Classical Guitars for Sale

Classical Guitars for Sale

Sale and location of hand-crafted classical guitars

Classical guitar performers who sell and trade hand-made classical guitars. Fellow performers understand the significance in finding the right guitar to suit your needs. We can help!!

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1969 ramirez !A

anyone interested in a trade? ive played this for 15 years. Has esthetic issues so not pristine. nothing that effects the great sound or playability. Would like something else, doesnt hasve to be great looking condition but a 650 scale length.


Ignacio Fleta 1969

In a very good and original condition

Dominique Field(New)

I'm selling the Dominique Field
-Condition Brand new
-Spruce top
-Brazilian Rosewood
-Rodger Tuner
-Hiscox case

Contact me :

Dominique Filed (New)

I'm selling the Dominique Field
-Condition Brand new
-Spruce top
-Brazilian Rosewood
-Rodger Tuner
-Hiscox case

Contact me :

Brand new Mathias Dammann 2015

For sale Mathias Dammann 2015
: Cedar double top (Newest version of double top from Mathias)

Serious inquiries only please
Contact :

2015 Dominique Field

2015 Dominique Field

Condition: New
-Spruce top
-Brazilian rose wood
-Rodger tuner machine
-Scale 650

More details and price please contact me:

A. Burguet A8F

Excellent Condition, signed by Paco De Lucia, Vicente Amigo and Tomatito! Pictures and videos are available, please contact me:
Thank you

Simplicio 1931 for sale

Fransico Simplicio 1931 with Tonovoz
For sale , super conditions


New Jeffrey Eliot for sale

New Jeffrey Eliot srpuce top for sale!

Bernabe Especial 2013

I have a wonderful Bernabe Especial Spruce/Madagascar Rosewood for sale.
It is a 2013 model in very good condition.

Dominique Delarue 2009

I am selling my Dominique Delarue 2009 Cedar/East Indian Rosewood.
This is fine guitar with a deep powerful voice and a clarity, never heard before from a Cedar top guitar.
Photos and more informations, please contact:

2009 Delarue cedar/east indian

Is this guitar still for sale. If so, would you send photos, specifications and price. I have a number of high end archtop guitars and would like to add a nylon string guitar to my collection. If you are interested in any high end archtops, let me know.

Daniel Friederich 1973/ Hermann Hauser II 1960/ Enrique Garcia

Siccas Guitars - For sale:

Daniel Friederich - 1973: Spruce top (!)

Hermann Hauser II - 1960

Enrique Garcia - 1919 Ex Renata Tarragó

Daniel Friederich - 1959

... and a lot more guitars.

Sound and video samples are available at:

Phone: +49-721-38143275

We are specialized in high quality classical guitars as well as historic guitars from around the world.

Visit our website:

Andrea Tacchi Bouchet

I have an Andrea Tacchi Bouchet guitiar for sale.
It is in an immacualte condition, nearly no signs of playwear.
Playability and sound is a dream. Also the craftmanship and the woods.
Photos and more information at

Andrea Tacchi Bouchet


Friederich 1959

I am guitar maker, for sell a wonderfull 1959 Daniel Friederich , spruce top Brazilian rosewood back and side , excellent condition, historical guitar . For pictures and more informations contact me to this mail
Thank you

59 friederich guitar

Hello...How much are you asking?

1987 Miguel Rodriguez

Almost new, all original, Spruce top, Honduran back and side.

contact me if interested.

2012 Kenny Hill Performance

Good condition like new. E mail me at info (at) guitarsalonasia dot com for more details.

1971 Faustino Conde Hermanos Negra (Paco de Lucia Guitar)

This flamenco guitar belonged to "PACO DE LUCIA". It was built in 1971 by Faustino Conde for Paco De Lucia in Gravina nº7

Faustino was asked to built two special flamenco guitars with identical characteristics one for Paco de Lucia and the other for Manolo Sanlucar. All the above is perfectly certified in writing by Conde Hermanos in a document to be delivered by the instrument at the time of purchase.

