Alvarez DY57S

Posted by steve miller on Sun, 09/08/02 - 10:07:23.
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I have a Alvarez 1977 Model DY57S 6 string Acoustic guitar in perfect condition. I also have the original hard shell case. How much is it worth?

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Yairi DY-57

I always wondered whatever happened to my guitar, now I know. Wayne was a THIEF of the first order. That old Yairi laid around my house since 1983-4 when my now ex-wife smashed the top to pieces with a hammer. I took it to Wayne in 1994 {I think I still have the receipt for it laying around here somewhere} to have him re-top it. His shop was over off of North Keystone back then. I never rushed Wayne because he told me it would take a year or so to fix it. After a while, he moved to 38th & College. I would check in with him from time to time, and he would always have a different story on the progress of my guitar top. His shop was always cluttered beyond help, how he ever found anything I don't know. By 1998 {yes, by this time he had had my guitar almost FOUR YEARS!} I was relocating out of state to Florida and wanted my guitar back REGARDLESS if it had been fixed or not. By this time he had moved again, he was off of east Michigan street. He sure moved allot, and I now know why. He would not answer his phone or come to the door when I went by. The SOB STOLE MY GUITAR. And he was suppose to be a Boy Scoutmaster! I knew he was in bad health {failing heart}, so I knew my chances were pretty slim on ever getting my guitar back. My buddy BJ of BJ's Guitar Island on the southside had an old Gretsch archtop that needed repair, and he took it to Wayne. WAYNE SOLD ME HIS GUITAR!! By the time I found out it was BJ's guitar, I had already flipped it. I did give him $100 that I paid for it though. So you have my old guitar. Lots of memories of that guitar, some happy, some sad. I bought it off of a co-worker at the time {1983} for $100.00 Wayne lied, there is nothing special about the woods on that guitar. Thieves are almost always liars too. I don't blame you in anyway because you were not aware of any of this. But just know, you have yourself a stolen guitar there, as Wayne had no right to sell you some else's property. Obviously he did this several times: Selling the guitars people would bring him for repairs. Wayne wasn't your friend, he just hadn't got around to cheating you yet. His kind have no friends. I think he knew he was going to be passing soon, and just decided to fuck all of his so-called "friends" he had known for years, and cash out on them.


i was told by my good friend wayne kamp..who made guitars..piano's...guns..incredible wood worker and craftsman..that the wood this guitar was made of is now endangered species and that it woud cost 12,000.00 on the black market to get wayne smoked a hooter...and i helped...could be bull...but i believe the wood was Jacarda rosewood..just throwing something out there bro's...mine sounds like heaven i love it.

Alvarez 6 string 1977 dy57s

Just wondering how much it might be worth, I don't plan on selling out got out from a family member just curious thank you

Re: Alvarez DY57S

I have a 1978 Alvarez DY57S that was completed three weeks before I joined the Air Force. I bought it in 1986 from a guy who took over the stock of a store that had gone out of business in Del City Oklahoma. I paid $225 for the guitar then. I believe that was a great price. Over the years, I have beat my guitar up pretty good, but it still plays and looks like a champ. How much is it worth? Priceless.

Re: Alvarez DY57S

It's probably worth more like $600-$800 retail. Scott's estimate would be accurate for wholesale.

Re: Alvarez DY57S

Based upon what I've seen, my best guess is something in the neighborhood of $375-$400

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