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Posted by Joe on Wed, 08/07/02 - 19:31:01.

I got an Epiphone Acoustic Guitar from my uncle a few years ago, and I would like to know what year it was made, and perhaps find out if it is worth anything. If anyone knows anything about reading serial numbers, or a way for me to find out some info using my serial/model number, I would appreciate it. Thanks

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Hi I think I have a Gibson Les Paul rly don't know plz help???

I don't know much about guitars. I bought mine from some one and the top half of the arm part where the tuners go is missing but it did have a metal tag with a white sticker i giess on it in the case with the guitar that says LP25TS. ..? And that is the number for sure I can see it clearly. So its only a six digit code and I really haven't had any luck in tracking down a year but I do believe it is a les paul. Can some one plz help me identify it? I do not know if tho is a serial number or a model number or something else

Can anyone help me identify

Can anyone help me identify a guitar I've had for about 14 years? I bought it second hand and have no idea whether it's genuine or not.
Gibson Epiphone les paul, plus a stamp on the back that says limited edition. Serial number on the back is U 6072302. The body is a shimmery sparkly gold, almost like it's been covered in glitter. The word epiphone has a nice mother-of-pearl colouring too it, and the tuning pegs are a lvoely jade green colour.
I am toying with the idea of selling itm but now sure how much to ask for it...

PR 715 ASB

Same old question bought in pawn shop number on the sticker 8464. Number stamped on inside neck brace is 806044.. does say made in Japan on sticker ..any ideas?...Thanks Scott

Used guitar

Serial# S99044021 Heritage Cherry Epiphone

Serial number decode epiphone elec. guitar 1111417

What is this serial #1111417 it is pearl white body gold hardware Floyd rose bridge and a neck that I can't match in any pictures

epiphone les paul

I have a guitar marked B8055019.
Please explane year and place for manufactoring ?

Please help identify

Can someone please help me to identify this 339?

Serial = 77102563 on inside sticker, no serial on headstock.
Headstock logo is Gibson but crudely stuck on not inlaid.
Truss rod cover says ES-339.
Pots turn at a bit of a strange angle.
Inside sticker is orange oval, says kalamazoo michigan made in USA. Why do I doubt that?


I have an Epiphone FT 145 Texan the tag number says made in Japan the number is only 6 digits #945805 Any info would be appreciated! Thanks

Orange label sheraton, weird serial

Hi I have an Orange label Sheraton 2 with an unusual serial. 99070167

I was wondering if this previous post applies


: : : During the 90's "SOME" Ephiphones were produced in America by Gibson and they follow Gibson serial number identification rules, for example: YDDDYNNN The first and fifth number is the year of manufacture; the second, third, and fourth would be the day of the year and the last three would be that number guitar of the day. 90023514; this guitar was built on Jan 2 (second day of the year)of 1993 at the Nashville plant (5)and it was the 14 guitar built for that day.

end quote.

Does that make it a 90 usa gibson sheraton (the truss rod cover says gibson)

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