Re: Information on Lero Guitars

Posted by D. McGregor on Sun, 02/16/03 - 11:46:52.

: Can you send me a photo of it? I used to have on, would like to see if it's the same model.

: : i have a lero guitar that my uncle gave me. he bought it in the 70's. I have no idea who it's made by. it and electric solid body and it just won't stay in tune.

I have a tele copy made by Léro (yes - with an accent over the e). My brother got it used in Nova Scotia in the 1970s, so it must be at least 30 years old. That makes two posters with a Léro connected to NS. Hmmm. Maybe they were made in Halifax or elsewhere in the Maritimes? I have used it for 20 years.

The action is great but it too won't stay in tune very well. I had to replace one of the 2 pickups years ago. It sounds decent - warm. Very solidly made and heavy. Never seen or heard of any others until today on this site! Looks like rosewood fretboard - not laquered.

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Re: Information on Lero Guitars

I just bought a Lero (accent over the 'e') on ebay, its got a single mid body single coil pickup, its like a strat copy, only the cutaways are the same length, its a sunburst, has deacent action, stays in tune ok, I need to replace the machine heads though. it came from a guy in New Brunswick, so Im thinking a big connection to the maritimes, yea... if anyone has any info on these guitars Id love to hear it!

Re: Information on Lero Guitars

Hi!I know it's been 3 1/2 yrs since you posted this question but...I just picked up a lero guitar in a pawn shop in new brunswick.Also a strat copy.Do you still have yours?

i have a lero too

Hey I Also have a Léro Guitar, my friends gramps gave it to me and hes pretty old so im guessin its worth something ?!?! .. but im soooo clueless when it comes to guitars and i need to know how much its worth. Its red and white, hollow, 6 string ... thats all i know !?!?! ill try to post a pic if i can get one !?!

Re: Information on Lero Guitars

I have a Lero 12 string acoustic. My brother purchased it sometime during the mid seventies at a local department store in Miramichi, N.B. It got passed on to me about 5 years ago. It’s a rather unique looking guitar with a trapeze style tailpiece. Unfortunately, the action is horrible and it desperately needs a fret job. It also requires patience to tune. I have little doubt that this particular model is a Sears quality guitar, but it has held together surprisingly well all things considering, and it’s still fun to play every now and again.

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