The wood of this flamenco guitar are of the highest quality exists. The soundboard is of Canadian cedar, with a marked uniform marbled, rectilinear and guarantee the quality of it. The back and sides are made of Indian rosewood with a straight grain and beautiful colors.

The state of the flamenco guitar is excellent and original in its entirety, without cracks or repairs of any kind.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me

Fleta 2014

Fleta 2014 like new, Cedar top and Indian rosewood 650/52m"m.
For more informations please writ to this mail:

Fleta 2014


Gernot Wagner for sale

Hi everybody! I have Gernot Wagner guitar for sale!
This is double top (cedar/cedar) guitar from 2008.
Back and sides are brazilian palisander.
For more informations contact me:

2014 Dammann guitar for sale

Rare opportunity to purchase the new 2014 Mathias Dammann cedar double top guitar right now!
More details please write me


2014 Mathias Dammann for sale

Rare opportunity to purchase the new Mathias Dammann cedar double top guitar right now!
More details please write me


FS: Matthias Dammann Single Top Guitar For Sale #1 1986

This outstanding classical guitar is one of Matthias Dammann's early models before he started building his double top guitars. This one has a solid cedar top and wenge back and sides. Her serial number is #1 1986, and there are no damages or cracks. Overall condition is excellent with minor playing marks. This is a 65cm scale guitar. Nothing has been altered or done about this guitar, and it will travel worldwide in a sturdy and reliable Mark Leaf case. Shipping outside Germany (where I am located) will be very costly due to the dimensions and the weight of the case. I guess it could easily be 600 USD or more.
I found a similar Dammann in the net which really looks like the guitar I'm selling, so I'm posting a link to have an idea what it looks like. THIS IS NOT THE GUITAR I'M OFFERING.

I'm asking 25000 USD plus shipping, but I would be ready to trade for a Daniel Friederich Concert model with a spruce top in Europe after playing it because I love spruce tops and keep coming back to them.

Dammann 1986

Do you have some pictures?
What is the price?


Sakurai for sale

I have Masaki Sakurai guitar from 2012, model Special. The guitar is in excelent condition, I was playing it rarely. I won it in the competition but I prefer double top guitars.
Top - Spruce
Back - Central and South American Rosewood
Sides - Central and South American Rosewood
Neck - Mahogany, Cedar
Finger Board - Ebony
Bridge - Central and South American Rosewood
Finish - Cashew

The price is 5000 euro, for more informations and pictures please contact me by mail:

Miguel Rodriguez 1987

Almost new, all original, Spruce top, Honduran back and side.

contact me if interested.

Rodriguez guitar

Would you please email me some photos and how much you're after this guitar.
Thank you

Miguel Rodriguez

please send me your email so I can send pictures. Thanks

Manuel Contreras II (Double tapa) 2008 for sell

This instrument is the Contreras top model
(Serie Primera) Spruce (650/52m"m)
Beautiful and powerful sound, in excellent condition!
Price: $9000
For more information please contact me to this mail:

1980 Kohno model 50 spruce, Brazilian and Rodgers

In good condition with 650 scale (very rare ). Top model of Kohno in those day.

Interested party email info at guitarsalonasia dot com

1990 Conde Negra Rio AF25/R

1990 Conde Negra Brazilian Rosewood in excellent condition (no repair, no crack, all original).


KOHNO 50 year 1979

Kohno 50 year 1979, Spruce/Brazilian rosewood 660/53, No cracks or other reparations.
For more information's and pictures please contact me:
Thank you

kohno 50

May I know your asking price?

What currency are you quoting?


