Re: Hoyer Guitars

Posted by HANS HØYE on Tue, 03/26/02 - 12:05:08.

:Can you help me? I have a older hoyer gitar,somebody says that its copy.but I do not think so.on the top of the neck it has a number:50603.On the backside of the neck 26661.It have 2 humbuckers,2 switches:rhytm/treble and tone/selector.
On the case it stands on a small metal mark Hoyer erlangen,and "HOYER" on the humbucker.The man in germany I mailed to said it was a copy from about 1975.Pleace help me!

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Hoyer 5 string banjo

I have a vintage Hoyer 5 string banjo circa 1970's looking for a valuation or approximate value

Hoyer 5-string banjo

My dad has a Hoyer 5-string he acquired from an old lady. We're curious as to the age and value. It's quite unique in that you can adjust the action of fretboard and strings with a knob on the inside. Can't really find much info on Hoyer banjos on the internet.

Hoyer five string banjo

I have a Hoyer five string too, and the strange thing about it is that the wood housing that attaches to the neck is fitted on the back of the tone ring, instead of around the sides of it. I've had it for about forty years or so, and agree with you that there is little to be found out about these banjo's.

Re: Hoyer Guitars

I have the same guitar. 50603 on the lid for the truss rod and 263xx (something) on the back of the headstock. 2 Humbuckers, 1 switch where the 4 pots are and another in the Les Paul position (above neck). I bought it used and in pieces though, so I can't tell who it was made by. But the owner of a music shop in Germany claims to have recognized the guitar (I brought it to his shop, to ask) and told me Hoyer's whole life story (which is also very interesting... jail time, etc.).
I'd love to see a pic of the original setup of the guitar, since I had none of the original hardware except for the machine heads when I first bought the guitar. So, everything on mine is aftermarket. It's my favorite guitar of all times... I just got it back today after having it sit in Germany (where I used to live and bought the guitar) for 6 years... YEAH!!!! :)

hoyer guitar herr im frack

Hi my son has a hoyer guitar age 1950 , called gentlemen in black made in germany
great condition comes in original hard case

He wants to sell it but doesn,t know what the value is ? can anyone advise have got photos

kind Regards.


Re: Hoyer Guitars

Oh, I just remembered something - in case anybody ends up reading this and wants to research their 50603....: The guy I bought mine from told me back then that he bought it new around the end-seventies or early eighties at Musik Brown in Augsburg, Germany. That's where I lived back then. Musik Braun doesn't exist anymore from what I know, but it was an "old fashioned family music store" kind of thing, nothing cool. The cool kids wouldn't go there (... I only went once, I swear!!). But because Musik Braun wasn't cool, and didn't know what kind of those "new electric guitars" those kids wanted nowadays, they didn't stock up on Fender, Gibson, Washburn and whatnot, but stocked odd brands that weren't associated with anything cool. They just didn't know any better. Thinking back, I would probably have thought that it is an odd looking guitar and having it could either be embarassing or "odd-cool". I wouldn't have taken that chance ;) Today, it's my favorite guitar. I'm glad some nerds shopped at that store back then ;)

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