Are Kona guitars good?

Posted by luke on Sun, 03/09/03 - 11:45:53.

looking to buy my first guitar over $100. saw a Kona K2 acoustic electric, thin body for $200. is this a good deal? no case included

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Kona K2 and KC1 guitar

Bought the K2 at a pawn shop for $100 out the door. Became interested in Spanish guitar music so I bought the Kona KC1 for another $130 new. Really sounds great with a lot of bass. Thought I would replace the nut, saddle and pins with buffalo bone and see if it made a difference. Wow, want to put your expensive guitar up against my Kona's. Bring it on. Had a couple of expensive guitar converts already. The KC1 stays in tune most of the time and I have never retuned the K2 it 2 months. Both needed the strings lowered a bit to make them easier to play. But this only added to the pleasure of these instruments. Highly recommended and I am not even looking at a replacement expensive guitar right now. The nut, saddle pins cost about $12.00 on ebay.

kona guitars

I have 2 . A k1SB that I picked up at a pawn shop for 70 bucks. Got it for my grandson for X-mass . Liked it so much I gave him my Jasmine low end Takiminnee (sp) and kept it. I recently just got a KG1cen at another pawn shop w/hard case(which is really nice) for 200. Solid spruce top and really nice action. Has few scratches , but plays and sounds like a much higher end guitar. Recently played a 600 Breedlove at Guitar Center , and was gonna get that , but this Kona sounds and plays better.What ever you pay for the kona you're looking at IMO you can't get a better sounding guitar for the price.

Blue Kona Dreadnaught

I took a Blue dreadnaught guitar from a friend and put new strings on it size 11. it sounds great and is beautiful, I have an 800.00 martin, a seagull, a taylor, a fender cyclone, anda few more. this is a great guitar, it is just acoustic. Remember i did all the adjustments on it. I took it back to him with learning instructions, called him a week later and he said he just couldnt do it and ask if i wanted to buy it, I didnt know the price of Kona's it didnt matter, I gave him 100.00. If i dont keep it, it will make a beautiful gift, but i think i will keep it to drag around when we are just playing unplugged. I think they are good guitars for the price

Great guitar fir the price

For the price, you won't find a better sounding guitar. All the wood types are right, and it looks good, and has good action.


Ive had my kona acoustic electric for about 5-6 years now...bought my gf one...suggested a friend to buy one too...ive had another acoustic, ibanez, fender 12 string...and a tanglewood guitar...and i always played my kona...the tone quality coming out of my kona was waaaaay better than the ibanez, and tanglewood. it was also like half the price of the kona fell and broke at the neck( i almost cried) but i fixed the headstock jus becoz i wanted that sound again..which i never got from another guitar before...and when i fixed it...i still played my kona...these guitars are looking to buy the artist series now..but none of them ship to Mauritius where i am...

peace out hope this helps

K2LN Left handed Kona thin body

This is cheap, good sounding guitar for free! I bought and returned my first 2 for $119. The first had a dead 13th fret and the 2nd had varnish chips on the neck. My third one had a couple of dead frets and the vendor gave my money back and said do not buy another one from him and he let me keep it. I had a setup done with Elixir Nanoweb extra light strings. It sounds great. $50 setup and $60 Kona tolex case! Not a bad deal!

Love my Kona

I picked up a Kona K1Rd from a fellow at my church with a hard shell case for $130.00, I had fell in love with it when I played it, such a full rich sound, and a beautiful guitar, I was very surprised to look on line and see that they were a economy priced guitar!
I recently did some research on guitars and went to a local music store to try out some new acoustics, I played 10 diff brands of guitars ranging from Dean, epiphone, Takimini, LAG, Recording King, (it was actually a solid wood guitar and sounded the best of all I played for a very low price) and I have to say, other than the $700 and up models, a Seagull to be exact, none of these guitars came close to the Konas sound!
So I'm gonna hold on to my Kona for a while longer!

Kona K2 Great Deal

I wanted to add an acoustic sound to my gig but have been hesitant to buy an acoustic
guitar because I'm very hard on guitars. Most of my gigs are after work and I often leave
equipment in the car during the day. I read positive reviews about this guitar and figured
for the price what do I have to lose.

Ordered online, the guitar arrived on time and damage free. Needed a little set-up which is
typical for most guitars (lowered bridge, tweaked the truss rod, sanded one fret). To make a
long story short the guitar is way better than I could have ever hoped for the money. Action
is good, tone is fine, electronics perfect. I started gigging with it a week after I bought it. It's
now my go to instrument. If it gets broken I'm not going slip into depression, I'll just buy
another one... maybe two!

Assumes the position

My daughter borrowed one from a friend, dreadnought with a cheap dark blueburst finish. I adjusted the truss rod to make it playable and am pretty surprised at the tone, especially when I read this site and see they are $100 specials. Well, my daughter only knows 3 chords and believe it or not this guitar has to be tuned more than twice a year. She's not gigging yet but if and when she does, I'm betting this guitar is either in a closet or a distant memory.

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