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Posted by Alex on Wed, 07/16/08 - 01:04:30.

: : Greetings!I'm currently fixing a Lero electric guitar for a friend. It is approximately 35 years old and is in decent condition. It needs new tuning keys, a new pod for the tone knob, a new jack, etc. it looks very retro and is a dark sunburst color. It has a very thick neck, a bridge you can twist manualy to change the action and the oldest whammy system I have ever seen. Serves like a primitive spring version of a floyd rose. The tone isn't bad and there is two pickup switches to turn each of the single coils off or on (resembles that of a hoffner bass). When fixed i presume it will be a great little guitar and if not, I can smash it on stage!

: Hi There!
: Your description of your friends guitar you're fixing sounds strangely familiar to me. Today I just purchased a Lero guitar for 10 bucks out of the Buy and Sell in Winnipeg. Dark sunburst, a manually twistable bridge, two pick-up switches and yup the weird whammy system too. My model is a hollowbody, in fact thats the only reason I purchased it. The things is I dont know where this guitar was stored for the last 25 years or so...but it actually smells! Do you have any pics of the guitar you're working on? I'd love to see them....what are the chances of twoo of these smelly guitars surviving all these years?
: Thanks.
: JMS Winnipeg Manitoba

i just got the same electric guitar with 2 tone knobs and 2 volume knobs and 2 pickup switches and the old time whammy bar too i got if from my gramma and i dont know how old it is. could u send me a picture of yours

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Small Lero acoustic

My son (not a guitar player) bought a little acoustic guitar for my granddaughter. It won't tune up and I realized the original bottom bridge is gone, and someone just shoved a piece of wood under the strings, they are attached with a metal piece screwed to the bottom of the instrument.
I went online to see if I could get parts, but apparently not, from what I hear here. I'd like to fix it, but I guess I'm on my own.

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