 but not as deluxe inlay work as my v-35 guitars, due they have a more custon inlay ventura acoustic , and what would the model number be?, v-45? etc?, please email, and thank you!, Don

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How much are the v-35's

How much are the v-35's worth?

Ventura Guitar

I have a Ventura Guitar that was sold to me by Freddie Heart's brother, his name is Bud Curley and he lives here in Talladega Alabama, Bud & Freddie had the same mother but different father. But anyway Bud sold me this guitar when I was pastoring the Cherry Street Church of God here in Talladega, inside in the guitar it has this: VENTURA SS# 30383, model # V-35, also has written in it, designed in USA, built in Japan. Bud said this was one of Freddie Heart's first guitar, and also told me that he has a picture of him playing this guitar but couldn't find it. So if you have any information on this guitar or what's worth please let me know and thank you for your help,
Rev Charley Bolt


I have had this V-35 since 1979 when I bought it new. It has a three piece back, Rosewood neck and Mother of pearl inlays. It is the most beautiful sounding guitar that I have ever played. All of my "pro" friends have offered to buy it. I say no. The intonation and tone are fabulous. Some of the paneling is peeling now. I just superglue it back. This was the top of the line Ventura back in "79" and I have loved it since. This one goes in the coffin with me.

Ventura v-35

I traded heavily for a nice condition Ventura V-35 acoustic with Brazilian Rosewood sides and back and a solid Spruce top. I liked the wood, the look and the sound. A set up, Tortoise pickguard and Elixer strings really improved it. I would really like to know the actual value of my new vintage guitar.

Re: Ventura v-35 coustic guitars

anyone could tell me if there is a site on the internet about the ventura guitars? (not a forum)i would be so glad...

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