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Help with tuners/machine heads.

Hi, I have a 90's vintage Ibanez EX series guitar that I inherited from a friend. It must have been a cheaper version because it has absolutely horrendous machine heads. (Although it sounds perfectly nice, and I'd like to use it for a while) They are sticky and feel cheap. I'm wondering how tough it would be to just buy some grovers to replace them? Do I need to worry about the hole diameter? Do I need to worry about the screw placement on the back, or do I just tap a new screw hole wherever one is needed? Please advise. Thanks.

Re: Help with tuners/machine heads.

Just take one off and take it to your friendly guitar shop. You should be able to find a good replacement set. Stay with the same hole diameter, but different screw placement is tolerable if the new holes are not too close to the old ones (which should be filled first; friendly hardware store will advise.) Don't get too macho when screwing in the new screws.

Taylor 512-CS - What's it worth?

Taylor 512-CS - What's it worth?

Nick Valensi

Yes, Strokes Nick Valensi is one of the best up 'n' coming "axemen" around!!

christian band

are there any musians in wilkes county NC wanting to start a band.

learn read guitar note,,,,,,,

please send within my e-mail any item ,about HOW TO LEARN OR READ guitar note and another.

Re: learn read guitar note,,,,,,,

Frederick Noad has a book called Solo Guitar Playing. The first chapters provide a pretty painless method of learning to read , broken down into small steps. ( From there it gets into classical guitar pieces )

Re: learn read guitar note,,,,,,,

i wanna learn to read the notes from basically can u help me

V2 and the Hiltons

Does anyone know where I can contact V2 - formerly of V2 and the Hiltons.
We would like to interview him for our radio show regarding an incident with the Stranglers in 1979.

guitar amps technician ,repairmen please help me!

i have old broken carlsbro glx 150c transistor guitar-
amp and schematic... there are some company´s secrets? number on transistor in this unit and also on schematic
..bc182,bc212,802,1c03,1c04....i want to know what kind
of these transistors are in ordinary number!please help

vedio song

free song downloads plees

please vulue my ft 135 cortez epiphone

i recently bought my guitar at 100 bucks and i think i did alright. if anyone knoes of the value at todays market iy would be greatly appreciated. i think that it is a 1971 or72 model thanks.

Someone take out the trash, the forum is smelling bad!

Forums like this become worthless when some idiot is allowed to fill it with rubbish.

That's better

The sick stuff I was referring to has been removed.

Sell all kinds of wire mesh

He bei meidong metal products co.,ltd.which lies in the "Home of wire mesh" in China. We produce all kinds of wire mesh according to your specifications with competitive price.


dear ed,
i just wanted to know that why are the prices of guitars{electric} so much..there are many people in this world with better talents but cannot aford guitars can something be done about it

epiphone goth les paul

whats the best price out there on an epiphone goth les paul studio

Fender Strat Necks

I have an American made 1997 Stratocaster. I recently noticed that the edge of the "Skunk Strip" on the back of the neck has raised a little between the 8th and the 12th frets. It is only on one side of the strip. It is very slight but you can feel the edge of the strip when you run your finger over it. There is no seperation between the strip and the neck and it is not cracked. I had it looked by a certified Fender repair tech and he said it was nothing to worry about. If it got worse, Fender would replace the neck under warranty. Has anyone ever experienced this issue with a Fender Strat or Tele?

acoustic framus

i have just inherited an old framus jumbo type serial no. 44292. cant make out the model no. but its sunburst and made in bavaria and in average condition. not much to look at and wondering if its worth keeping.

How do i repaint my Electric guitar?

Well after having my strat for like 5 years, I had to put some dents and scratches in it. Well im gettign sick of white over black and it needs a new kickass look. What would you suggest to do?

Re: How do i repaint my Electric guitar?

: Sand it down real good first. You don't need to remove all the paint, just sand it all over to give the new paint some "fingers" to hold on to. Fill the dents and scratches with wood filler. Stuff the electronics cavities and the neck mortise with a wad of aluminum foil covered in plastic to keep the paint out of them. Buy a good brand of high gloss lacqure paint and a good gravity feed paint gun. Apply about 6-8 thin coats of paint, then 3-4 clear top hard coats and buff it out. If it is an American made guitar I wouldn't do anything to it personally, as that will ruin any chances it has of becoming a valuable guitar in later years.


Anyone interested in buying my Epiphone Casino?
It's about (1) yr. old. I've played it about 10 times!
It's still like new.The color is Sunburst. I paid $600.00
Email me, and we can talk prices.

Celtic Music

Hi all i'm new to this, have been playing guitar for 13 years and just started playing in open d, i hear alot of celtic tunes use it, i'm celtic myself and want to learn to play that music, i've listen to lots of celtic music over the last few days, can figure out rythym, but can't transcribe fiddle to the guitar scales, can someone help me out, and also is there any popular songs in open d, and can i play in open d the same as in standard tuning , thank you.

Re: Celtic Music

how do you know that you are celtic??

