NOTES for Trombone Solo

Posted by kathleen on Mon, 03/24/03 - 21:29:17.

Well I found the guitar tabs for it posted by a guy named Ed ...and since I know which notes are which on the guitar I've figured them out....uh ok this is really hard to write online...this is the stuff on Ed's TABS translated into their respective notes

This part of the song is actually in B Major (5 sharps), but I wrote in the accidentals anyway...

This FIRST PART is an eigth note triplet run (the fast part):
3 notes = 1 eighth note

(#c #f #a) = one triplet going up the staff [starting @ middle C]
(#c #a #f) = next triplet coming back down [starting @ the C above middle C]

Repeat those two in that order six times fast.


Then (starting @ middle C) play

#c #f #a #c

in the triplet fashion...
On a musical staff that is: the 1st line below, bottom space, 2nd bottom space, 3rd bottom space

I guess I've stressed that enough to understand the "wave" pattern...


After the run, there is a dotted quarter note break
aka a quarter note break & an eighth note break

Starting on the third space from the bottom of the staff and going up (when not specified as # - the note is natural). Every note is an eighth I think & "~" is a slur between the'll get em when u try & play it:

#c~#f #f #f~e e e e~#f #f #f a~#a a~#a #f
g g~#g g~#g e
#f a #a b c
These notes are longer
#c (back down to the top line of the staff) #f e e #g~b

The staff I'm talking about is the one 4 treble clef...I don't know what trombone plays. I also don't know how high they play - that's why I figure the notes will be a little more universal. Hope u can transpose...

And that's the end...look at the original TAB if u are still reading this and do not understand:

Um...the higher the line on which a number is, or the bigger the number....basically means the higher the note in Tablature. Just to get an idea for the range in which these notes fall.

And that's that.

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NOTES for Trombone

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