Classical Guitars for Sale

Classical Guitars for Sale

Sale and location of hand-crafted classical guitars

Classical guitar performers who sell and trade hand-made classical guitars. Fellow performers understand the significance in finding the right guitar to suit your needs. We can help!!

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1997 Redgate

Is this guitar still for sale?

1972 sobrinos de esteso conde hermanos negra

for sale
excellent condition, was very lightly played since manufacture, recently refinished by German Vasquez Rubio, perfect condition, plays beautifully.
asking $8,000 usd

1972 Sobrino esteso Negra

Please email me photos of the Faustino negra.

Loprinzi Millennium 1000 for sale.

This is my Loprinzi, Humphrey design, millennium concert guitar for sale. Wonderful sound and projection, Cedar top, indian rosewood back and side, ebony fretboard. The ghuitar is in a near mint condition. I sell it for US$3,200.00


I have several concert instruments for sale By Eugene Clark, Pierto Gallonoti Orlando Raponi, Michael Cone.
Raya Pardo. Bob Desmond. Manuel Velasques and may other collectable inst both classical and non as well as few Lutes Bar guitars and the like Email me at or call direct 415 647 4940 I buy sell and trade.


Please send some fotos and infos of your Velazquez to

Manuel Velazquez 1966

Selling a Manuel Velazquez, 1966, spruce, indian palisander.
When you are interested in the guitar please contact:


is this guitar available
please email me


Hello, the guitar is still for sale.
Please use my e-mail:

Friederich, 1981

I am selling a Daniel Friederich guitar, 1981, cedar top and indian palisander back.
When you are interested in the guitar please contact:

This guitar is sold!

This guitar is sold!

Hermann Hauser I 1924 Vienna Model in best condition

I am selling my Herrmann Hauser Vienna Model. It has three repaired cracks on the top and a small one on the bottom. The repair was made in the workshop of Herrmann Hauser II in the 1970s. It comes with an original case and all details (machines, bridge, pins, frets, ....) are in original condition. This is an excellent instrument from one of the most famous makers of guitars.

My price idea is 12.500,- EUR - images are available upon request

Herrmann Hauser I

Can you send me some photos?
Where it is visible?
how is it the playability?

Hi Massimo, please send me

Hi Massimo,

please send me your email address at and I will send you some pictures!

Kind regards!

Fleta 1980 spruce

I sell a Fleta, spruce of 1980 in mint condition.
Please contact me only if seriously interest. I send fotos and infos.


Here is my mail:

Fleta 1980 spruce

Please send infos

Gebaut 1975 / 6 for sale

Hopf Meisterwerkstatten Gerbaut 1975 / 6 guitar for sale. General condition: cracks on face and chipped on lover back and missing one string. Located in SoCal if interested please e-mail me.

Daniel Friederich 2002 for sale

2002 Daniel Friederich
Top: Cedar
Back and Sides: Indian Rosewood
Scale: 650/52mm
Excellent guitar!



It is my dream to own a Friedrich. Is yours still available? If so, can you send me your price and info? If it is not still available I am interested in t your price was so I can decide if finding one is a realistic option for me.

Thank you,



Hello Georges, was wondering if the Friederich was still available and the price. Look forward to hearing from you, regards Jason

Friederich 2002

The guitar is not for sell anymore.
thank you

is the guitar still

is the guitar still available?

can you send photos?

where are you based?


interested in this guitar

I am interested in teh Daniel Friedrich 2002 guitar.
where is it currently? I may want to visit to try it out.
and what is the selling price?
thank you!


I am interested in this guitar. can you send pix, info on condition (especially any cracks or warps) and asking price.
Thank You!


Friederich 2002

Hi Ralph,
Please, send me a request to this mail: - and I will send you information's, pictures and video concerning the guitar.
Thank you

Daniel Friederich 2002 for sale

Hello, If you wich more details about the Friederich 2002 (photos, videos, price...) please contact me directly on:
Thank you


I would also like to ask about some details about your Friedrich guitar. Specially I'm interested where can I see it and what's the price?
My mail -

Friederich 2002


is the guitar still available ? if yes, can you send me more infos ?
I'd love to see the instrument,




it's still me. Sorry, I forgot to write down my mail adress

1995 Gerundino Blanca

1995 Gerundino Blanca Flamenco Guitar for sale. Excellent condition. Minor playing wear. Selling due to illness. $8000 US.

1995 Gerundino

Is the Gerundino still for sale? Can you tell me more about the condition, whether any repairs or damage?
Also, what is the string length and nut width?
And can you send me some photos.

I would appreciate it. Thank you.


First let me apologize. When I went to measure the guitar I noticed it is a 1996, not 1995. It is 660mm from nut to bridge, and 52mm neck width at the nut. It has had no repairs or cracks that I can see. I bought it from a luthier so it was well checked out. I am na amature classical player of 49 years who bought his guitar to learn flemenco techniques. Sadly a bout with MS has taken much of the skill from my hands. For this reason I will be selling my guitars. I also have two Gilberts, a Salin and a 1960 Fleta. This guitar has been well cared for and not played to death. There are many fine nail marks. The varnish is intact. It really looks quite beautiful. It has a bright sound and is very responsive and easy to play. I am told it is a nice example of a Gerundio blanca.



where is the gerundino located? can you tell me a little bit about its history?



The gerundino is located in Northern New Jersey. I bought it from Richard brune about 10 years ago. It is in excellent structural condition wth minor playing wear on the sound board. Bright sound, fast response, great action. I nice example of a Gerundino blanca.
If you email me I'll send you photos and a # to call to discuss it.

Gerundino guitar

is this guitar still avialable?
please let me know (
I am looking for a good older hand made Spanish flamenco guitar blanca is orefered but will consider negra as well.


Gerundino Blanca

Still available. Located in Bergen Co. NJ.

flamenco guitar

would you please emailme a few pictures and your asking price.




I sent the pics. Did you get them?


Gerundino blanca

I'll be happy to.


Gerundino Blanac

No, I didnt receive any photos yet.




Just sent them again.


Gilbert guital for sale

1979 John Gilbert guitar for sale. Structurally sound with considerable playing wear to the the top. This guitar has been well loved and well played. If you have never played a Gilbert, there is something very special about these guitar. Selling because of illness. Priced low due to playing wear. A bargain at $10000 US

Gilbert guitar

Can you send me pictures of the guitar please

I am happy to send you some

I am happy to send you some pics. I will need an email address.



1962 Manuel Rodriquez Guitar for Sale

I have a beautiful guitar from Manuel II's Los Angeles period for sale. The guitar has a powerful, clear and quickly responsive sound with goods sustain. This guitar also has collector's value. email me for further details.

The Rodriguez

David --- I haven't seen a reply from you --- if the guitar is still available I'm still interested in it. I can be reached by telephone at: (714) 834-5245 --- and thanks again for your consideration. Brent

1962 Rodriguez

Hi --- I'm curious what the scale length of you guitar is: 640, 650, 660m/m? Also, it's general condition: cracks in the face, sides or back of the guitar. you don't mention what city you're located in --- I'm in the Los Angeles area (actually, North Orange County, in the city of Fullerton). The scale length is of particular importance to me as I'm slowly getting arthritis in the joints of my left hand and Need a shorter scale instrument. If you are heere in Southern California I would like to set up a time when I could see your guitar. Thank you/Best Regards --- Brent Hardwick

Ramirez 1A 2004 traditional

Mint condition with best sound

Indian rosewood, cedar top

I would be happy to send photos and sound sample - please leave a comment

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