Early 1970's Epiphone FT-570-BL - Value?

Posted by Paul Deutsch on Thu, 12/04/03 - 15:27:16.

Mint condition - big sound. Trying to deterine it's value.

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1974 Epiphone FT-570BL for Sale - Japan Made

I am the original owner and bought this guitar in 1974. It's had very little use over the years and is in good condition. The only defect is a small ding on the spruce top near the pick guard. Also have a case in great condition that came with the guitar. If anyone is interested, e-mail me and I can send pictures and we can talk. It's been a good instrument but after 44 years of ownership, it's time to move on since I recently bought a Breedlove which I like much better.

Epiphone ft570sb for sale

VG condition. Still has serial number. No case. Asking $425 727-348-1982

sheraton ft-570 bl

bought it new in 1973 from Dean Markley, he had a little music store back then. Had it set up by a luthier friend, new tuners and nut. Plays great and has a good sound due to size, shape and age now. I think you got a pay $1200 and up to get something better, and it may need work to play well too.

FT-570BL/SB Sheraton Frontier

I went to GC to the high end acoustic rm and wanted to see which I like best between Gibson, Martin, and Taylor. I like all 3 but I think the Taylors are more suited to my style. They're very bright. Anyway, I went to the normal lower end guitars and I saw a big Epi guitar hanging on the wall for $375.00. Man, it played every bit as well as the Gibson's AND the Taylors! I loved it! I had to have it! It's the Iced Tea Sunburst FT-570BL/SB Sheraton Frontier and I've had it for about 7 years now and it's in Mint condition. It stays in tune and I really like it! I wouldn't sell it for much less than the price for a decent used G or T. I saw one sell online about 3 or 4 years ago for $905.00 and I've seen the Blonde ones go for around $200 and up. I wish they had more prominence than they do but regardless....It's a hell of a good guitar!


I have a Epiphone FT 570 BL
It says it was made in Japan and it also has Sheraton written in the area for No.
It's also a blonde.
I bought it at a garage sell.
The owner didn't know where it came from.
It had been in the box for years she said.
It has the most beautiful sound of any guitar I've ever owned including one medium quality Martin and Taylor.
I'm curious as to the value of it as well.
It has quite a few extra bells and whistles.
Such as mother of pearl inlays on the frets and other stuff.
Would you or anyone on here know anything.


Epiphone FT-570-BL

I got my FT-570-BL on ebay for $205. It is the best guitar I've ever owned. I wouldn't trade it for a Martin or a Gibson.

Re: Early 1970's Epiphone FT-570-BL - Value?

These guitars in their day were a fair guitar, I recently saw one here in OKC and it sold for 225.00 and it was in very good condition for the year it was made. The Guitar Center was the music company who sold it. I hope this helps, sorry that I couldn't tell you it was a really high dollar guitar but Epiphone hasn't made any of them since the very early 60's and even then you had to know which one to buy. By the way Gibson does not make Epiphone, Samick is the manufacturer of Epiphone and that's another reason Epi's don't have a resale value.

Re: Early 1970's Epiphone FT-570-BL - Value?

Just picked one up on Ebay for $255. Beautiful gitbox, like a EJ200. The blue "EPIPHONE, Kalamazoo,Mich. label on mine doesn't say "made in Japan" OR "Union made" like most blue labels..wondering where it was made?

Re ; anyone have a 70's FT350 they want to sell

I am looking to find the guitar from my youth . It was purchased in canada in the mid seventies and I believe it was a FT 350 . If you have one you want to sell and it is in good conditon give me a call 310 720 1638 Check out PLEK at www.Frettek.com

Re ; anyone have a 70's FT350 they want to sell

: Just picked one up on Ebay for $255. Beautiful gitbox, like a EJ200. The blue "EPIPHONE, Kalamazoo,Mich. label on mine doesn't say "made in Japan" OR "Union made" like most blue labels..wondering where it was made?
: regards

Re: Early 1970's Epiphone FT-570-BL - Value?

The Epiphone 70's american made around $2.000 USD
The Epiphone 70's japan made around $ 900.00 USD but only SB model(looks like gibson J100 or J200)

epiphone ft 570

If the words sheridan apear inside the guitar, does that increase the value. It is blond. mj

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