Synsonics Guitar with built in amp

Posted by Dan Workman on Wed, 07/19/06 - 16:45:05.
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I have been searching for a Synsonics electric guitar for some time. I am looking to buy a Synsonics electric guitar that has the built in amp and speaker. I would like to purchase either the Terminator model with the speaker on the back of the guitar or the Steinburger headless copy with the speaker on the front. I want to start out with one of these guitars so I can always have an electric to play without carrying around a cumbersome amp. Please let me know if you know where to find one less than $100.

Thank you,
Dan W.

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Synsonic”Terminator” guitars.

I didn’t have time to read all comments but there are actually 2 models of synsonic.1 with 2 pickups,Whammy bar,Headphone jack and input jack.The other model one pickup no headphone jack both sound decent send an offer I live in Mi. Am willing ship.Also will to trade let me know what you have thanks for your time.

Battery or batteries for Terminator model

I found one of thes at a local yard sale for $12, but missing the battery box. It looks like it was big enough for 2 9v batteeries, but are they in series for 18 volts, or just in parallel because of current draw?

Synsonics Terminator for sake

How may I contact you, or can you contact me? My email is

synsonic guitars

Hi, my name is William Taylor, i have 2 synsonic guitars. One is terminator, both black. The trunblo bar is missing on the terminator. The batt hinge cover is broke on both, but batt stays in. Both are excellent condition. And both work great. I live toledo, ohio:and i will sell them for $75 each or negotiate. My # is 859-206-4717. Thanks, William

I Have One!!

I just bought one at a garage sale. I threw a new battery in it and the light comes on but no sound. Im not sure what the problem is but i Live in Ohio, USA if anyone is interested in buying. price is $40.

termanator guitar

do you still have this for sale and if so could you send me a picture looking to buy one for some parts

Synsonics Terminator

I live in Ohio also and would be interested in buying the one you have, Mikeeeyy. Email me or reply if you still have it. Does it have the battery compartment cover on the back?


hi My name is William, i have both synsonics. Terminator and reg synsonics. Both black. Both work. Only problem is batt cover door is broke @ hinge. I will sell each $75. I can negotiate. I can send pics if interested. I also live in toledo, ohio let me know, William

Synsonics Terminator 7020 TABK for sale

Black... Excellent condition...Front speaker..... Whammy bar missing.......Works great.......$100.00 Call 626-502-8133...West Covina, California

Synsonics Terminator

Found mine in a dumpster. Plugged it in and it works. It's black w/rusty strings, missing plastic on low E-string tuner, rusty battery compartment contacs, missing handle on whammy bar, missing front strap button and the rest is history.
This may turn out to be a good trick or treat prop, playing "Who Do You Love" while begging for candy. #7020 TABK on the back of the headstock. The neck is pretty straight. Now I'm gonna figure out if the onboard amp and speaker work, and find out the function of the mini toggle switch.
Onwards and forwards, Gregorio

Re: Synsonics Guitar with built in amp

: Hello!

hello good day i have a synsonic guitar the steinburger, and it's quit a good guitar nice tune even in the 22 fret it's still amazing guys...and it has a battery 9v built in.. i really love this guitar i cannot find it in the mall here in the philippines and i buy it in thge japan surplus store here in the philippines but it is still sounds awesome and the paint is still the original....

: Thank you,

Re: Synsonics Guitar with built in amp

: Hello!

ive had my terminator by synsonic now for ten or so yrs and it works pretty good it needs a couple minor fixs but nothing major :ie it needs a new speaker easy fix and it needs a new batt plug prong just solder new one on but if u have amp this thing works beautfully i use it quit often but have four guitars and need to loose some weight lol

Re: Synsonics Guitar with built in amp

I got one! it has a vibrato unit, 2 single coils, cool guitar...I'm live in Peru, so if you still wanna this guitar, we can talk.

Re: Synsonics Guitar with built in amp

Wow! If there is any chance that you are looking to get rid of this guitar still I am interested. I know it has been a while since you have posted, but on the off chance that you still read this please respond. Thank you!

brand new guitar red

Are you still wanting this brand guitar

mini guitar

i have the single coil fixed bridge mini synsonic with built in amp and speaker i might would be interested in selling!


My name is dereck email me if still want amp on board mini

Synsonics Headless Guitar with a built in speaker

Hello there. I am still looking for one of these guitars if anyone might have one. I would really like to work out a deal if at all possible. Thanks!


IU have a Synsonics Terminator guitar with built-in speaker. It is in very nice condition. I am in Queens New York.

Re: Synsonics Guitar with built in amp

Hi Dan,
I have a Synsonics guitar that I would be willing to sell for $100. It has the speaker on the back. It also has a headphone jack and an output jack. It is like a wine red in color with a maple neck/fingerboard. The condition is like new.I am in Massachusetts and could cover the cost to ship to KY.

Re: Synsonics Guitar with built in amp

hello i have one of these guitars and need a wireing diagram for it. if any one can take a picture of the electronics for me and send it to my email


guitar/hi i saw this on craigs lists seattle


This was a real fun project..I bought this ebay a few months back...It arrived with the built in amplifier toasted...It sat in the corner for a while then I decided I would dig into it and see if I could come up with something other then a wall hanger.We hand made and polished wooden covers for the speaker opening and the tremolo cover on the back...The back cover was extended to cover the old battery compartment as well...Then we routed the body to accept a P-90...I installed a vintage creme colored P-90. I then removed the old exposed gear tuners and put on a brand new set of sealed die cast tuners,good ones.Very low action on the 22 fret neck....The result is a frankenstein that is a blast to play and sounds pretty decent.It has new EB Slinkys(9s) installed but would probably be better with 10s...The 9s are too slinky for a narrow neck like this.I will include a new set of 10s.The small size is perfect for traveling....It aint no Fender or Gibson but its not a wall hanger anymore either.....There are some light scuffs and scratches but nothing noticable or ugly...Price is very fair and firm....Call or write....360-805-0339.....425-232-0385
Electric Guitar Custom Synsonics With P-90 Soap Bar - $60

Re: guitar/hi i saw this on craigs lists seattle

That sounds like a really fun project! Do you have any pictures of the guitar? I would like to see this Frankenstein.


Re: guitar/hi i saw this on craigs lists seattle

That sounds like a really fun project! Do you have any pictures of the guitar? I would like to see this Frankenstein.


Re: Synsonics Guitar with built in amp

Thats the exact one I am looking for. Hum, are you open to any other offers as well? Thank you!

Re: Synsonics Guitar with built in amp

I have a Synsonics electric guitar for sale for $80.00 1972 excellent condition can ship :

Re: Synsonics Guitar with built in amp

I have a Synsonics electric guitar for sale for $80.00 1972 excellent condition can ship :

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