Takeharu Guitars

Posted by Shiny on Mon, 03/15/04 - 07:27:22.

Send me your Takeharu pics, with model number and year if known

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Takeharu guitars

i have a takeharu ft 100 serial number 10517. what's it worth

Takeharu 1976 Acoustic Guitar

I have a Takeharu 1976 Guitar Model # FT 130 Serial #51127 I purchased in Naha, Okinawa in March 1976. The Guitar is in mint condition but it needs new strings. Does anyone know how much it would be worthJ J. Yamamoto is name on the Seal inside.

Want to sell your takeharu?

Hey looking to sell your takeharu guitar? Cheers! Ryan

WT 130 1975 model mint condition

Hi I want to sell my mint condition takeharu 130 1975
I’m in Sydney Australia
Open to a fair offer

takeharu FT100 acoustic 6string

have just found , and purchased a 1976 model..in excellent condition..i think it has been stored for many years and possibly sold as part of its owners deceased estate..i also think the strings are the originals..it still sounds good but obv needs anew set ..any info or advice would be appreciated thanks Denis.. Sydney Australia

Takeharu WT250 Guitar

I have purchase the guitar and i would like to know if somebody knows the wood used to make the guitar? i been researching about the composition but i have not gotten any information. So, if somebody can advised me about the materials used on my guitar, i would most appreciate it.


w 100

the sticker inside will have a circular stamp showing wt 110 the date made . and on the last line of the sticker lower left corner is the serial no of the guitar use a light and magnifier as the ink from the stamping machine might have faded dust it clean but dont wipe the sticker to hard if still not wvisible try different colour lights to see if it becomes visible
Rainer Rieck Australia

Takeharu WTK100 Folk 12-string

This is my type Takeharu Guitar from 1978. Where can i find the serialnumber ? There's a original sticker inside without any number, other than the construction date.

What is the day- value of this guitar ?

Takeharu guitars

i have a WT100 serial no 75345, i purchased it second hand in the late 90's and i'm at last learning to play! it sounds great when my instructor plays it!

1976 takeharu

i have a 1976 takeharu #70168 the best sounding i ever played other people were tellin me this 4 years this is what i know about it it was made by j yamamotohe made 1000 100s 1000150s and 1000 250 all deckedd out in mopearl form kisko violin compamy before it sold out tosuzuki violin co though you migth like to know i think yamamoto i related to the admiral in ww2 andy k

Takeharu Guitars

Hi Andy,

How do you know how many guitars were made ? I've seen a GT100 but can't find any details about it.


Takeharu Guitar 1974 WT-200

Got also a Takeharu guitar 1974 WT-200, 2nd hand. i bought it today mar.ch 8, '13 here in the philippines
It has a 3cm scratch in front, but its ok the sound is still very good, it can fix=) i really like it.
I am thinking if i am going to sell it or not. But if you want just send me your message.

my guitar

Mine is a WK100 50825 +/- 1975 still in good condition.

Takeharu WK-200

Nice to see favorable comments about this brand of guitar. Always wonder what I had. The WK-200 is the only guitar I ever owned.

I always dreamed of being an exceptional guitar player but concede to my limitations of being more a tempo follower then setter at this art. I envy those who can effortlessly spank our soul with these instruments

1973 wt100

Nice folk guitar,I will not go as far as to say it sounds beiier than a Martin at a hard strum but at a soft to medium strum it sounds fantastic! I could see where one that is a little better model coukd sound even better than this one.This is one of the best sounding and playing guitars I have ever played.I have owned a custom baladere(real Ovation) and a jumbo arch top Takemine(top and back arch) guitars. Its a keeper but I would like to kno the value of this fine guitarl It plays like a million bucks! Thank you..

Takeharu WK150 1978

I used to have a Takeharu 1976 model, which was the best acoustic I have ever played, better than my Martin was, I always swore I would own another Taka' after I drove over mine just before a gig, I still have the complete undamaged neck w/ fretboard, kept it since 1988,I purchased a Takeharu at a local auction yesterday,2/6/12 for the very pleasing price of $60 Australian, I was the only person there who knew anything about it,(thats why I was there) hence no competitive bids after my second bid ,in brilliant condition and sings like a hummingbird, and I havent taken the old set of strings off and replaced them yet, this guitar is a 1978,serial no 80219. The craftsmanship, timber, and hardware of these axes is unique.

