Eve Weiss - Suzuki Guitar

Eve Weiss - Suzuki Guitar

Suzuki and Classical Guitar Teacher

A classical guitarist with more than 25 years of teaching experience. Information about Suzuki Guitar instruction starting as early as age four. Also information about 19th century guitar and the rock group Yes!

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Kiso Suzuki J200 copy.

I have one. Bought for me by a Cousin on a US airbase around 61.I bought It from him when he served in the UK. It Travelled to me in Northern Ireland. where I used it for years. After a year the Kiso Suzuki on the head got accidently scraped and I found Mother of Pearl below it. We took a risk and polished the paint off and found Cortez in Mother of pearl below it and further Mother of pearl similar to the actual Gibson marking . I have found that the Cortez is now the Cort brand. The guitar is solid spruce ( I had it checked and did blind recorfings with an actual Gibson J200. You could not tell the difference even through looking at the digital reference. The J200 copy has been with me 51 years and the only difference is that the Artist bridge is used instead of the more ornate one. Many other guitars have come and gone Fender Jaguar Ovation Custom Balladeer (Both early American models) I now use a 94 Guildas my No1 guitar but the Cortez is the one I go back to.when just playing at home. It is Definately not for sale.

M.suzuki E 1

I don't know much about this brand and can't seem to find anything on this it's an m.Suzuki acoustic guitar the only information on the label says m.Suzuki international model no.E 1 and the guitar is made in Korea any information would be appreciated

1971 kiso suzuki ks 300 guitar

Does anybody have any info on this guitar?it has inside the guitar that the model number is a ks 300 and on the upper top right hand side the number10615. It has a different looking headstock than a normal suzuki guitar.has writing which looks like cf suzuki & co and below that est 1951. Any info at all is appreciated. Thankyou

Suzuki Guitar

I have a M. Suzuki model FW 93 made in Korea guitar and would like some more information about it, value etc, can you help?

mf 130 mandolin

i have one of these.... can anyone tell me anything about it ?

Suzuki Guitar

1967 no 6
kiso Suzuki also stamped Kiso-Fukushima..Excellent Condition....paid $10 bucks....

Takeharu acoustic guitar model wk-65d from the 1970's

I have a takeharu guitar model wk-65d which I received in the 70's. Mint condition used only a fe time hard been protected in the case. I was wondering how much it was worth.

suzuki guitar

I have a dove and and hummingbird plus a few other Suzuki's,,,,, in mint condition on eBay max price $500 USD .... 2 years ago a few sold for more so also market conditions

suzuki laminate tops

I've always heard that acoustic guitars with laminate tops had poor sound quality and I have an old one that does.

I bought '70's Suzuki classical guitar on Ebay on the advice of several online contacts. At first I was disappointed to find it had a laminate top, but it actually sounds pretty good and appears to have a solid wood body.

I'm wondering if Suzuki was experimenting with high quality laminate tops at the time. It seems that I heard somewhere that some of Yamaha's laminates sound quite good.

Anybody know anything about this?

suzuki guitars

Hi,could anyone help me with my newly aquired Suzuki SG-6L guitar,would love to know the year of manufacture etc.many thanks,Jane.

Kiso suzuki

Hi . Who else has a Kiso Suzuki CW-3 . I think its very rare because i know of only one more . SN is 01027

kiso suzuki

Hi I have a cw-3 here in South Africa, I also think is a rare guitar, cause I can't find any info about it and would really like to know more about it. It's one of the best sounding guitar I have ever heard or played on.



I am have Takeharu Guitars 1976 G = 85




kiso suzuki guitars

a facebook page were kiso Suzuki guitar owners past and present can share , upload pics , buy or sell or just gather information

guitare no c-18

bjr jai eu une guitare suzuki no c-18 et je voudrais savoir se quel vo

Kiso Suzuki Mandolin MR-200

I have a Kiso Suzuki Mandolin Model: MR-200. Can anyone give me more info on this mandolin and maybe tell me what is worth? I can't seem to find anything on the internet.

Suzuki nagoya SF335MB

I have this guitar for a while now it's still in good shape how much are they worth.

Suzuki Guitar Model 10

I purchased a Suzuki guitar resently at auction. It says Model 10 inside. However, I can't find out any information on this model. Can you help me. I'm wondering what it is worth and is it worth taking to a guitar shop for tuning or not? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.


I have a wt-300 takeharu folk guitar

Manufactured by the KISO SUZUKI violin company at FUCUSHIMA JAPAN (in 1976) this guitar looks allmost new ,
With original strings.
It was kept in the original hard case it is a super rare and immaculate example given it is 36 years old!!!!

The sound from this guitar is amazing!!!!

