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Posted by hans on Sun, 12/01/02 - 05:39:59.

Who can tell me anything about Morris guitars, especially steel string, model WJ 20S, no. 809213.

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I have a Morris FY-503 from 1972 too

I have a Morris FY-503 from 1972 too. Have any information about it? I can't find it anywhere online.

Morris Guitar Model A-6

Ran across this Morris A-6 guitar it is in excellent shape...can any tell me anything about it? it appears to be an older model.

Morris B-702

does anyone know something about Morris B-702 12 strings guitar? The serial number is 819984. I did not find anything about it. Thanks a lot!

Some details and Value of a Morris Acoustic

I have played guitar for many years....all types of acoustics from Martins to Yamahas ....including owning a few Morris acoustics.....and other Martin copies.
Both Older Yamahas and Morris are great buys for the money (200-400 bucks or so for many models) . I know this is a gross over simplification....but I would add that the specific guitar ...not necessarily the model is just as important in how the guitar sounds. For example I own both red label Yamahas as well as green labels also made in Japan and the later (less expensive) ones made in Taiwan. And the sound for me comes down more to the particular guitar. They are all relatively 'vintage' with that aged mellow tone....and the soundboards of some - although laminate were made of layered spruce for strength ....for shipping purposes .....not like today's laminates....that will never sound any better. So essentially 1 piece of 'sound wood' was cut and cross layered ....and so it did age as well as the solid tops of that era...maybe some better! Now in more recent years I came across Morris guitars and I own an f-18 and a couple of W-30 and 40's My favorite is the smaller 18. It just sounds better with the most even tone, punchiest bass and great sustain. I paid about 125 bucks for it ....and liked it so much I found another ...and paid 300 for it .....and it is not quite as good ...go figure!!!

Bottom line ...It is hard and chancy to buy a guitar online ......although you can get a great deal.....Also 'sound' is also very dependent on your playing style. Some guitar stores sell good vintage guitars ...and if you have a large selection ..i.e. live near a arge city is probably best to pay a few more bucks for a guitar you can hear first.

Also some of the older vintage guitars....Yamaha and Morris both as well as others....have very high action ....sometimes an expensive issue to repair......Hope some found this useful!!
Good luck and keep playing ... Isaac

Morris Guitar which has Tabo's Project sticker

Hi Guys,

I have Morris MV 701 guitar which I bought from an used Japanese product dealer with the hard casing and in good condition. It has a sticker that says Tabo's Project on top side of the box. I am curious to check if this is an actual guitar which was used by the band Tabo's project from Japan (as per my knowledge that is a band from Japan in the 70's). Can anyone please enlighten me?



Morris WJ 25

Just bought one from a dealer in Japan. Everly Bros. model with the early 70's "My Girl" Gibson pick guards. Have checked the catelogs on the oldguitar website and they list WJ 30's and 50's with the similar pick guard design from the late 70's and early 80's. Can't find the WJ 25 (though there is one being strummed on Youtube). Any info would be nice.



Morris classical guitar G207 made in 1976

anyone can help me value this guitar?...I had this guitar since 1976 and been with me since...Thinking of selling it.
Appreciate your advice.
Thank you


I have a morris guitar. Im wondering if you can tell me what its worth. I has a piece on the front that says yoshino. model number is A-14 and signed S. Harata


I have Morris model f14 any one got some info??

I just picked one up for 15

I just picked one up for 15 bucks. It's a 12 string. Can't hardly find any info on them. The logo on the head stock runs down the headstock like the old martins did.

w-23 Morris.

Anyone know anything about this model?
I bought second hand in tokyo around 1990.
merry xmas.

Moridaira WJ-20S jumbo

I've had a Moridaira WJ-20S steel strung jumbo guitar since new in 1977 . Its by far best guitar I've played and has certainly improved with age ,only problem is that I can't find any info on it apart from seeing that other owners share the same problem !!!
It would be really appreciated if anyone could help.

Moridaira b702

I have had a Moridaira b702 12 string for 40 years, its in absolutely wonderful playing condition. I have used it live for many years and its better now than when I bought it.
Does anyone have any info on this guitar?


Morris A - 16 Acoustic Guitar

I have a Morris A-16 Acoustic guitar. It was given to me in the late 70's......I would like to find out as much information about it I can. It has the Yoshino Ltd. mark

Morris A - 16 Acoustic Guitar

I have a Morris A-16 Acoustic guitar. It was given to me in the late 70's......I would like to find out as much information about it I can. It has the Yoshino Ltd. mark

Morris tf40

I've just bought a Morris tf40 lovely tone low action a joy to play the problem is can't find any serial numbers on her just wanting to know what year it was manufactured the guy in the shop where I bought it from says early seventies can't find any information anywhere

Morris Classical guitar MC101

A Morris Classical guitar model MC101 has come my way to sell for charity. The owner is a well known musician but guitar not signed. Does anyone know anything about this model and how much it is worth today?

Any help appreciated.

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