nighthawk replacement pickups

Posted by paul on Sun, 04/01/01 - 20:23:47.
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i have a 1999 epiphone nighthawk that is a real nice guitar that i recently had a professional setup put on it.really enjoy playing it except for one little problem....the humbucker is VERY week.that leads to another problem.....the humbucker is a slanted pickup.gibson has stopped making there version of a replacement.they had made two of them one being the super and the other being a custom.if anyone has any imformation where i can find either of those or a replacement pickup that really screems,please respond. i am looking for something comparible to a screemin demon made by s.duncan,or either of the two gibson pickups.thanx

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Epi Night Hawk Replacement Pups

Seymour Duncan is making 2 versions of the Night Hawk slant bridge pup. One is a J.B. model (very hot) and the 59er version, milder P.A.F sound. A company called Benson is winding single coil pups to order for the center pup position. Take your pick of mini-humbuckers out there. I believe that if you replace the pots and switch it is a good idea. Any of those "OBL/////" labeled pups are no good. Good Luck. One more thing. it make a big difference to install a $40 set of Callaham 2 1/16th vintage bridge saddles.

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