marlin guitars?

Posted by michael on Tue, 05/28/02 - 14:27:14.

ive recently bought a marlin guitar and dnt knw any thing bout them, help?!plz

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Me too

Hi Tony,

I had one of these but it got stolen. Mine was black with red edging.

Do you know anything more or have you got a pic?


Marlin Acoustic MF-535 ser no 42809 made in Japan

I've had this guitar for about 30 years now. It's got wooden beading and wooden inlays on the neck ( small triangles )
Anybody got any info ?

Marlin acoustic

Hi all I have owned a Marlin model 442 for over 35 years and it is a great guitar my first one and I wouldn't part with it still plays great.


I just got marlin electric acoustic given but wires are all snapped. Anyone got a wiring diagramme? It says modle number MFCA-E made in korea.

Marlin slammer

I live in Cymru (Wales), I bought my blackbodied with white pickup guard strat lookalike , 'Marlin slammer' from a second hand shop. I know nothing about the origins and history of this guitar, It has the Marlin logo on the 12th fret, and the only other markings on this guitar other than the logo, is what I think is a serial number, which is : 832222. Looks a little battered, but still sounds good & plays well. It could probably do with a refurb, has anybody refurbed or rebuilt one of these?

Marlin Guitars

I was recently given a Marlin MF/CAE Electro Acoustic. Has a very nice action but its an old guitar and the bridge is also missing, does anyone know where i could pick up a bridge, i know they dont make marlins anymore so any help would be appreciated.

Marlin nylon string acoustic

wondering if anyone has ever heard of my marlin. friends of mine gave it to me it seems pretty old. it is a Marlin model no. 16/1. nothing comes up on the interweb when i search it

My Marlin

I found my Marlin MF-2 in a junk shop in Lewes for £13! It is a great acoustic guitar, in black and red. If night-rider were a guitar, that would be it!

I found on the bottom of the neck the year 1985 is etched in, so assuming that was when it was made. Did a little research and found it was made in East Asia somewhere, Japan or Taiwan I think!

I like mine, it is a little beat up, but it has got a lot of 'character' I suppose you could say!

I did put a transducer in it to give it some amplification and it sounds real nice, great fun!

Please let me know if anyone has any info about this guitar (and make in general) - it seems like it could be a rare one really! Googling only brought up about 3 images of the darn thing!


Marlin guitars

My cousin gave me an electric blue Marlin Loner just before he died. It has the Marlin logo on the 12th fret in red. I raised the action and use it for slide playing. It sounds really good and is quite chunky and hefty. I keep it set for a slightly thinner tone as the slide sounds better than with a Gibson-type sound. Nice axe, nice to play and, I was quite surprised to find they were made in my homeland of Wales. Tidy like, as we say here.

Marlin Model mc 3-SHD

Hi folks,

Is there someone who can tel me more about the model i put in the subject?
It is for a friend of my who's get this gitar as a payment for a job he did.

It is a nice acoustic gitar with nylon strings An it has a active pickup witch you can not see.
Sorry for my (maby) bat English but I am from Holland. ;)

Thank you for reading.


Marlin glambass

Does anyone on here have any idea how much a marlin glambass is worth? Cannot find it anywhere. I managed to find an identical one on amazon but there is no price listed

I have recently been given a

I have recently been given a marlin loner guitar, I was wondering if anyone had any information about the guitar, or if anyone has has one? I personaly think its a decent guitar. What do you guys think?

Marlin Guitars

Ive heard that Marlin guitars are/were made by Guild and are/were the equivilant to say Gibsons Epiphone. Not 100% sure on this though.

marlin label M 108 korea


marlin acoustic guitar made in Korea.

Can any one identify a marlin guitar made in Korea and it looks like the model number may M585, We pretty designs on the upper and lower pick guards that look like roses, also speak to it's quality. sorry I can't get a phototo to attach to this question

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