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Posted by martin on Sun, 07/29/07 - 20:14:15.

I have a Masada guitar that I bought in 1974 at a guitar shop in Tuscaloosa Alabama. It is the Hummingbird look alike. It was made sometime around 72-74. The owner of the shop said that Masada made a line bluegrass guitars and violins and only made one line of acoustic like this. No other models were made. Mine is numbered 673. I too have searched for years to find out, but no one has any info on he internet.

: Same here . . . I'm in search of info, too. I recently got a Masada "Les Paul Custom" model violin-burst guitar for under two-bills, but no luck in finding any information on this line. Must be so rare (or esoteric) that not many folks own one. Heck, I'd like to know how many models and guitars were ever manufactured by Masada, let alone learning WHO "Masada" is/was! Consider ourselves "lucky" for owning such gems. Would like to learn more history on them if anyone out there knows?! I'm proud to have one of my own now . . . the craftsmanship was worth the expense.

: Hope to find some good news on these someday!

: : I am also searching for information. I bought my Masada Telecaster copy back in the 80's for about $20 from a graduating college student. Experts told my brother, who had it for several years, that in some ways it is actually better than the Fender it was copying. But I can't find a word about a Masada brand on the Internet.

: : : Sorry, I can't help, but I have a Masada Telecaster copy that I bought in Harrisonburg, Virginia pawnshop for $40 in 1984. It's a fairly solid backup guitar and I've never seen nor heard anything else about Masada. Did you find out anything at all about Masada? Thanks- Slim

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: : : I have a Masada guitar that someone told me is like the Gibson hummingbird. Can anyone tell me where I can find out information about the Masada guitar? I would like to know what year it was made and some information about it.

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Masada copy of a Gibson Dove

Just bought a Masada copy of a Gibson Dove in Minnesota - perfect shape and it plays super.

I have owned the almost identical guitar for 45 years but it did not have Masada on the head piece - almost identical to the one I just bought just no name.

Would like to correspond with someone that really need one of these guitars. I run into so many people that swoon over these guitars.

They must be really hard to find.

Re: Masada guitar

I too am a proud owner of a mazada guitar..Mine is a 1978 master jazz bass.maple neck and maple body..I love it! its by far the best bass i have ever layed my fingers to..ive tried to upgrade several times in my life and i have never played a finer guitar. I play in two bands,usually 3 times a week for the past 20 yrs. I would never sell it, Its pricless as far as im concerned. my theory is that masada is a guys name that built it. Handcrafted in his garage. He might have built a couple hundred guitars over the yrs and is not alive anymore. It is a rare jewel for sure.

Re: Masada guitar

I have a Masada model 698 which I think is a SJ200 look alike. Man it would be nice to find out more about this guitar company. How much could this guitar be worth?

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