does anyone know anything about cameo guitars

Posted by alex on Sun, 09/22/02 - 20:52:44.
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there is a cameo deluxe guitar for sale at a pawn shop for $225. it looks like a vintage ibanez and is a hollowbody. i cant find anything about it anywhere on the internet. if u know anything email me.

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I had a start copy myself in

I had a start copy myself in the 70's; the issue that i had was that the first fret was right against the nylon block up by the head. impossible to tune I found. Looked interesting though!

Re: does anyone know anything about cameo guitars

I have a Cameo Strat copy that my parents bought for me back in 1982. The action was terrible and neck warped and the pickups were like shit, but I loved that guitar 'cos it looked like real strat and I still keep it for the memories.
It took a while to tune and only I could get it right. Everybody who ever played it complained about the action being too high--which it was...but it built up the strength in my fingers and when I moved on to a beter guitar I felt like a guitar hero!

Re: does anyone know anything about cameo guitars

I have a black les paul look-a-like that is a cameo. It looks fancy, enlays all the way down the fretboard, and a little buttrtfly lookn' thing under the word "cameo" that is in gold writing. The guy I bought it from said that it was Korean made and that it was 1973 model. He also said that it would be worth something someday, but no one knows anything about it.

black cameo les paul copy

I had the same guitar in high school and loved it. I wish I still had it and now I am fifty. I can't recall where it was made at. I bought it from Sears.

Re: does anyone know anything about cameo guitars

I have a cameo sg copy not really sure what year.... but same problem the action was too high the neck warped and it was just a funky guitar to play... but it was my first guitar and same as you only i could tune it right lol ... i mean it didn't sound bad and it played nice ... same as you i keep it for the memories...

your cameo sg

I was curious, was the neck pickup flipped upside down a la Peter Green? We have one of those strange sg's and our's had that odd flipped pickup, so I was wondering of that was a feature of the model or not.

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