Takeharu WK150

I own the same model - same year - serial Number 80222

Takaharu? wt/100

I own this folk guitar. I traded for a 7string strat. I to think it is one of the best playing and sounding guitars I have played. I will not go as far as saying it sounds as good as a martin when played a little hard but at a soft strum it sounds absolutly fantastic! I love it and it is a keeper but I would like to kno its value. It plays like a million bucks at a soft - medium strum.

Re: Takeharu Guitars

I have a 1974 Takeharu WT100 Folk Guitar sn:46089
Any ideas how much it's worth? D-string has a buzz but other than that it's in excellent condition.

1974 Takeharu WT100 Folk Guitar sn:46089

I purchase the exact same guitar new in 1974 at a cost of £30.00. Income / Prices have risen by approx 10 times since then so to purchase an instrument of the same quality by today's standard you would need to spend around £300.00 . That's not to say that you could sell it for that and indeed I would not sell mine for twice that.

Re: Takeharu Guitars

: Send me your Takeharu pics, with model number and year if known
: http://members.fortunecity.com/shiny1/

I have a Takeharu les paul modell serialnumber 123.

Re: Takeharu Guitars

: : Send me your Takeharu pics, with model number and year if known
: : http://members.fortunecity.com/shiny1/

: I have a Takeharu les paul modell serialnumber 123. The year i think 1972

Re: Takeharu Guitars

I own a Takeharu Folk WT-250 from 1978, number 61119. I always wondered if this guitar is anykind of special, because it sounds so good (eventhough it is cut up, 'cause a previous owner build in a pick-up and electric hardware to amp it)and sounds great. Fun to see that more people eprerience the same. Greetings to all.

Vandenhooff - the Netherlands

Re: Takeharu Guitars

IF you no more about TAkeharu guitares i'd like thats you give me an email because i have a wk300 and i dont no anything about it and i'd like to no more ..thx

Re: Takeharu Guitars.

: Send me your Takeharu pics, with model number and year if known
: http://members.fortunecity.com/shiny1/

i,ve just been given a wk-300, don,t know the year but the numbers 20506 are printed on the label inside the sound hole.

Re: Takeharu Guitars

I have a takeharu gt 500. Don't know the year. Great sounding and playing guitar.Used it on hundreds of shows and records.

I got one also! In

I got one also!
In Kirsberrywood!
Smells better than 'pussy' and sounds great!
Easy to play.
Who is this "Kiso Suzuki"

Re: Takeharu Guitars

I recently obtained a Takeharu GT500 as well and I can confirm these comments:
The Takeharu GT500 has laminated brasilian rosewood sides and back, a rosewood fingerboard
and a solid cedar soundboard.

Though it is not my loudest sounding classical guitar the tonecolour is rich and wonderful in all registers and indeed recording with this
guitar might be a revelation. Volumewise my instrument could be even better because I think the action is too low which can deaden bigger volume. I'm planning to work on that.

Again a great find and treasure to hold regarding Japenese guitars of the seventies!

Takeharu electric guitar

Hi, I have a Takeharu electric guitar that used to belong to my Dad. I don't know much about it and I can't find the model number anywhere. He bought it back in the 70s and it's hardly been used since. How do I get an estimate for it's value?!

WTK100 12 String

I have a wtk100 12 string - s/n 80123 any idea of value

takeharu FT 100

I have had this guitar since my childhood. Its not been played for years and is in immaculate condition. Does anyone know how much it is worth. Would like to sell it to someone who would love it and play it as it deserves.

Takeharu J-200

I have a Takeharu J-200. I bought it new in august 1980 in Tromsoe, Northern Norway. I used it for many years, then I decided to give it away because it wouldn't stay in tune. Instead I brought it to a guitar magician, and now the Takeharu plays better than new. I have played much more expensive Martins and Gibson acoustics, and off course they are better. But not that much better. The Takeharu is definately a keeper.
If you own a Takeharu and is not satisfied with it, give it a proper service. A once quality built guitar will still have the good qualities inside.

