Kenny Hill Fleta

Posted by Mike Gray on Tue, 01/26/10 - 00:55:52.

I have a 2003 Barcelona the fleta model for sale, I bought it new in 2003. It's like new, very well cared for comes in a like new TKL case.
I will gladly send pics or hook you up to mu flickr site? I am in KS

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Re: Kenny Hill Fleta

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.My

Re: Kenny Hill Fleta

hillguitar made it clear that these instruments have nothing to do with Kenny Hill, and segoviajr07 weighed-in with a professional's neutral opinion of their tonal quality ("awful" and he liked his 1978 $150 Takamine better). I think all of those would be helpful to consumers.

I'm gonna say this and I'm going to hope you believe it. I've played the worlds best guitars, composed for the some of the world's best guitarists playing the world's best guitars, recording in the best studios with the best microphones and Dave Schramm was someone I taught with and I've played his guitars and Dave will tell you himself that he is just learning. I know he's just learning because he just copies. When he makes something that is his own then you can say what you say but I haven't seen anything original from him. Period.
You don't know me, you probably don't know what I do and what I don't, you probably haven't heard me play, you don't know my compositions but Dave calls me Maestro, if I thought he was kidding then I would have no respect for him because has seen me play and he, I thought, boycotted concerts I put on with an Italian virtuoso performing a ground breaking suite, Elena Papandreau and Lily Afshar. I respect Dave and I like Dave so what the hell. I don't care if he plays factions. I am my own faction.

I kind of feel sorry for you guys because this may be all you have in life. I've been on the Internet, "blogging," and being a "talking head" for over a decade. New Mill Guitar was really the only place you'd get gonzo classical guitar with a real person talking as someone who has no regard for conventional anything. So I really don't know who you are but you can prove anything you say or just say it; I don't care either way but if you attack me for being honest I have to think that I really don't need anything from you as a response. I've always proven what I say comes from a person who has moved things and knows this as a profession. You can maybe write a defense of Dave but I KNOW Dave from a really personal experience. If I end up talking to someone who has nothing better to do then neither do I when I'm here. Now I will watch Dexter.

Re: Kenny Hill Fleta

Goodday to you,

I am interested buying your (Kenny Hill Fleta),let me know if still available,and the price you willing to sell it for me..Waiting for your response.


Re: Kenny Hill Fleta

can you send the pics to


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