Posted by Robert Dirosa on Fri, 08/01/03 - 18:31:21.

Follow-up to previous - I wrote today; the reply follows:

FG360 were made between 1973-1975 and retailed new for $376.00 USA$$$
Spruce top
Jacaranda back and sides
Mahogany neck
Ebony fretboard.

MK is probably more like a quality control guy and not a luthier.
This is all the info I have.

So much for the theory of MK the luthier. I wonder if this guy is right though?

Robert Dirosa, Somerville, MA -

: Everyone who's played my old Yamaha FG-360 since I bought it used at Central Music, Brockton, MA in 1980 for $200, from an owner who looked me in the eye and said with conviction, "This is a really nice guitar, especially for the price", has remarked on how beautifully it sounded and played, often adding "especially for a Yamaha". I've had the neck straightened once; new gear heads, bridge and were saddle installed a few years back, and it's better than ever.

: My guitar has the lutenist's mark, MK, stamped inside, with the right vertical of the M faded, making it at first look like N.

: Recently, looking for a serial number, I found, inside on the block of wood at the base of the sound box, a hand written number - 64 - apparently written in black felt-tipped marker. So, if anyone who has an FG-360 wants to know where the serial number is, point a flashlight inside at the base of the body.

: So, to Yamaha lutenist MK-san, wherever you are, you are a master craftsman. Your #64 FG-360 is still in good service at about age 30, and I've played it happily for 23 years.

: If anyone finds out the identity of MK, Japanese lutenist who made the FG-360, drop me a line at

: - Robert Dirosa

: : : : i also have a fg360 and if you find anything out id appreciate it. my guitar was froduced pre-1950 thanx

: : : I also have one, and there are 2 reviewed at Harmony Central. Curious as to the pre 1950. I bought mine new in 1972-4 time frame.

: : The Yamaha FG-360 was manufactured 1972-1974 only. Some were luthier signed models, some standard production. Yamaha suggested list price was $365.00 in 1972. Solid spruce top, ebony fingerboard, very nice sounding instrument! I just picked one up at a flea market a few weeks back...great sounding acoustic axe!

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