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Re: Epiphone Dot pickup replacements

Thanks Lee for the info. I'm a songwriter so I play all types of music, but primarily with an acoustic. The reason I'm thinking about changing pickups is that the guitar had a bad selector switch in the bridge position and after I chnaged the switch, I noticed that the bridge pickup doesn't have nearly the volume of the neck pickup. Is this common with electrics? The pickup's tone is ok but the volume is lacking...any thoughts?
: There are so many, what kind of music do you play?? you could get Gibson direct replacements which i think are 57' classics, but before you look at those take a look at the seymour duncan pickups, especialy the Seth Lover pickups, they are great pickups, if you are running on a budget then checkout the Kent Armstrong range, these too are excellent quality.

Re: Epiphone Dot pickup replacements

check your wiring, you could have inadvertantly coil tapped the pickup, so it acts like a lower output single coil pickup and not a humbucker.

Jackson Surfcaster

I have a Jackson Surfcaster I would like to sell.Guiar is in mint condition.

Re: Jackson Surfcaster

What model/year is this surfcaster?

: I have a Jackson Surfcaster I would like to sell.Guiar is in mint condition.

Jackson Surfcaster

I have a Jackson Surfcaster I would like to sell.Guitar is in mint condition.

Re: Jackson Surfcaster

Hi,was wondering what you want for the surfcaster and what pick-up and bridge configuration is it? Also what color and does it have the cats-eye sound hole? Thanks, blaine.

La Patrie vs. Artista Guitars

I am looking at purchasing a classical guitar, anyone like to comment on either the LaPatrie Presentation or Artista Segovia? Or both? I like the thinner neck of the La Patrie but I spoke with a classical teacher and he said in the future I would not like the thinner or should I say not as deep neck. The width is the same. Comments would be appreciated

" chuck schuldiners guitars -amp-effects "

whats the chuck schuldiner guitar-amp-effects?


setting for marshall amp mg100dfx

Someone for the love of god and everything holy PLEASE HELP ME WITH MY BOSS ME-50

Hey, i need an ME-50 owners manual. I may be an idiot but i cant get the expression pedal to come on. If anyone can help me with this problem or has a link or any information on the pedal board itself i'd love for you to share with me. thaaaaaaaanks

Re: Someone for the love of god and everything holy PLEASE HELP ME WITH MY BOSS ME-50

I have one of these pedals Matt, so this is your lucky day, i cant help you with a link to .pdf manual but to get the expression pedal on you have to press it down (forward-up) hard with your foot, this activates a micro switch and hey presto you will be able to express yourself! you will see a little red LED light up with the words 'PEDAL MODE SW' by the side. anything else you need to know then post the question and i'll check in my manual.

Re: Someone for the love of god and everything holy PLEASE HELP ME WITH MY BOSS ME-50

Lee, you are officially the coolest person i know ever. thanks a lot you just saved me years of frustration

Re: Someone for the love of god and everything holy PLEASE HELP ME WITH MY BOSS ME-50


Re: Someone for the love of god and everything holy PLEASE HELP ME WITH MY BOSS ME-50

You have such a command of the english language.

Re: Someone for the love of god and everything holy PLEASE HELP ME WITH MY BOSS ME-50

Hey i have another question, actually about the pedal this time. Is there anyway to write an effect so even after you turn all the knobs to different settings you can go back to the effect and it will sound the same as when you saved it?

Re: Someone for the love of god and everything holy PLEASE HELP ME WITH MY BOSS ME-50

there are presets that you can access on it, i think you need to press the 2 and 3 pedals together, you can change the settings in memory here.
its not that programable if you want something like that then maybe you should try the GT6 or GT3.


i think it's a damn good idea if you didn't have too get it from ebay nothing against ebay but i would buy one

Re: dimebag

Buy a what?

Re: dimebag

Buy a what?

Bedroom players / Learners

an excellent learning tool for those that havent already got it is the Line 6 guitar port, got one at christmas and im so impressed, anyone out there who wants to learn guitar licks, songs, phrases, scales or lessons should get one of these, i think they retail for £99 well i got mine for £75 and its the best £75 i have ever spent, if they had these out when i was learning i would be a much better guitar player than i am now. Check out the line 6 website. ( I dont work for Line 6, and they do have a bad reputation for support)

Does anyone own a boss LS-2 line selector?

I'm thinking of buying a line selector, and i want to know if its worth the money and if it acutally does what people say. I've read website reviews but those aren't worth anything to me. So if anyone has an opinion on it i'd like to know. thanks for your time

Re: Does anyone own a boss LS-2 line selector?