Re: Celtic Music

I think applying theory to your problem will prove worthwhile, though a bit tedious at first. Learn how to read in open tuning, at least on the first five frets or so. Some tunes will require retuning to Dm ( DADFAD). Ligado ( hammers and pull-offs) proves very handy for speed without stress on the grace notes and fast bits. Most Celtic music can be played against a drone chord, so your thumb is keeping a beat on the low open strings while your fingers pick the melody on the high strings.
Drawing up the D scale pattern on a long fretboard diagram for D tuning is really useful. Just work out where the notes from D major ( D E F# G A B C# )
occur along each string. Using this "map" and your ear, you can work out a lot of tunes pretty easily.
Do a Google search for
celtic "open D"
to find heaps of stuff, including lots of tunes in dadgad tuning. ( D sus 4)
Your last questiion is a bit confusing, and I'm not sure what you mean. You can play any melody in open tuning, but of course the fingering is different for a different tuning.
I have heard some great slide guitar treatments of celtic tunes also. Exploring modes is also useful in open tunings.

roland space echo re200

I need a manual or some scematic drawings of how the tape is fitted. My model is a endless tape model which has been converted to a box tape holder .
Any comments or websites on this subject would be appreciated.

Gibson Guitar Search

Gibson Guitar Search

This popular thread has been given its own page : Gibson Guitar Search

What guitar should i get?

I got a cheep acoustic guitar from ebay because i wanted to see if i liked playing guitar. I do but that guitar is a piece of crap! I need to know what kind of guitar would be good to get and what kind of prices im looking at.

Re: What guitar should i get?

: Try, , They have Fenders, Washburns, Ibanez, Gibsons, Yamaha, all of which are good guitars, at good prices.
Also try, .

Re: What guitar should i get?

Yes look at them, see what you want, play at your closest music store, and BUY SOMEWHERE ELSE!! check out you local music stores and test them out. see what you like and find the cheapest place that sells them. ;)

Re: What guitar should i get?

Yamaha make consistently good guitars for beginners. Second hand guitars are often good value, IF you can spot a straight neck and an unwarped top.
In learning, be aware that the first steps are the hardest, and don't assume there is something wrong with you if your fingers just won't do it straight away. You are looking at at least a year of regular practice before you start getting a good musical return for your effort. ( it's worth it )

Re: What guitar should i get?

: I got a cheep acoustic guitar from ebay because i wanted to see if i liked playing guitar. I do but that guitar is a piece of crap! I need to know what kind of guitar would be good to get and what kind of prices im looking at.

Um, about 4 months ago I got my first guitar. I got a Samick Malibu.
Since there a brand thats not heard of by many people there usually really cheap. And really nice guitars. But there electric. Well some are. Samick also makles acooustic. So.. whcihever you choose.
For amps if you choose an electric, i personally like the Roland Microcube. It's a little bit more, but its got everything. It has about 7 different sounds for different songs. And its got a built in tuner, and runs on batteries, or a cord. Ect...
Um... but look around at different stores, try and find the nest deal.
Hope I helped a bit.

pro gear for less than pro cost !

I would like to have my link featured on this page....wondering what it would cost?
I am a new company, custom order, handcrafted, NO CNC machines, high quality stuff for decent cost, AND I feature a lifetime warranty!

how do i now how to get a sting for it

i need to know how to find stings for my gauitars

More detail please.

Can you give more detail?
Do you need to know WHERE to buy strings, or WHAT TYPE to ask for? What kind of guitar do you have and what kind of music do you like to play?

something i need to ask

i want to buy an electric guitar. i just want to know which one will be better, AriaSTG003 or Fernandes Retro rocket. please help me out. Thank you.bye

my guitar

my guitar is fender stratocaster 20th anniversary are this guitar good or not ?

Re: my guitar

: my guitar is squier stratocaster by fender 20th anniversary are this guitar good or not ?

Re: my guitar is good or not plss reply

: my guitar is fender stratocaster 20th anniversary are this guitar good or not ?

Re: my guitar is good or not plss reply

: Whether or not it is a Squire, it is a good guitar. The Squire is not made in America and cost a lot less, the quality is not quite the same, but it is still a good guitar. The 20th anniversary model especially.



zoom 1010 patches

help me to get maximum sustain and smooth tone for a solo(just like steve vai's and john petrucci's) from my zoom 1010 and ibanez GRX - 70..

Charvel Serial Number

Just picked up an old dirty Charvel at a garage sale. It's a flakey cream color serial number is 237854, and it says Ft Worth Tx on the neckplate. Does anyone have any info on the year and going price for this. I paid $65.00 for it with a tweed case, though it needs a good cleaning and is missing a couple of screws. Just wondered. Thanks

Re: Charvel Serial Number

: Look down the page here for postings by Pookster. He lists some great sites for finding info on Charvels. His e-mail is down there too, I think. He sure helped us out. I can tell you it is not made in the US, but he can explain that.

New Fender, Gretsch, Ampeg. more news at link below

New Fender, Gretsch, Ampeg. more news at link below

Guitar gear news, rss feeds

gibson j-45

about 40 years or older. wondering what it's worth. cherry sunburst w/rosewood neck. great shape

Re: gibson j-45

: about 40 years or older. wondering what it's worth. cherry sunburst w/rosewood neck. great shape

: Around $3000.00. I found a 1963 for this price and a 1966 for $1900.00 Also, a 1955 for $5000,00.

Charvel acoustic bass

I notice a lot of info coming thru here about Charvel serial # etc. But I've got an acoustic bass (surfcaster shape) with only identifying mark the pearl Charvel logo on the head.Does anyone out there know anything about this model

Re: Charvel acoustic bass

: Charvel made a Surfcaster Bass from about 1992 to 1994. They were acoustic electric, is yours? There are a couple of others that have the same body style. Post or e-mail me a detailed description of it and I'll look it up. It's strange that it don't have a serial number.

Wiring diagrams for guitar and bass.

The link below will take you to a site I used to use to find diagrams when doing repairs for the music store. There is other diagrams available also.

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