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"Walkin' Sinai"

Al Poirier ©1974 Lillenas Publishing Co.

I love songs that make you think and make you laugh. When I sang "Walkin Sinai" That's what people did. They relate and they laugh. I didn't write this song, but this is how I found it.

I was singing at a YMCA camp in the Fresno mountains. One evening, after most of the campers were in bed, a few of us were sitting around a fire sharing songs and stories. One guy sang part of a song, as much as he could remember, he called it "Wilderness Blues". I heard the line "Take another lap around Mount Sinai, til' you learn your lesson" and couldn't stop thinking about it. I asked him where the song came from and he said "some guy in Chico wrote it, his name is Al Poirier". I was just about ready to record my first album and decided I wanted to use that song and so the adventure began.

I was determinded to find Al Poirier so I drove to Chico, prayed and asked around until I found him. God is good but Al wasn't home. He was a student at Chico state, I believe, and away on break. We did hook up eventually, completed the song and I recorded it. I sang "Walkin' Sinai" everywhere I went. Still today people who remember me say "Oh, you're the guy who wrote Walkin' Sinai", and I say, "no, but I can tell you how I found it".

Well, don't you know that in the days of old,

When the Israelites didn't do what they were told,

Because of their stubbornness, they failed the test.

When they wondered in their faith each time

By their whinin' and their cryin' for a sign,

Our Lord, simply told them this....

Go on and take another lap around Mount Sinai,

Till you learn your listen,

Till you stop your whinin' and you quit your rebellin'

Till you learn to stand in your day of testin'

By trustin' and obeyin' the Lord.

Well, have you been in the situation

When the Lord asked you to wait upon Him

but it seemed you could not remain still.

So you started plannin' what you're gonna do

cause you thought the Lord had forgotten you

and just then, You hear Him say.....

Go on and...........

Well, just the other day I heard the Lord say,

Son, you got to take another step of faith

And trust me to carry you through the storm.

But when the stom started gettin' rough

Well, I thought the Lord wasn't strong enough

So I started doin' things on my own

And He said, take another lap................

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song: Walkin Sinai

Recently heard "Walkin Sinai and would like very much to have a copy of the song--cd--where to purchase.


Take amother lap around mount Sinai- Bobby Michaels

I first heard this song in 1983-84 while stationed in Karlsruhe, Germany. I went to a Bobby Michaels concert at the local Army Chapel and he sang this song. I have always remembered that song and sing the words that I could remember. I had all of his cassettes, yes I dated myself, from his concerts. I even have a Super 8mm movie I toke during the concert. Several years ago we had a house fire and lost all our records, cassettes, 8-tracks, & cd's from over the years. My wife surprised me 2 weeks ago with a songbook with the words to Walkin' Sinai.
I now have the words to the song I will not forget, or haven't forgotten in over 31 years.
I have watched/ listened to few youtube videos, but they do not sing it like Bobby Michaels did.
I hope this has or will help Bless someone else.

In Christ Love,
LaDon Larson

Walkin Sinai

I have been singing this song for many years, The old Bobby Michaels version. My mother laid down the music tracks for me when I was younger. And it is very regularly requested. There is such a big lesson in the lyrics.

Take another lap lyrics

Several years ago a Bluegrass group from LA/Bakersfield area came to my church in Bothell, WA, and they sang this song. I have been hoping ever since to find all the words, so am glad to have discovered this site; though it isn't quite what I thought I remembered, it is probably all of it.

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