Re: i need adivse on Ibanez s7420

Posted by Benno on Wed, 01/29/03 - 05:19:56.

there should be a number on the back of the headstock with "japanese" standing beneath it (Ive got that guitar and its japanese, defintly) if theres neither a number nor that "japanese" tag, its korean or chinese. email me if you have questions!
Greetings from germania

: ok. Ive found the axe of my desire. Ibanez s-7420 which is a 7 string in with the s model body. A couple of places have been asking really high prices but the third place is selling it for half the retail price. This is odd. I am concerned whther it is really a Japanese guitar like the little label on the back says.

: which seems to be down at the worst possible time , says that the country codes for Ibanez are 72 -China 73-Korea 74- Japan 76=Japan. the code on the axe ends with 79. what does this mean?

: Im sure there was something about it that that made me wonder whether it was Korean or not. the lowest bass buzzed on the lowest frets while Im sure that the other one i played diddnt. please help me out. ive put down a small deposit already but if it aint Japanese its not what i paid for.

: the buggers tried to tell me that there was DiMarzio pickups in it but Ive read that theyre Ibanez brand. then they said that the japanese models had the DiMarzios. I find that hard to belive. the sound isnt that hot and heavy. please adivise me. is it japanese? how else can i be sure. are there any quality checks i can make. colour of the fret board even. anything?

: thanks very much

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Re: i need adivse on Ibanez s7420

i have japan on the back of my head stock...and the buzzing is from the trem mine does that when its out of tune

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