Takeharu G-180 1975 s/n 51015 (?)


I have a Takeharu G-180 dated 1975 that I am learning on.

It sounds beautiful to my untrained ear and I want to buy it off its owner (who doesnt play).

Any thoughts on value in Aussie dollars?



I've got a J-200S that was my fathers, found it in the attic and recently had it set up and restringed by a luthier. Plays like a dreams by I've had trouble finding out anything about this particular model. If anyone could shed any light that'd be great!
Serial number 90601

Takeharu Sound

Many of the Takeharu folk models (and other MIJ guitars) have 70's Gibson style adjustable bridge - it was a fad and not a good one. It means that the contact between the saddle and the body relies on the tips of the adjustment screws. You can but a bone blank saddle that you simply file the top to suit the intonation that you want - the difference is enormous. The bone sadlles will fit snugly (no need to glue) into the area left by the adjustment mechanism and you get a perfect contact between the bridge and the body.

What you thought was a guitar with nice but subtle sound will now ring out with gusto and resonate on and on.

I have two WT300's the 1976 model has Indian Rosewood laminate body and sides - it drowns my Ibanez, Aria and Takamine - the 1970 model is Brazilian Rosewook and it is noticably louder again than the 1976 model ... both have beautiful rich tone.

This is a simple mod that any player can do - it is so worthwhile, cheap and completely reversible.

GT 500

Got one also.
Bougt it -83.
Made in kirsberry wood.
Wonderful smell in the hole ;)
Shapes like Marilyn Monroe, but what a sound with the right strings!
Also easy to play on!
I have learned that it is handmade by a Japanese guitarmaker.
-77 serial 70455 (?)
Very high quality guitar!
I'm also looking for value of the guitar!

Re: Takeharu Guitars

I have the same, bought 1982-83. I love it! What I have read so is it a handmade guitar, but the value is very different, from 100$ to 1500$. But what it seems is that those who have one wont sell it...

Re: Takeharu Guitars

: Send me your Takeharu pics, with model number and year if known
: http://members.fortunecity.com/shiny1/
Hello,got a Takeharu 12-String that I love to play.The No. is 90 40 1,and it was bought in Cork City,Eire.Cheers,Kai

Re: Takeharu Guitars

Takeharu Guitar Twelve Strings 01101 is the number it is used and I was wondering how much it would cost it is 21 years old in perfect condition?

Takeharu Guitars

i got a wt-300

takaharu guitar

I bought one a few years ago, what caught my eye was the quality then when played? It played and the feel was awesome. If this comment could upload pictures I'd send some

takeharu guitar western with Bird motive

I got myself this one forlorn in a pawnshop too, great sound it producer, the label of the Music shop stille on it at the back of the peghead.. What is it worth?

takeharu guitar

I got myself a black C&W one, from a pawn shop. It hang forelorn way in the back this gem. Paid considerly amount of euro for it. I was searching for a Fender strat rreally...

Taleharu G180 1975 serial number 51018

Had this Takeharu given to me to learn on. Local music store guys think its a gem. Sounds beautiful to a novice like me.

Re: Takeharu Guitars

: How rare are the WT-300's? As i have one too, and it's signed by Steve Vai
: i got a wt-300

Re: Takeharu Guitars

: : How rare are the WT-300's? As i have one too, and it's signed by Steve Vai
: : i got a wt-300

I got a Takeharu F120 --from a store selling 2nd hand guitars..nice and good quality sound...great to own a guitar that is 30+ years already.

Re: Takeharu Guitars

: : How rare are the WT-300's? As i have one too, and it's signed by Steve Vai...(corrected my email address)
: : i got a wt-300

Re: Takeharu Guitars

: cool, if you have some photos, email me them and i'll stick them on my site.

: i got a wt-300

Re: Takeharu Guitars

: : cool, if you have some photos, email me them and i'll stick them on my site.
: cheers

: : i got a wt-300

I saw a takeharu classical in a pond shop for $100 and was wondering if it is worth it... It is in good shape other than the neck... a little bowed. I was wondering if they had a rod inside to straighten it..

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