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Posted by Rich on Mon, 02/03/03 - 17:26:58.

does anyone know anything about the monetary value of dixon guitars. i have looked everywhere and can't find any information what so ever on them. can someone direct me on where to look.

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Dixon DG4AT

I have had a dixon guitar in storage for over 2 years now. Recently I have been researching online to see what it may be worth. I have found tons of conflicting answers. If anyone has any information regarding this particular model please email me at tinkerbell2687@charter.net I have seen anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand! I would love to sell it but I definitely want the correct info about it! Also I have pictures if anyone is interested.

Excel Dg1

I have a dg1 with original case for sale. Beautiful condition. If interested let me know. Thx

Dixon dg1

Do you still have it? If so, how much and where do you live?


I have a perfect Dixon mod 693 that I bought new in the mid 70's. It's been played very little. It probably has had only 2 or 3 sets of strings on it. I believe it is a copy of a Gibson Dove. Does anyone have an idea of the value?

These guitar are just

These guitar are just another import guitar from the 70's, not meaning they're no good. Just like the lawsuit takamine's which are gaining in value. These Dixon models are usually only $100-$150. They just never gained a notable name. You don't see a lot for sale because many people didn't properly care for their guitar because it was a inexpensive($50) guitar that could just be beat on. Many broken necks or not repairable Dixon were threw away.

Dixon dg-2 acoustic guitar from 1980's

I have a Dixon DG-2 acoustic guitar from the early to mid 1980's I'm trying to figure out what it's value is. It's in excellent condition barely used and kept in a case. Where can I find this info out?

dixon rg 818


Like pretty much everyone here I would be interested to find out the real value of my RG 818 DIXON and maybe the year of manufacture.
I would appreciate any information in regards to this.
Thanks a bunch:)


Dixon Hummingbird

I have a dixon Hummingbird guitar model # 627 made in Japan, it says nothing else anywhere just the plate on the inside of the guitar. My dad bought it when he was 16 and married my mom... I would love to know its worth. Its a beautiful guitar, and not like the ones I have seen on here , mine isn't a sunburst color at all. It plays amazingly. I cant seem to find out much about it ... Any help is appreciated !!!

Dixon DG-2N Acoustic Guitar

Does anyone have info on a Dixon DG-2N Acoustic Guitar? It's 36" long. No other identifying marks expect model no inside guitar.

Dixon dg-41

Does anyone have any info on the Dixon DG-41 guitar?

Dixon DG-41

I too have a Dixon DG-41 It is in excellent shape and plays and sounds great. It is a well made guitar.
Did you ever find anything out about them? I buy and sell and collect old acoustic guitars. If I were to try and sell it I would be pricing in the $400-$500 range. Any thing you could share would be welcome.I have looked for years for information on this very well made guitar'

New Orleans

Dixon bass guitars

I just bought a Dixon bass for under $100.00.....any new info about their worth/value ?

Dixon DG-9

Hey guys. I owned the very last lawsuit Takamine made and was stolen about two years ago. It was an amazing guitar, I'd dare to say had not a better sound than Martin because the sound is unique to each guitarist, but a more hypnotic tone that couldn't be replicated...or so I thought. I recently was recycling an abandoned house set for demolition and found a near perfect Dixon DG-9. I'm not sure how long it had been in the house, which had been exposed to a lot of moisture. Needless to say, the guitar had a slight bow to the lower body. Someone had tried to force a homemade peg in the B, most likely with a hammer, but after doing some work, restoring, and time to cure, this guitar is a dream from a era of music I wish I had been a part of. I know some have negative thoughts on "lawsuit" guitars but as a historian, I have to tell you that if some of these designers had branched off say in the 30's to 50's, they would be recognized as one of the majors. When the "Big Two" took over most, it was do it their way or leave...making sure they would not compete. Long story short, if you have or can find a few of the very well made models of Dixons, hold on to them and play them!! They were build so well that they will last through wear and thrash(easy on the thrashing lol). Play on and keep picking!!

Dixon Guitar

I have a Dixon guitar, Model 762 J, Serial Number 750314. It looks like a Martin D-35 with the 3 piece back. I have been unable to find any information on this guitar. Any help would be appreciated.


bought a Dixon model 62H in 74 it is 1 of the best sounding guitars that I have. Thanks for the info...

Dixon model # DG180E-N


Dixon Odessa SC-01

I have just bought a Dixon Odessa SC-01 classical guitar. I bought it not aware of the brand but on the quality of the manufacturing and feel.Can anyone enlighten me what I have bought?