Can any one please let me know more about this guitar

Takeharu Folk Guitars 1976

I bought a brand new Takeharu Folk WT-200 in Okinawa, Japan in 1976 for 125.00 American . Then it cost me 37,500 Yen ..haha 300 yen to the dollar in those days. I've looked at pictures and the WT-300 looks identicle to the WT-200 . I haven't seen pictures on the web of the 200 yet. the tone quality over the years has just improved and I love it. Mine is still in mint condition and I will pass it down to my son who is finally practicing and taking lessons which makes me very happy. He will only get soul satisfaction by playing for himself and others .
If you want a picture of of , I can send you one


Dave W.

Takeharu WT-200

Hi Dave

Some kind of similarity here. Bought my Tak in 76 - cost around 75 GBP at the time. Absolutely wonderful sound- which I agree has got better with the passing years. Mine too will eventually be passed on to my son. Who is a far better guitarist than I will ever be.


Takeharu Guitar

I bought my WT-100 folk guitar in Glasgow,Scotland when I was in the US Navy
It's deep sounding tone has gotten even better with age



I have a wt-300 takeharu folk guitar
Manufactured by the KISO SUZUKI violin company at FUCUSHIMA JAPAN (in 1976) this guitar looks allmost new ,
With original strings.
It was kept in the original hard case it is a super rare and immaculate example given it is 36 years old!!!!

The sound from this guitar is amazing!!!!

Can any one please let me know more about this guitar


I have a W-400 Tak. It plays pretty good. If not for the head stock it wood pass as a Martin. Sounds reallly good. I have it set up well. You know, I would put this up against a few much more expensive guitars. Do you know the value?

Suzuki Three s no: 3183

Hi, I have a Suzuki Three s Guitar
The only info on the guitar is the model no: 3183. It also has quite a thin neck. If you have any information about this model like when it is from and price.


Suzuki 3183

Do you have a pic? I'm interested in this model

I have a Suzuki guitar that is about 50 years old

On the inside of the body it states Suzuki 120, Anybody have any info on this guitar, it plays excellent and I wouldn't even think of parting with it.

Age of my guitar

I have a cf Suzuki twelve string model #WT-150and serial#10803. I was wondering if anyone knows the age? Thanks!

suzuki guitars.

Ihave a 1971 suzuki six string acoustic.does yours have a different head stock on it? Than a normal suzuki guitar with a cf suzuki name on it. Do you have any info on these guitars?what is the cf mean? Thankyou.yours could be a 70s guitar. Any info will be appreciated

Suzuki Kiso W350

Hi all

i'm looking for a suzuki kiso w350. i'm really desperate for it and i want it back. does anybody possess one and would like to sell it for a good price? i pay almost everything! or does anybody know where i can get one?
thank u for helpful comments!!!

XOXO Nicky

suzuki w350

Hi, I have one in excellent shape. I love this guitar but I would sell it with the original case for $399. I have owned this guitar for 28 years and am the second owner. Thankas, Jim


Do you still want to sell your guitar? I REALLY REALLY want to buy it! Please contact me ASAP.
Thanks :)

Hi I have the Suzuki WOS 260BB

It's in mint condition looking to get $300 for it

Suzuki W-350

I will try to figure out how to get on my e-mail if I must, but it might take a bit. Thank you. I hope we both find the guitar we so love.

Kiso Suzuki W-350

I have been looking to replace the one my father purchased for me over 33 years ago. Unfortunately it was stolen. If the previous interested buyer doesn't purchase it, would you please call me at 704-996-4910 (cell) or at 704-568-3638 as soon as possible. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Kathy


no...i want this guitar....but i haven't heard a word from the seller yet! please contact me at graphicdesigner@bluewin.ch

Suzuki Kiso

OMG!!! Seriously? We should talk ASAP. I can't wait to know more about it!!!

Suzuki W350

Do you send me your e-mail address?

Suzuki # F-40

I love it. Grate for slide. Could anyone tell me more about it. the year, price ????? THANKS.

Suzuki # F-40

I love it. Grate for slide. Could anyone tell me more about it. the year, price ????? THANKS.

suzuki no 36

hi, about to buy a suzuki no 36 guitar, what should be a reasonable price? thanx

washburn guitar wt-4v

I need to know approximate worth or where I can find information about this model.

Kiso Suzuki WT-150

Bought guitar new ages ago and just dusted it off. Still sounds great. A slight vibration makes for a very unique sound when played. Still love this guitar

kiso suzuki acoustic guitar 1950 GT-180

original case

looking for w260 kiso

looking to buy wso260 suzuki email me pictures with price


hi I have just acquired one of these super rare guitars even more so as mine is a 12 string , how did you go in your pursuit of finding one I look every day online in Australia and worldwide if you want to chat and or my help in finding you one I have just started a facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/396984010410217/ so kiso owners can converse

Re: looking for w260 kiso

: looking to buy wso260 suzuki email me pictures with price

susuki GA 250

Can somebody tell what my Kiso Susuki GA 250 worth is and when its made

value of older Suzuki guitars

\my husband and I need to sell out Suzuki guitars - a F-90 and an S-1, both made in Nagoya, Japan. We'd like to have an idea of what they are really worth and the best way to get the best vALUE.

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