Re: Alamo Ambassy Model 2563 Amplifier Schematics

Posted by Martin W. on Thu, 11/06/03 - 07:40:48.

: I need the schematics for an Alamo Embassy Model 2563 Amplifier.
: Thanks
: Darrell

I just acquired an Alamo Model 3 circa 1949 with the birch ply and 'A' grille. It matches the description excerpted below as equipped with (probably original & still OK) Tung-Sol tubes. It is simple enough a good guitar should have no trouble doing common repairs. I will probably trace out a schematic in due time. Email if you still need the schemo and I will try to forward one when available.

No schematic, but found a history of Alamo @

An excerpt covering seven Alamo amp models;
"A good snapshot of the maturing Alamo line (and reflection of the old offerings) can be gleaned from an undated catalog from about 1960. It combines the old “birch A” amp cabinets with newer styling, and features Alamo’s first solidbody Spanish electric guitar.
With an occasional exception, Alamo guitars and amps were all built in San Antonio, Texas. Pickups, as would always be the case, were also made by Alamo.
By this time, the Alamo amplifier line had expanded to include seven basic models, all but one of which existed prior to this catalog. Most were offered in a choice of coverings, either in the old birch cabinet with the A cutout on the grill, or in a new, more modern “grey lite” leatherette, offset with two vertical lines of dark grey beading on either side of the grille, and a dark grey plastic grillcloth. The handles were long, rounded, chrome-plated steel. Prices were identical for either the birch A option or the leatherette.
Still in the Alamo line were the Embassy, Challenger and Jet amplifiers of yore. It’s not known whether they underwent any upgrades. The Embassy featured three tubes (6SL7GT, 6V6GT, and 5Y3GT), a 10" Alamo speaker and 6 watts of output power. The No. 2563 came in leatherette, whereas the No. 2463 came in birch, both for $82.50.
The Challenger amp also had three tubes (6SL7GT, 6V6GT and 5Y3GT) with two inputs, volume control, 8" Alamo speaker and 5 watts of output power. The No. 2562, in leatherette, and No. 2462, in birch, each cost $62.50.
The No. 2561 Jet also had three tubes (including one 6SL7GT), two inputs, volume control, 6" Alamo speaker, 4 watts output power, in leatherette only, for $59.50.
Above these three was the Montclair, which had five tubes (12AX7, 6SLGT, two 6V6GTs and 5Y3GT) with four inputs, tone control, 12" Jensen speaker and 15 watts of output power. The No. 2565, in leatherette, and No. 2465, in birch, cost $124.50.
Top of the line were two Paragon amplifiers. The Paragon had seven tubes (unidentified), four inputs, two volume controls, a pushbutton tone control (bass boost), 15" Jensen Concert Series speaker and 25 watts output. The No. 2567, in leatherette, and No. 2467, in birch, cost $234.50.
The Paragon Special was a bass amp version with a 15" Jensen bass speaker. The No. 2569, in leatherette, and No. 2469, in birch, cost $259.50.
New in about 1960 was the Capri amp, No. 2560. This had three tubes, two inputs, volume control, 6" Alamo speaker and 3 watts output. It was covered in brown leatherette, with no beading, and cost $46.50.
Five Alamo Hawaiian lap steels were available circa 1960. Most had been introduced in the early ’50s. Top of the line was the No. 2499 Futuramic Dual Eight, with two rectangular necks (the outside one slightly elevated), a black and silver fingerboard with block ALAMO letters as position markers, upward facing 4-and-4 tuners, and a script Alamo logo on the front. Each neck had a single Alamo Alnico V pickup mounted under a chrome handrest. Between the necks was a rectangular (chrome) control plate with one volume and one tone control. Next to it was a 2-way toggle select. Cost was $199.50 for the guitar, plus another $50 for hard case and $39 for legs."

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