Checkmate guitar model # 265

Posted by Jay and Ash on Fri, 05/20/05 - 17:08:27.
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Hey picked up this guitar at a garage sale for $5. Cherry finish. Checkmate logo in red over a blue crown (metal)on headstock. Made in japan sticker on back. Does anyone know anything about this guitar?

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want to sell it

Wondering if you want to sell the g265. I am trying to restore my Dad's for his birthday and need one.



Checkmate 245

Recently while at a garage sale I purchased a Checkmate G-245 Guitar sold in the early 70's. You maybe be wondering why I would purchase a POS like this. As a Luthier I figured the mahogany neck was worth something. After taking the top off I found the skeleton to be broken free from the plywood top and back. Nothing on with guitar could ever be reused except the neck but the neck was worth the dollar I spent.

Checkmate acoustic model 7 G245

I found my checkmate when cleaning out my grandparents home after my grandfathers passing.i just got a new bridge and some binding work done.Took the guy 3 months to fix! The wait was well worth it!!! I had played it prior to getting a new bridge, but the old bridge was just too dry & cracked. My dad remembers it being pawned to my grandfather in the early 50' s. the guy even carved his social security number in the back of the head. Mine did not come with or ever had a pickguard, the exact same looking ones I've seen have pick guards. Haven't been able to find a picture of 1 without a pick guard. Also I'm only able to read one number on the brace under the neck is the number 10. Serial number is 7 G245. Has the what I believe to be Koa sides & back."mother of pearl" inlays. All in all it is an awesome acoustic and this is coming from a 25 year playing bass player. So I hope my opinion is valid. I paid 166$ for the repairs. And wouldn't value my Checkmate at no less than 400$-500$'s. They are highly saught after guitars, at least in Utah. So if anyone sees one for cheap I would grab it! Again this is just my opinion! Everyone take care!

Re: Checkmate guitar model G6160

any information on this would be helpful/

Re: Checkmate guitar model G6160

i to have this guitar and would like to know what its worth email me with any info you have thanks

Re: Checkmate guitar model # 265

yeah, that guitar is from k-mart
its crap

Re: Checkmate guitar model # 265

: yeah, that guitar is from k-mart
: its crap

thats pretty **** ed up of u!

Re: Checkmate guitar model # 265

No way. Checkmates rool! LOL
Actually I love em. There's certain sounds you just can't get with quality instruments. If you crank one through a Monkey Wards amp into a good PA, you can sound like Link Wray or Hound Dog Taylor. Mean nasty sounds!

: yeah, that guitar is from k-mart
: its crap

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