Kohno 50

The asking price for the Kohno 50 is 5000$

Kohno "50" 1979

Please write me directly to my mail –
I will send you pictures, video and price
(wich is relatively cheap for this instrument's quality).
Thank you

Jose Ramirez 1a 1977

A very good and preserved instrument made of ceder and Brazilian rosewood,
long scale 664 m"m. The fingerboard has been remodeled. Contrary to the instruments of this dimontion this Ramirez has a very smooth and friendly action.
For more information please contact me:
Thank you,
Joseph Urshalmi

Edgar Monch 1973

An exceptional Monch from 1973 Cedre/Indian rosewood, in perfect shape. The sound is very open and at the same time very traditional. This intrument has been revarnishd (French polish), its action is smooth and agreeable. It is a very very light instrument in the old German tradition and a very successful among different experimentations of Edgar Monch. For pictures, more informations and price please contact my mail:
Thank you,
Joseph Urshalmi

Dominique Field 2006

For sell an extraordinary Dminique Field 2006 in an Excellent Condition with a beautiful sound and very comfortable playing. For pictures, more informations and price please contact me to my mail:
Thank you,
J. Urshalmi

Dominique Field

Maui know your asking price and the currency that you quote.


dominique field guitar 2006

Dear Sir
sorry for my late answer. I was abroad.
The price of the the guitar is 18,500 euros
it is an exceptional instrument from each point of view
please contact my e mail
I will be glad to send you photos.
yours faithfully
Pro' Joseph Urshalmi

Greg Byers 2007 lattice model Cedar/Madagascar graf tuners.

Guitar Location: San Diego, CA, USA

Description: Acoustic Guitar for sale - Greg Byers 2007 / Madagascar/Cedar

Classical Guitar - 2007 GREG BYERS Lattice braced
* Scale: 650mm
* Origin: USA
* Top: Cedar
* Back and side: Madagascar
* Tuners: Graf
* Case Yes
* Number: 207 date 11/5/2007

Instrument Description: 2007 Greg Byers concert classical guitar.
The top is cedar with sides and back of Madagascar rosewood.
Tuning machines are by Graf Tuners of Canada.
The guitar is finished in French polished shellac.
The scale length is 650mm with a nut width of 52mm. This guitar is made in the USA.

Instrument Condition:This guitar is in very good condition with no cracks or structural damage evident. There are a few areas of light dings and scratches on the top, mainly below the soundhole and behind the bridge, but this is considered normal playing wear and does not devalue the guitar considerably.

The back has no cracks or repairs, but does have one relatively large area in the center, upper bout of the guitar, about 6” in diameter, where the finish is severely worn. This is due to the guitar being played many hours and the instrument coming in contact with the player in this area. It does not change the sound one bit, but devalues the guitar due to its appearance. The rest of the finish on the back is in fine condition with a few very fine, light scratches.

All finish wear on the top and back can be touched up relatively easily and made to look “like new” for under $600.

This guitar is an excellent example of Greg Byers “newer generation” of guitars which stray just a bit from traditional with his use of lattice bracing and an elevated fingerboard. Greg is considered one of the most popular and top American luthiers at this time, and he has made about 300 classical guitars to date. His waiting list extends for over a year.

The sound of this particular instrument is very well balanced with excellent separation of voices. The response is very fast and the tone is quite beautiful and open. The instrument is quite powerful and would suit any recording or concertizing guitarist quite well.

please contact me
the guitar is in San Diego area.

_________________ Guitar for sale - Greg Byers 2007 / Madagascar/Cedar


Is the 07 Byers still for sale? What's the price?

Greg Byers 2007

I'm askin $8,200 us dollars

That's a lot cheaper than

That's a lot cheaper than the 2007 Greg Byers Lattice Braced listed at for nearly $13k

Francisco Barba Negra 2000

Selling a Francisco Barba Negra Spruce/Brazilian in mint condition, all original. Asking price $8,900.

Contact me at

2000 Francisco Barba Negra

Selling a Francisco Barba 2000 in all original, mint condition.

Superb low action. Very easy to play.

Spruce Top/Brazilian Rosewood back and Side. For pictures, email me at

New Mathias Dammann(Cedar) for sale

Rare opportunity to purchase the new Mathias Dammann cedar double top guitar right now!
More details please write me and please offer your price


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