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What to go with?

Im thinking of getting a new amp and i was looking to spend around $600. I like combos but dont like them with the built in effects. I was wondering if any of you guys could recomend a quality guitar amp in my price range.

Re: What to go with?

valve? tranistor or a mix of the 2??


I have a 1978 les paul custom & case. Would like to know how much it is worth.

Re: appraisal

private sale you should get between £2,500- $3,000. depending on condition and orginality, having all the original parts is paramount, if you have a repaired headstock then you can probably halve it. white ones tend to be popular too.

FREELOK locking devices for "floyd" style freefloating tremolo systems

FREELOK  locking devices for "floyd" style freefloating tremolo systems

This popular thread has been given its own page : FREELOK locking devices for "floyd" style freefloating tremolo systems

Zoom 9000 Locked

Anybody come acrosa a problem with their Zoom 9000, when it locks up on power up and just diplays "9000" with 3 dots under it?? No noise, no nada!!!! I don't have an instruction manual for it and cant seem to locate one. Can anyone halp me make some noise again???

Vintage Telecaster

hello, just wondering if anyone knows anywhere where a waterslide decal can be purchased for the serial number on the back of a telecaster headstock? tried ebay and but no luck! Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks, alex

amplifiers/les paul copies

I'm getting back into guitar and want to buy a les paul copy that is well-made but not overly expensive, between 250-400. I've heard about agile and explored their site. It seems as though they have put some effort into their guitars and I've read some good reviews (I assume they aren't plants) Are they any good or is epiphone the best way to go? Also what about a not too expensive amp 100-200? Am I out of the ballpark on any/all of these demands?

Re: amplifiers/les paul copies

tokai guitars, (korean) very good copies,
and peavey amps are good for the money.

Re: amplifiers/les paul copies

I dont know about the guitar part of it but you may want to look at Behringer amps, depending on what size you want, you can get a good practice amp for the price range you are looking for. Try the online music stores.

electric/accoustic guitar

I am having a hard time finding a Mitchell 6 string electric accoustic guitar. anyone out there able to help me?

fender steele guitars

trying to find out what mines was purchased the 1935-38...small lab pretty worn but guitar in mint condition.....also have a fender steele purchased approx.1950-53...much larger size....not sure where to find information

Samick 12 strings

I have a Samick 12 string guitar, model no SW210 CE-12 TS. The guitar is in prime condition. I want to know if anyone knows how much it is worth, when it was made and any info anyone may have about the guitar. Please get back to me. Thank you...

takamine f350m

does anyone know where i can get a free online appraisal or just find out how much a new one would cost?

Re: takamine f350m

check ebay for used prices, also harmony central,
maybe could supply a new price?

Mosrite BG-500 Amp

This is a bass/guitar amp w/ Fuzzrite built in. It's also a Ventures model with the logo on the front. Anyone, have any info? Looking for a schematic.




This popular thread has been given its own page : -RARE- Takamine Gx-200 SOLLID BODY ELECTRIC

guitar (autographed) appraisal

I won a brand new Fender stratocaster (sorry if spelt wrong) signed by the Fixx, Berlin, the Psychedelic Furs, and General Public. How much is this worth?

Re: guitar (autographed) appraisal

probably worth more without the signatures, can you clean them off? where was it built?

Carlsbro / Electro Voice

I'm Vladimir.
Can You tell me something about Carlsbro B 150 Amplifier Head (PRICE, QUALITY...) and about : " 8 ohms, series II, EVM 15 B, Electro-Voice"
I need an opinion about(beside price & quality), about best combination of speakers for that Carlsbro Head.

Want to add a cab to my Behringer.

I got a Behringer 210. Need more a$$. Want to add a cab to it. Any recommendations?

custom painted guitars, basses and drums

Hi I'm Andr'e
If anybody is wanting to get there guitar,bass or drum set custom painted check out my site We can do anything you need.

Can u get a Jimmy Page sound with the ZOOM505ll?

im lookin for that led zeppelin sound.

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Jason Horton.

Resonator / Resophonic Guitars

We have a really good article here on that I thought you might like to know about:
The Resonator Guitar : Resophonic Guitar, Dobro, National Guitar.

It's all about the history of the instrument and some of the great musicians who played them.

Acoustic Strings

Just thought you all might like to know that we've produced a guide to the Best Acoustic Guitar Strings.

And we also have some good

And we also have some good advice on Acoustic Guitar Straps

Powered PA Speakers

If you're looking for some Powered PA Speakers then check out the excellent roundup at:

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