Suzuki Dove 1970's

Posted by Nathan on Sun, 11/19/06 - 01:27:01.

Hello, Is there any1 out there who knows anything about this beautiful guitar of mine??? Value etc.... Its an exact replica of the Gibson model. But has an adjustible bridge. Beautiful sunburst colour and best tone ever. im sure sum1 must know bout it. Please any info at all would help. :) Thanks

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Re: Suzuki Dove 1970's

Great guitar. With regards to me Guitar Bible the guitar has a valua of about > U$ 1265.
They are very worth full so keep in mind.

Re: Suzuki Dove 1970's

Nathan and Suzanne. Refer my post below re J Watson guitar. The following is a reply that I sent to someone who responded re my Watson query. It should give you some clues.
Yes I found out a lot about the Watson guitar, but very little definitive information about the Watson so called “brand”. Mine was made by Suzuki Kiso in Japan in 1973 and except for a couple of very minor details is a very good copy of the Gibson Dove, as was played by Elvis Presley. I have been able to find 4 Gibson variants that Suzuki copied, the Dove and Hummingbird – identical guitars except for the pick guard (one has a dove on it, the other has a hummingbird), in black and cherry sunburst.

Suzuki made very high quality guitar copies between about 1960 (perhaps earlier) and 1975, and typical of the Japanese copy mentality of the time they were meticulous, so for mine it is almost certain that all of the Gibson specs were followed – probably why it looks and sounds so good. During that period there was a highly publicized court case about copies of Gibson guitars, which Gibson won but Suzuki was not one of the “copiers” that was in court. I tracked a genuine 1969 Gibson Dove for sale on ebay just before Christmas and it sold for around US$9500 in the US. I also tracked another copy Dove guitar circa 1975, for sale on ebay that was branded as a Suzuki Kiso, and was identical to mine. It sold for £650 in the UK. My guitar teacher uses a couple of very expensive guitars and he says that the tone of mine is better than both of his.

I have attached three photos – the first on the left is a genuine Gibson Hummingbird, the second is a Suzuki copy of the same Guitar made in 1975, and the third is mine. The only difference with the hummingbird is shape of the string tensioner knobs. There is an additional difference with the Dove (as was requested by Elvis I understand) which is an additional mother of pearl inlay of two small doves, one on each side of the bridge. Which one did your guitar look like?

Regards the “brand” Watson, I was told by a Dutch guitar collector that it was named for Johnnie ‘Guitar’ Watson (as in the J Watson & Co) who was supposedly a very famous (at least in Japan) black American blues guitar player, who died of a heart attack on stage in Japan, in the mid sixties but I have not been able to verify that.

Hope this helps.

Sukuki Kiso Violin W-65D, model: 00001 - help!


i stumbled across this forum and am trying to find some - any info! on the acoustic i just bought on ebay.

it is a Sukuki Kiso Violin W-65D model: 00001.

it is a very interesting one! i havent seen ANY exactly like this on the net. from what ive picked out, it appears to feauture most of the same materials and most of the same components as the other dove copies, but mine does not have the 2 dove inlays on either side of the bridge. double or triple binding around the body i believe. the pickguard is in excellent condition, 95% all there id say, only some of the brown background has faded in small parts. the headstock only reads 'suzuki & co. est 1951'. and the bridge appears to be plastic, not wood (no grain showing). it has the same suzuki logo and info inside the soundhole - model 00001!

it sounds great. strong sound. v neck. addictive to play. action is quite high though (approx 4mm at 12th fret), and wont lower any more with the adjustable bridge screws. all round, its in excellent condition for its age, and looks like it was babied and ungiged. only a couple marks on th entire thing. no fret wear either.

ive enquired about it from the seller, but they didnt seem to know anything either. i thought id ask her too. any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


RE: Suzuki Dove 1970's in reply to Terry Forsyth


i've just read your commet about the Suzuki Gibson-Dove copy. I do own one since a few days (at least) and mine has exact the same "dove"-inlayse at the bride, that you mentioned the original "Elivis"-dove has had... you said also, that you do have some pics, showing the original Hummi, a suzuki-copy and your guitar... I would love to see those pice, to compare them to my guitar.

Do you know anything about today's value?

please e-mail me to:

Lupus X

Re: Suzuki Dove 1970's

Mieszkam w Polsce i właśnie kupilem piękny egzemplarz Watson Dove nr. 000701
Przepiękny to instrument. Najlepszy acoustic jakiego miałem
Rewelacyjny sound and image.
Gdyby ktoś miał więcej informacji o tym instrumencie proszę o info na:
Pozdrawiam wszystkich miłośników gitary.
Niestety angielskiego dopiero siÄ™ uczÄ™.

Re: Suzuki Dove 1970's

Hello Nathan, I know even less about the Suzuki Dove than you. You say it's an exact copy of a Gibson Dove, so is it all solid wood than? Can you tell me what woods are used for the front, the sides and the back? Does it have the same bracing as the Gibson Dove too? How much did you pay for yours?
Many thanks,

suzuki dove

I have never read so much drivel. The Suzuki Dove was made of cheap 3 ply, with a shocking fretboard, and sounded like wet cardboard. The only way one of these could be considered good, would be if you owned one, you couldn't play guitar, and smoked a lot of dope. Oh, also I saw Johnny Guitar Watson performing in 1995, he seemed to be very alive at the time.

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