Re: Yamaha G 130 A l969?

Posted by H Gaskins on Thu, 03/11/04 - 05:14:57.

I recently bought a Yamaha G-130A classical guitar. Mine has rosewood back and sides not zebra wood.

: : I have this guitar, I believe. The back and sides
: : are some striped kind of wood, African looking. The fretboard is sandalwood I believe. The top may be cedar but I don't know. Don't quote me on any of those. The woods do appear to be unique for YAMAHA. The model number on my guitar is just G-130A. There is no 69 prefix. There is some stupid unreadable serial like 3202 on the top right of the label. This page might give you some insight on the age and history of your fine sounding instrument.
: : Good Luck
: : Please respond with any new discoveries you encounter.
: I have that guitar too. The serial number is 8202 and is on the wood strip under the rosace.(i am french from québec)
: The wood of back and sides is Zebrawood.Rare for a guitar. I buy that guitar in 1971 in québec.Very good instrument with superior sound.Concert guitar in think.

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Yamaha classical G-130A

I recently purchased a Yamaha Classical G-130A in excellent condition. The sound is amazing . Its really a beautiful guitar. Mine has the zebra looking wood on the sides and back looking at it from the inside, but was told it was rosewood top? but I do have some more numbers on mine located just under the sound hole on the neck extension which read as: 30313202 and another number on the inside bottom of the neck support block which reads as: T0287785 If anyone can add to this information please drop a line or add to the above

Yamaha classical G-130A

Oh! I forgot to tell you all where if purchased the G130A classical Yamaha Guitar!? I bought it at a Salvation Army Thrift Store for $50.00 Less my senior discount was a whopping $36.00 and this is the second Yamaha Classical Guitar I have found in thrift stores or antique shops. Good Hunting to you all!!!

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