At the risk of being called a 'Knobhead' i'd like to offer an opinion. There isnt a lot in a line switching box, ive made my own A/B boxes in the past, they were passive with a battery to power an LED to indicate which way you were switching, but i think the LS-2 offers itself as a mutiwaly switching box plus power supply (9v) to all your other pedals in the line, and being Boss it will be indistructable, if you need one then this is certainly the one to go for.

Lee (Knobhead)

Re: Does anyone own a boss LS-2 line selector?

the LS-2 rules because you can select a volume level independently for each out. Nuff said.

Practicing Guitar & What to Know

i imagine this is a common question, but what is the best way to go about learning guitar?
is it chords, scales, perfect & relative pitch, technique? what?
i never get a good answer

Re: Practicing Guitar & What to Know

Practice practice practice, and all of the above, you need to learn the chords to play those songs and impress your friends, you need theory to understand how it all goes together, you need scales to play those in key improvised solos, not sure about perfect pitch but technique would be what sets you apart from everyone else, i used to play scales all the time, on my electric without it plugged in, just watching TV or listening to the radio, but i got to learn them off hand, but the most important is the first, practice practice practice.

Re: Practicing Guitar & What to Know

Your ears are the most important thing. You can't just learn the secret. You have to get to the point where what you want to do comes right out as you hear it in your head. You need to always make sure your guitar is in tune to pitch, and you need to learn the entire fretboard cold. This is the only was you'll ever get perfect pitch. Just try to memorize the sound of the opening note of the lyric to your favorite song, and then work on guessing what a major scale would sound like relative to that. This is relative pitch. Basically, the major scale is the most inmortant thing to learn, as all else are variants. Learn it everywhere, what it sounds like, the formula, etc..... Good luck...Also have a lot of time to spare.

salam az tarfe shukria bary khohar azizam mozhgan jan

Country Pickers type of magazine/3 questions

First questions, Who is Alan Jacksons guitar player? He' great! could use any information on him.
Two, Is there any magazines that lean more toward country pickers?I would like to read more about Albert Lee,Red volkart,Don Rich,Brent Mason,Brent Rowan,the list goes on and on but I have not found any publications on country players.
Three, I bought a Gibson Les Paul Hollow Body,can anybody tell me what its worth or any information on it.

Thakur Chakrapani Singh &

: I visit it is very interesting and very good for Guitar World and all Guitar players

marshall 1960av cabinet

i purchased this cabinet brand new on dec 11 came in early jan with a hole poked thru the front. another coming in. the store doesnt like me now, wants me to take a demo model.wasnt my fault, it never left the store.anyway,my question is:are these cabs made of birch ply anymore?im going nuts trying to buy anything new in sf. the last fender cyber twin pedal was smashed by forklift then opened at same store and cord/paperwork taken,they blamed that on me also, then it turned out their fault w/no apology. am i whining or setting up a semi-quality firsttimer studio. korg and fender keep an eye on your shipments your people on the west coast bay area USA are careless it the economy or are people's moral values out the door.back to work so i can be abused more by society.happy new year fellow musicians

Re: marshall 1960av cabinet

Steve, those marshall cabs are still made from birch ply, and they are still made in Milton Keynes UK, not gone to China yet, unlike the Vox valve amps and now all celestion speakers, i suppose if they do go to china then we will see the cabs made from Hardboard or something.

Re: marshall 1960av cabinet

tnks for the info a guy in marin here says use 2 1960 b cabinets w/ 75 watt speakers with my fender cyber twin head im just small time recording perhaps the effects will be fun i realize the head is not the end of the world but neil schoen plays one from what i gather with a 1960b. so what about 75w vs 30w speakers i guess its a matter of a jimi nut but clarity then breakup at higher volumes seems to be my piece of cake. any input

Re: marshall 1960av cabinet

im not a lover of the gt-75's they have a hard edge sound to them, which is great for the newer type rock sound, but i like 70's classic rock sound, i have a 2x12 marshall cab with a vintage 30, and a g12 greenback, the combination is very good, a lot of people use this setup, so if classic rock is your thing then try it.