Dixon Brand

I bought a Dixon XL Strat copy at a flea market about six months ago for $125. Hot pink with a maple neck. Solid as a rock. After searching for any info I could find for a few months, I gave up and just decided that I have one bad ass guitar and I got it cheap. WIN!
That being said, if anyone does find anything on them, lemme know.

Dixon RG816 guitar

Any info on this guitar would be appreciated. Thank you


I have a Dixon model 308 that I am trying to find info and value on. Does anyone have and info they can share with me.

Dixon DG- 2

Can't find anything about this guitar I would like to know what it's worth and all that I found out a lot of stuff about ones like it but I can't find no DG- 2


I have the above listed guitar. I bought it several years ago for my Mother-In-Law, who never played it, but loved to look at it, and hear me play it... She passed away and I got it back recently.. I'd like to know what, if anything, it might be worth.. I know that in the grand scheme of things, I don't need another guitar, but this one is so well built, and the pick-ups are crystal clear, I know it has to be worth holding on too.! But how tightly..? $500, $400, $300..?
Thanks for any help you can offer..

own a 1 pickup electric Dixon Korea made

i bought this guitar in mexico for $20 bucks from a kid that didnt want it, its an amazing guitar, with low action and endeless sustain, the neck is lacked in gloss black and is as comfortable as a PRS or ESP neck, keep looking for this guitars and get one, i own more than 40 collectors guitars, mostly US and Japan Made, this is one of a kind..... i will upload pics if you are interested :)

Dixon acoustic DG-9

I have a Dixon DG-9 acoustic that is essentially a copy of a Martin D29. I have no idea when or where it was made, because the label inside the body makes no mention of these things. I got the guitar in 1995 from my younger brother, who was given the guitar by a couple of girls he met while partying with a few friends in a local county park. He didn't know how to play, so he sold it to me for $50.

The guitar plays and sounds amazing! It stays in tune forever, even if I let it sit unplayed for months. I've played it with friends who were playing "for real" Martin, Gibson and Taylor acoustics right beside me, and they've all commented that that old Dixon sounds better than their high-dollar guitars. The string action is better than any other acoustic guitar that I've ever played, and better than most electric guitars as well.

As mentioned, I know very little about this guitar even though I've been playing it for over 30 years. The one thing I know for sure is that I will NEVER sell my Dixon acoustic! Being as there doesn't seem to be any other guitar that is good as my Dixon available at any price, selling it would be an act of either stupidity or desperation.

Dixon Guitar

I have an acoustic Dixon Dove, Model 693, that i've had since the early '70s. Would love to know a little about it if any one can help.

Dixson Les Paul Bass

Around 1977 a friend wanted me to play bass for him and found me this Dixson black with white binding bass with gold hardware - this bass was sweet and I wish I still had it and have never seen another like it.

Dixon guitars.

Well I have a Dixon banjo that I have been trying to find information on for some time. It was actually given to me by a friend years ago. It sat in a case for many years and then my Deering got damaged beyond repair and I pulled it out got it set up tuned it in and it was nicest sounding banjo I had ever played. After a little more inspection I noticed the over all quality of the banjo and was really impressed. I don't anything other than what I've read on this site about Dixon, but I can tell you that my Dixon banjo sounds incredible, and far more talented banjo players than me have said that as well. I get compliments from other banjo and guitar players every time I jam.

Dixon Hummingbird Model 684.6 wondering what it is worth.

I have a Dixon Hummingbird acoustic guitar that belonged to my brother. My brother died in 1999 and I inherited the guitar after his death. I saw two posts above that identified their guitars as Dixon Hummingbird acoustic Model No. 684.6. My Dixon acoustic guitar looks just like a Gibson Hummingbird with the exception of the name Gibson it reads Dixon at the top of the headstock. The tag inside the guitar reads Craftsman Made Model 684.6 Made In Japan. I saw a Gibson Hummingbird for sale at a guitar shop. I went home and brought in my Dixon Hummingbird and played both guitars side by side and my Dixon acoustic Hummingbird sounded just as good as the Gibson Hummingbird. The guy at the shop was asking a little over $5 grand for the Gibson Hummingbird.

I am wondering now how much my Dixon Hummingbird acoustic is worth. The guitar is not in excellent condition but I was say it is in very good condition with only a minor scratch under the strings on the body and one small dent that looks like it was made by a fingernail in the finish. I bought a hardshell case to store it in since it came with no guitar case.

dixon 696l

mines even more rare id say dixon model 696l left handed looks just like a d28 martin and plays better made in japan late 60s early 70s

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