Re: marshall 1960av cabinet

wow vintage 30 with a greenback who'd a thunk it great idea you must be a true pro

black kramer striker 2 w/floyd rose,locking nut for sale

i found a 57 strat reissue for $1430 w/varnish removed wow (another jimi freak). anybody willing to pay $500 for my kramer to help pay for the strat.kramer is black w/floyd rose,locking nut,one treble pickup,no tone control, rosewood neck.sustain you wouldnt believe acoustically and plugged in.i dont want to sell just a whim there might be some heavy metal people in existence.i was at world guitar show yesterday nothing even resembled this.i hear there is a room in vegas w/ 100 heavy metal guitars.comes w/ cool old tan available

all guitar forum

moderators required here

1966 KAY BASS M3

I have a 1966 kay bass m3 that I have bought and would like to know what it is worth. It is in great shape and plays extremely well.

Re: 1966 KAY BASS M3

: I have a 1966 kay bass m3 that I have bought and would like to know what it is worth. It is in great shape and plays extremely well.

I don't know about the M-3 Rickey but the 2004 VG Price Guide estimes the M-1 between $1,500-1,900 and the M-5 between $1,700-2,100. This should get you in the ballpark. Check out my website if you ever get a chance, I have several Kay catalogs posted. SB

Electro Voice Mikes

Does anyone know the difference between the E-V N/D257A and E-V N/D257B vocal mikes?

Manu Herrera - New CD

Visit listen 4 songs. Do you play electric guitar? enjoy with Manu Herrera.

Fender lefty Strat ID

I've just seen a lefty strat for sale that has an interesting neck plate. It has what appears to be an ID number, then it says the following:
"Yamano 100th Anniversary 1892-1992"
Funny thing is that the serial number on the peghead is a Z0... number indicating it was made in 2000.
Anyone know anything about this?

Left-handed and want to play 5-string Bass

Can anyone recommend a good Left-handed 5-string Bass Guitar that won't break the bank? (ie less than $500). I have seen a Dean 5-string on Adirondack, and a Yamaha on a different site. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

identifying my guitar

I have a guitar that was given to me six or so years ago for christmas. I am trying to figure out the brand of this guitar and its value, if any. The only possible indentifying marks on it are and SR engraved at the top of the neck and a model number stamped on the back. It is acoustic steel string and is in good condition. Any suggestions on how to figure this out would be appriciated.

Adding a third pcikup to Gibson SG Standard


I have a Gibson SG '99 (USA) Standard that I'm customising. Ive got a spare gibson PAF humbucker, and I'd like to know if it's possible to install this humbucker as a middle pickup on my SG to give three pickups?

If so, how much work/cost is this likely to involve, and what steps are needed to be taken to install, prepare etc.? Are there any internet guides available?

Any help gratefully appreciated, peace to all. Al.

Re: Adding a third pcikup to Gibson SG Standard

is your standard one with the 'batwing' pick guard?? if so take off the pick guard and see if you have routing for a 3rd pickup, if you do its just a case of buying a new pickguard with 3 pickup holes cut in it (there is a 3 pickup SG custom model) from WD Music or someone, if not then you could have a go at routing it yourself.

Re: Adding a third pcikup to Gibson SG Standard

Helo, the pcikguard is the large typel, not the style found on the 61 reissues, more like the one s on the custons. Routing myself - i.e just (basically) make room for the pickup in the wood? What wiring has to be done - is the wiring difficult? Cheers for the help, much appreciated! Alex

Re: Adding a third pcikup to Gibson SG Standard

if you have the larger batwing type of pick guard you need to replace it with a batwing 3 pickup pickguard, i have seen them about, i think it was on the project guitar website, you can get a link there to custom made pickguards, the problem is the original 3 pickup SG was a Custom SG, and had the smaller type 61 reissue type stratchplate execpt it was obviously a smaller one to make way for the 3rd pickup, from my knowledge of SG's there was never a 'Batwing' 3 pickup model. So at least you will have something original, but you need a batwing 3 pickup scratchplate, you will need to route out under the strachplate to make way for the pickup, when you take off the batwing it will be obvious what you have to do, wiring is an easy affair, i take it you want to wire it into the original 3-way toggle switch? so that each pickup plays on its own? there are lots of websites that can show you this should you get that far., i have an SG standard and its not something ive pondered on, ive always found the 2 pickups more than adequate, and the tonal range between the sitching spot on, but i wouldnt mind a maestro lyre tailpeice though, the angus young / paul weller type. Good luck with your quest.

Carlo Robelli RB-1955 Hollow Body Guitar

I would want to know the specifications of this guitar, about number of frets, deep of the body, etc. and comments about this model

Fender Stratocaster Mexican

I Would like to know about serial number of my guitar.
MN589071, M(Mexican), N(1990) 5(1995), and rest???

wanted vox pedal, valve tone v810

wanted vox pedal, valve tone v810

This popular thread has been given its own page : wanted vox pedal, valve tone v810

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